Monday, December 31, 2007

Roady's Truckstop Bowl

Pics from the game:

Tim Brandstater delivers
Fresno State fan with Yellow Jacket deodorant

T Bennett sees some action in the first half

View to the North....never close it in!!!!
unknown half time entertainment.....allegedly

Flyover- pregame

The behemoth known as the press box

Pics from the game

Friday, December 28, 2007

While evolving from the Hawaii Bowl game shock of the year

here is something to pass the time....still mourning....I will say I went from embarrassed to disappointed to "is this the Fiesta bowl" to immediate mourning......

Nice way to show up for the bowl game.....

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Delta Airlines Still Sucks

Made the mistake of flying Delta from Boise to Vegas, and being a guy, I want to get to SIN CITY sooner rather than later. Except for Delta does not allow stand by flying. They would rather try to make an extra $50* ( fee for getting the same day confirmation flight switch) than supply an extra service for the CUSTOMER. Delta rep claimed other airlines stop standby flights due to the heavy influx of people loitering around the airport waiting on the standby flights. This does not hold water with me, since a major airline, United Airlines, still allows it. The airport vendors can't complain since they will be reeking the profits of extra passengers "waiting" or lounging around those oh-so-comfortable airport lounges.

*That $50 switch fee can buy you a lame lap dance, or 3 red bull and vodkas, or potentially be the "big jackpot winner" on the one arm bandit.....

Delta Airlines sucks like B . Westbrook going down on the 1 foot line and costing thousands of dollars in fantasy football payouts. That $50 switch fee can buy you a lame lap dance, or 3 red bull and vodkas, or potentially be the "big jackpot winner" on the one arm bandit.....

Now that the rant is over, lets think Vegas........

Also, I would be remiss, if I did not send out " Pour out a lil liquor" for Officer James Doakes off the show, "Dexter".

In closing, the impending future brings the final season of THE WIRE starts Jan. 6th

Delta Airlines still sucks

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mike Vick has been spotted ( check ankle)

playing football in the Alternative Penal League ( through its furlough program) where he plays wide receiver* at neighboring high schools and/or colleges. This program shows off the athletes talents in order to land a job once the completion of their sentence is finished.

* Vick is still learning the pro-style offense.

Friday, December 7, 2007

save whats rest of the flag for me- clip

After avoiding the bouncers....this is the best clips I could get

Flogging Molly encore

After avoiding the bouncers....this is the best clips I could get

Flogging Molly clip encore

After avoiding the bouncers....this is the best clips I could get

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Where is the Love- Billick

The lovefest in spite of the loss

Saturday, December 1, 2007

When Did Punk Change?

Four Year Strong....punk band of out Boston, playing @ The Venue in Boise, Idaho 11.30.07
From First to Last @ The Venue...Boise, Idaho

From slam dancing t0 moshing to throwing fists blindly and kicking...where is the respect?

I guess this was pretty tame vs a full out hardcore vs straight edge crowds but seriously, when is enough....enough?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hey Navy... missing anything?

For those who enjoy when 2 out of 3 Service Academies get together for a lil rivalry game ...some shenanigans for ya

Friday, November 23, 2007


Good Morning ya'll.....Or Aloha, I suppose.

Time for the islands to be conquered ....again, but first off, let this story of heroism pique your interest.

Getting back to the story at hand, it seems that the Rainbows have not won at least since 1979, but in reality it has been 8 years. The Rainbows have never beaten the Broncos in W.A.C. play...

Scary, since reality would say the 'Bows are due. That being said, the Island Boys have never had as good as chance as of right now. The offense is lethal, with passing attempts expected to reach in the 60's, running attempts in single digits, and a helluva trio of wideouts. The defense has improved after being neglected over the last few years/decades.

Now it "shit or get it off the pot" time for the Bows.....They will be challenged by an equally efficient offensive system that likes to run over/around you and in the meanwhile show the air attack off as well. The biggest difference is comparability between the two WAC title contenders surrounds the Blue and Orange Defense. The defensive secondary in the base packages can handle any offense in the conference, but with an injury to Jeron Johnson and nickel and damage packages being supplemented, it will be a true test for the Broncos. Hopefully with the lack of one less linebacker* on the field and the addition of a quality defensive back, maybe the pass rush will increase and the D-line sacks/punishes Colt Brennan.

*I am figuring taking the linebacker off of the field and throw him in at the defensive end or rush end spot and give those rushing attackers a breather from time to time. The alleged game plan is to keep blitzing and attacking...we will see.

The obvious keys to the game will be

1) limiting Hawaii's Y.A.C.

2) BSU running the ball efficiently. With a key reserve tailback out for the game ( Harper) and the other main but deadly back up running back, Avery, nursing an ankle injury ( 1 carry in the last 2 games), the non-obvious question could be if Ian Johnson can carry the rock for more than 30 carries. Watch out for former option qb, Tanyon Bissell, running the ball 5-8 times. Not sure I like this idea but their is trust with this coaching staff.

3) Not getting down 14 points out of the chute will help with an eager and somewhat rowdy crowd

4) Unlikely but another big day out of the special teams could make up for the hostile home field advantage

What is at stake with this game? The obvious WAC title but possibly, albeit unlikely, chance to play in a BCS game! Odds are the Broncos end up in the Roady's bowl back in Boise, but a secondary option to get the lads out of town would to play in the Vegas Bowl on Dec. 22 against BYU.

Quite possibly the most interesting call of the day will be the color choice of June Jones shirt and what douchebag-style quote he will give at halftime and at the end of the is the 3:2 favorite on the shirt,,,,as for a quote, we shall find out

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Grab Your Amino Acid Blocker

That is your only defense against eating turkey and suffering from tryptophan-induced coma
Prepare yourselves for battle.....

Thoughts and Prayers

goes out to Siran Stacy

Shows Nick Satan what a true catastrophe really is.....

Vandal of the Day

Third String QB, Chris Joseph, busted for Public Intoxication .....after the Vandal-BSU game ( booked at 220am)? So much for scheduling the game an hour earlier so the Vandals can take off early back to the Palouse. The team must have stuck around to enjoy the big city......and booze and better looking women. Don't blame 'em......
That being said, will the head coach of the Vandals banish the QB like he did with so many others....this must be the backup qb's 2nd-3rd strike already....same young bloke was arrested for being in possession of minute portions of herb....back in Aug 2007
Vandals arrested
From the Moscow-Pullman Daily News:
"Two current University of Idaho football players, one former Vandal and a track and field athlete were charged Sunday with misdemeanor marijuana possession. All were given criminal citations and released.
"Idaho’s third string quarterback Chris Joseph, injured wide receiver Wes Williams, former Vandal defensive lineman Ryan Davis and track athlete Lindsey Goodman were stopped Sunday heading westbound on state route 270 toward Pullman. The car the four were traveling in was stopped after the police received a call at 7:40 p.m. from another motorist complained the car was tailgating her."

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Bloodbath is Finished!


it appears the VANDALS fans had more pizazz and showed their unimpressive moxie by brawling on Broadway after the game....for those who want a report on the game go here

Friday, November 16, 2007

Where Is The Fine Line Of A Rivalry?

Just plain wrong........

With rain peppering the Treasure Valley slightly, a day ahead of the big game....let us ponder what might happened.

First off, tailgating must start prior to excuses, either you are in or you are a Vandal.....

That being said, most Vandals will be pacifying their mental state with some adult beverages, just so they muster the courage to march into the stands.......Fair point, I do not blame them. Most Vandal tailgates will commence at 7am.

I am surprised that the VANDALS have not rallied the troops a lil more viciously, like one of their most controversial alum's, LARRY CRAIG, and taken to protesting against the blood shed that will occur tomorrow. I fully expect the ACLU to come to the aid of the Vandals, most likely during halftime, due to the civil rights abuse. Perhaps Amnesty International or Sting might show up. It would not surprise me to see Sting show up in Vandal colors to support the underdogs....

Back to the game prediction- 67-6....with the starters cruising into halftime around 45-0.

Game Over once the Vandals get off the bus.......

Let us remind you other fans to be considerate to one another, vandal or not, at tomorrow's respectful, enjoy their company, imbibe in tomfoolery but behave yourselves

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