Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Know(shon) how to Party!

Check the Pink Hoodrat who is right next to Knowshon Moreno... She knows how to play the game, sit next to a first rounder when the cameras show up. Maybe she will be on the Rock of Love or whatever ghetto fabulous reality shows are being pimped right now but with this great exposure comes great responsibility!
Grade: A+ for great t.v. exposure but how does she forget to wear underwear on Knowshon's big day. Check closely, bottom ( pun intended) right of the screen.......seriously woman! Credit goes to my brother in law with keen eye ......

Handle your business ......cue the 2 Live Crew " Hoochie Mama" mp3

Spring Ball Recap Podcast

Mainly focusing on the Blue & Orange Game

icon for podpress  The Bronco Nation Talking Points Podcast - Spring Practice: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download

check out Drew's blog here
as well as the podcast host, Jt Ray's blog here

Monday, April 20, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

For those who are attending the Blue & Orange Game....

bring your friends, family, tailgating beverages and most importantly your favorite picture taking apparatus! Take some pics and send them my way.....I will be late headed to the game and if you like, I will host the pics for everyone to see. Just send them over the interwebs at ......! If you want credit for the pics, send me your name or moniker and I will add that to the pics post which usually seems to be enjoyed with positive results......
update- never made it to the B&O will not be able to provide any pics that I personally took, but expect some to be sent in over the weekend, check back on is a quick clip of KTVB capture of Bacon toting the rock

check JT at BNN getting some pub from the another local CBS channel, ( unless you have cable which does STILL does not cover the local CBS affiliate)

Idaho Press-
no pics, but a run down

Here is the Idaho Statesman link ....usually the Idaho Statesman has a picture gallery pop up by now, but not yet!
update- pics are in from the statesman here

Orange Death supplied some pics
BroncoNation N.O.W also
Sadly, still no OBNUG!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Scrimmage 2 Vol VI

Remember there are two certainties on this basement dwelling blog.....this blogger thinks Tom Scott always arrives as the most dapper looking reporter in the stadium......and this blogger loves snapping pics of the action. Click on picture to see a larger version of each individual snapshot. If you have any recommendations of what you want to see let me know.......if you want to submit any pics, email me at #17 Carlo meet #33 Tommy Smith....yes that was the dump truck that you just ran into!

Bubble Screen attempt to local high school product, #89 Tyler Shoemaker
#10 Hawkins heaves the rock down field to #18 Aaron Burks
#10 Hawkins eyes a wide out after a botched snap, and #96 Voltron is attempting the spin move on the left tackle #75 Faraji Wright..... Voltron eyes Hawkins
to no avail, when Hawkins pulls the okey-doke and runs pas the first down markers!
D-lineman's dream, is to intercept the rock, and take it to the house....#96 Voltron Root tips the ball and #63 Jake Densley comes close to curtailing the batted ball

Spring Scrimmage 2 Vol V

#11 Moore finds #4 Titus on one of the few big plays through the air...

#99 Bacon is very hungry.....and sees his meal ticket (#27 Avery)
#91Greg Grimes gives the business and then sheds the block to get in on the play

Hat on Hat blocking is nice to see...I believe #26 Kaiserman scored on the play
Good gang tackle to say the least
#96 Jarrell "Voltron" Pressures #7 Coughlin

#7 Coughlin dispatches #48 Percy
#17 Winston Venable sheds a block attempt and harasses #7 Coughlin..eventually wrangling the QB to the ground