Thursday, October 30, 2008

Basement Dwellers Unite

This lil podcast thingy has reached out to big time celebrity J Bates ( local CBS KBCI Sports Director) and he gave his colorful adjectives and supplied us with sarcastic wit to no end......and for that, we are thankful. Since J Bates no longer has a blog, since he saw THE TURK at KTIK, you blog reading peeps will have to enjoy the rest of our collective thoughts. Enjoy DREW at Fight Fight BSU and ( an under the weather) JT @ Bronconation NOW.

There is plenty of subtle hints/gooseeggs throughout the podcast...enjoy the Marco Polo reference!

Next up at the next Vandals home victory?

Take the celebration to the streets, my peeps....

Too bad Coach Akey could not find out who threw that tomahwak/booze bottle and put him the shotgun every other series. It could only help their passing game