Sunday, January 10, 2010

Post Fiesta Bowl Podcast

JT, Buck and Tyler Break down the Boise State Bronco's 2010 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Victory and the extra curricular activities.

The guys would like to first thank the Boise State Broncos for their hard work and dedication, while providing Bronco Nation such great memories. Additionally, the BNP would like to thank Kevan, Drew and Nick for letting us have a little corner of OBNUG. Also thanks to Crissie Fields, for here help this year in gathering audio comments. Thanks to special guests Travis Hawkes from the Blue and Orange Store, J Bates and Troy Oppie from KBCI and Logan Hopkins from the Redwave Podcast. Most importantly thanks to you Bronco Nation, for listening this year. GO BRONCOS!!!!

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fiesta Bowl Game Video Clips from Section 102

Entering the Field

Opening Kickoff

Not a fan of the Kellen Moore option play

Jeremy Avery in Wildcat

BSU kickoff coverage

Dalton to Christian

Kellen Moore to Kirby Moore

Ryan Winterswyk sack

Winston Venable interception seals the deal

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fiesta Bowl Game 2010 Pics only

Captains waiting on Coin flip
Waiting for the opening kickoff
First Offensive Play for the Broncos

Jeremy Avery in the Wildcat

Moore to Burroughs
Kellen Moore's internal clock knows #98 Jerry Hughes is on his way

Fiesta Bowl Post Game Pics

Jason Robinson with the flag

Athletic Director Gene Bleymaier was definitely stoked, waving the Fiesta Bowl Champions shirt...wonder since if the TCU fans he was facing thought he was rubbing it in their faces...maybe not!
President Kustra with the one of his two crutches raised....
A.D. Bleymaier was stoked.....
This lady representing the Fiesta Bowl or Tostitos was all sorts of pumped up...good for her to show that much enthusiasm

Fiesta Bowl Game Pregame Tailgate

One of the Highlights of the trip...Pat Tillman statue outside of the stadium
Blukaboy illustrates that pimpin' and pandering is legal in the tailgate area....
I will say the mounted police were very friendly and patient. tailgate
Here we have some ladies ( of legal age) catching the tailgate vibe......Lady on the left decided to entice Austin Pettis with some finger painting..." Come Get It Pettis ( with an arrow pointing to the lower region)"
Few Boise friends met up for the tailgate..... these friends will remain anonymous for legal reasons!