Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Humanitarian Bowl Recap 2009 Idaho vs Bowling Green State

Bronco Stadium was besieged by the Vandals today in support of the 2009 Humanitarian Bowl.

The pregame festivities were filled with as expected activities not uncommon for a typical BSU home game. While the Vandals throng filed in late to the beginning of the game, I thought the stadium filled up better than expected, following the 3-4 inches of snow that plastered the Treasure Valley overnight. Eventually the sun came out, but the wind was a lil bit of annoyance towards the end of the night. The game was pretty close throughout, with the Vandals squandering a 14 point lead in the third quarter. Bowling Green kept throwing the ball and the Idaho defense could not remember to check Freddie Barnes (H Bowl MVP), and eventually ceded the lead with under 35 seconds left in the game. A few hundred Vandal fans (and quite possible the casual local fan) started to head to the parking lot grumbling at their missed chances. The 7 year old youngster sitting behind me, was somewhat upset as his Father explained there was some time for some trickeration and something crazy to occur. I reminded the youngster that crazier things have happened, quietly thinking that the Vandals had lost the game. The ensuing Vandals kickoff was brought out, approximately, to the 40 yard line. Not bad with 2 timeouts left but the ball was in the hands of suspect quarterback, Nathan Enderle. Enderle had a marginal day at best completion-wise but ended up with 4 throwing td's. First down and 60 yards to pay dirt, Enderle rolls to his left, and throws what appeared to be a lucky/underthrown heave but WR Preston Davis comes back for the ball and makes the catch.

Clock winds down into around 16 seconds left and Enderle throws the ball away on the next pass, missing a wr near the goal line- safe play. After a short dump pass down to the 16 yard line, Enderle hits pay dirt to Max Komar (who was much maligned during the first 3 quarters)....and the stadium goes wild.

The next question was if Coach Akey would go for two points and the win with four seconds left ( ala Coach Tormey in 1998). Akey chose to go for it, and I thought they would bull rush BGSU and hand off to power back Woolridge. Instead, Enderle hits a wide open Preston Davis in the back of the end zone, standing all by himself.

The safety jumped the 2 under neath routes and Preston Davis was completely alone. Well executed play and I love the gutsy play call (even though the call was made easier with the Idaho defense being as porous as it was in the second half). Lot of reminders of the BSU 2007 Fiesta Bowl Game...the final score 43-43....the two point try decision/execution. I salute the fans who stormed the field and even more so the security staff that tried to stem the flow of such fans. After the final kickoff/ final play, there was a meek attempt at stopping the field crashers, unfortunately, the security staff tried there best. I will tip my hat to the police men and security staff who showed great restraint....I will blame the Vandals fan for lack of experience in this area of field storming. At the end of the video clip below, you will see the fans gently storm the field from the south endzone....just seemed odd how polite these fans were!

I know this is a PRO-BSU blog and the Vandals are the despised red headed stepchild of the Western Athletic Conference, but if this game did not include the Vandals, this finish would be in my top 5 of all time (at least seen live).

Sidenote I...the ESPN coverage was very favorable towards the Vandals, and they even mentioned the Corner Club in Moscow. Hat tip to ESPN

Sidenote II... 3 Alleged Vandal Fans made their appearance sans shirts and painted their chests in a purple hue, spelling T-C-U....kudos to these kids and their ideas

Sidenote III.... Has anyone stopped/defended Freddie Barnes yet?

Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 Highlights

Favorite moment of the highloght tape is at the :20 mark...Boo Hoo
BSU highlights from J Bates.

Idaho Highlights provided by a reporter,Jay Tust at KLEW, from up on the Palouse!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Play of the Year....

....for the Broncos of Boise State, I believe is the two point try in the Nevada game, the day after Turkey Day. The second touchdown in the first 7 minutes of the game proved costly. The snap was to Austin Pettis who scrambled around and eventually was taken down 2 yards short of the goal line. While the missed conversion attempt was moderately unimportant, the related injury to Austin Pettis was very significant. Yes, the Broncos rallied to finish off the Wolfpack that night on ESPN, and later the next week, dominate the Aggies of New Mexico State. The Broncos captured the W.A.C. trophy once more, but all along every fan(fanatic) worried about the health of #2. The key receiver in the highest scoring offense was down for perhaps the rest of the year. Surgery for a broken ankle/leg bone was to commence and the chances of the Broncos, remaining undefeated, took a hit. The remaining wide receiver corps, collectively, was banged up and inexperienced. Due to these worries, I think this play could be deemed the Play of the Year.
Yes, one might say, the awesome hit by Winston Venable on Fresno State's Ryan Colburn might qualify. Also in the same game, Titus Young's hustle to recover a fumble in the endzone for a touchdown was also very key. Local Blogmeister/BSU historian, Tom Scott, believes the Billy Winn safety in the Oregon game is clearly the big play.
Here we have the video of the two point play, where Pettis got injured. Somewhat non-descript play....maybe showing Pettis getting up slowly.

Here we have the ESPN announcers discussing the revelation that Pettis could be hurt and the Coach Pete theory of going for two point conversions......

Would love to see Austin Pettis rebound for the BCS game against TCU. Hence, the Christmas wish for Santa dropping off a hyperbaric chamber at his house in hopes of a quicker recovery.

Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas to all......and to all a ......(insert whatever you want right here)!
Poor Surfing Santa is empty handed! Hope Santa brought Austin Pettis a much needed hyperbaric chamber!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Coach Poaching?

update....all speculative opinion and no truth to this thought process With the departure of Coach Hauck from Montana to UNLV, and the reported interest of Boise State's Brent Pease***, above, heading to Montana, could there be another BSU coach heading that way? If any dominoes fall into place, I can see this man, below, return to the state of Montana and end up in the Defensive Coordinator position! Just sayin'...but I hope this does not come to fruition, and this is just the eggnog talking!

*** Raise your hand if you knew Pease was from Mountain Home?
In a completely unrelated thought, I think BYU gets rocked tonight....Jacquizz shows up and smashes the Cougs. Beavs 39 Cougs 21

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Never want to see this again

While perusing the Red Zone Channel today, there were murmurs of a security issue involving laser pointers being used on the Raiders players in Denver. I clicked the appropriate channel and after the shenanigans were nixed in the crowd, the very next play involved tomfoolery only Tiger Woods would enjoy! Frightful commentary ensues....If you are so inclined, follow Raiders #93. Poor Knownshow Moreno gets no love on this blog.....

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bowl Season Podcast" bgcolor="#ffffff">

Its been two weeks since the Broncos celebrated the 2009 WAC Championship on the Blue. In this episode JT,">Buck and">Tyler gather around the Podcast table to discuss some of the events since then.


  • BCS Talk 1:54
  • Getting a Ticket 24:30
  • Big Ten Expansion’s effect on Boise State 31:54
  • WAC Bowl Matchup’s (the Intern’s dilemma) 37:01
  • Will Austin Pettis Play? The Magic 8 Ball says to check later 45:02
  •">Kellen Moore gets some Heisman Votes 48:27
  • BSU Hoops Talk? 50:03

If you wish to leave an audio comment, drop me a line at 208-991-2672 or send an email comment to and follow the Bronco Nation Podcast on">Twitter.

If you want to call into the podcast and leave a message for your prediction of the Fiesta Bowl score, do so at 208-991-2672.............Thanks for JT ( for not editing my brain cramp) and to Tyler for laughing at my horrible Tiger joke at the end. About 26 minutes in or so, you get my take/rant on the idiotic ways the Boise State fans get hosed while buying Fiesta Bowl tix through BSU. Revolution commence in 3..2...1....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

College Bowl Mania

Few BSU Blogs have their own college bowl pick'em is the links

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Congratulations to Kellen Moore

Finishing 7th is the highest in Boise State history....I will take it. Have no problem with Mark Ingram winning the award. Would have preferred Gerhart or Suh after the last few weeks but ....looking forward, as long as Kellen can stay healthy and keep getting the chance to throw the ball that much, I like his chances on improving on his 7th place finish.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Where are you going to sit?

As for the ticket situation, I got the hall pass to the game ( Thanks Honey) and I have on good authority, a pretty decent seat coming my way. Supposedly the fiesta bowl peeps are saying their allotment is already sold out. Seems to be that is some sort of propaganda to get the tix sell going but then again it can be the complete truth....whatever option you believe, choose wisely.Just want to keep people aware of what is poppin' at the North is the live cam....

a must see for old soul surfers and large wave riding fools.......Whenever, you are in doubt remember this.....Eddie Would Go

Metallica occurred last night.....the rundown/ensuing headache.

- Had a dude jump out of the seated area onto my wife and now she has a sore neck...The guy actually landed on some exposed metal stand probably busted some ribs. I hope he had a collapsed lung personally.

-Another guy jumped from the seated area and busted up both of his ankles so he got taped up and assisted by the paramedics....luckily he missed my wife

-made it within 6 feet of the stage and was reincarnating the thrashing head banging motion from the song "One".....and tweaked my knee again. I was done as far as mixing it up and had to watch the last half of the concert from 20 feet from the stage. For those that care, I had the m.r.i. last Friday to determine if I tore my a.c.l. (from a volleyball tweak 2 weeks back). I am impressed with how far m.r.i.'s have come in the last 17 years. What once took an hour, now takes only 20-25 minutes. I am hoping that the initial analysis is just a torn cartilage/meniscus. Head back for the m.r.i. results today.....UPDATED A.C.L. TORN
lousy pic from my crappy cell phone below

- the set list was awesome...ton of new stuff, lot of old stuff from the good days, 3 from the black album that I could do with out, played "Damage Inc." which was a nice treat....and covered Queen's "Stone Cold Crazy".

-The parking lot was packed like never before.....and was also an ice skating rink due to the snow fall that day and the temperatures dropping into single digits. Still well worth it. The floor had some available space but every seat in the house was occupied- my question, how can you not splurge the extra $20 in order to get within a 10 feet of this legendary group.

-The weirdos, all sorts, showed up in droves last was awesome to see and everyone was stoked when they left the show.

- If anyone wants to submit their videos or pics of the show, email to thanks in advance

-Lars was his annoying self, James was his sober self and playing the circus master, Kirk seemed melancholy or uninterested ( he even screwed up his own solo/doodle- and he smiled when he did it)...but my main man, Robert Trujillo, was on point all night.

pic from statesman

- Before Metallica came on stage...maybe 15 minutes before, a lil girl was brought up on stage. She looked to be about 5-6 yrs old and she got to sit in the drumset and she her picture taken...the crowd ate it up. Speculation that the child was roadie/stage hand's daughter or it cold have been a Camp Rainbow/Make a Wish situation but it was fun to see the lil girl's devil horns and beautiful smile.

-Worse part of the night was the crowd was getting antsy and they started the wave...the freaking wave. For about 5 minutes......not to proud of that!

update 12.09.09


Monday, December 7, 2009

#1 Metallica Guaranteed to have a sore neck tomorrow!

Pick what time frame they played the best......With all due respect to Cliff Burton, the high school cover band that played "Whiplash", high school football players listening to " Seek and Destroy" before the big game, and whatever other song that populate your ears through your lives.....

I will say the quality of video and sound has increased tremendously over the years.....enjoy!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

2009 Fiesta Bowl Gear here.....

Link.....but there is a small problem with the logo! Maybe this is who some of the fans wanted to be in this year's Fiesta Bowl game?
Espn take on the rematch

Crystal Ball looks like TCU-BSU in the Fiesta Bowl

First thing I think of is....
- this will decide the best non-AQ team in the land...yippeee
- Revenge is a strong motivating factor for the Broncos
- I am thankful for that dang Texas kicker for making the long field goal and helping the Broncos chances of getting into a BCS bowl game.

Bottom Line- BSU is in another BCS game...I will take it. The match up is just not as sexy as I would have hoped. Would not mind winning a bowl game as well ( I would have liked our chances against the 1950's style of football that Iowa still plays)!

Look for a podcast to come here in the next week with a blogger/rep from the TCU squad...

Spit Blood

pic from Spit Blood TCU

Pretty good finish indeed!

Probably cost Ron Zook his job.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Tim Tebow Lovefest justed faded to black

Pic compliments of the Statesman
While this is the second best Metallica song ever, there were more important events occurring tonight.

This Texas kicker just made a hard kick look easy and defeated a pesky, scrappy Huskers squad ( great job by Ndamukong Suh) - Hunter Lawrence will never have to pay for a Lone Star Beer in the Republic of Texas again. Would love to see TCU play Bama in the National Championship game, but that is not going to happen! The Florida Tebows should play Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl. TCU vs Cincy in the that leaves (most likely) Iowa as the opponent for the Broncos in early January.

At the risk of sounding like a fair weather fan, am I the only who thought that it would be easier if BSU did not get selected to a BCS bowl game, that way I did not have to do honeydew's from now til the Fiesta Bowl? Trust me I am stoked about the good fortunes but now I have to worry about potential time off work, cost of air transportation ( ranging if I get the plane tix tomorrow for $400, wait a week and it could be up to $500) .....oh well, it will be well worth it!

Great job by the two headed running monster of Avery and Martin....good to see the teammates splitting reps and enthusiasm! Pic compliments of the Statesman

Speaking of rushing attempts, the Aggies tried to run out the clock from the middle of the third quarter on.....boring the Broncos defense to sleep did not work. Could have something to with the pitiful play calling but also the serious leg injury to Aggies QB Jeff Fleming. The minor connection for Fleming to BSU? He was the High School QB for Boise State's #85 Tommy Gallarda. Pictured below is theleft leg injury in question...ouch!Pic compliments of the Statesman
About the only bad news to report from today's 42-7 curbstomp over New Mexico State, was the bad snap by the Broncos leading to a easy drive by the Aggies to give up the shutout/point spread...but more importantly, that on Senior Day of all days, WR Michael Choate look to have suffered a serious leg injury...ugh!Heal up dude!

Also in the news, this blogger believes the Heisman order goes Gerhart, McCoy, Ingram, Tebow, Kellen Moore. All but Moore gets invited to NYC for the presentation.

The next Notre Dame coach.......I can see Urban Meyer leaving especially after the disappointing loss to Bama, but I will stick with Cincy's Brian Kelly as the replacement for Chuck Weiss. Florida has better weather, coeds and plenty of awesome players in their backyard. As for Bob Stoops, he states that he is not the next coach but Nick Saban has made those kind of statements as well. If Stoops heads to South Bend, maybe he is trying for the challenge of being the Savior of Notre Dame football. I can see the same thing out of Urban Meyer as well...still sticking with Brian Kelly as of right now!

#3 Metallica Song ever

BTW it is also Senior Day...Brockel, Day, Silsby, Choate and a kid that goes by the name of Wilson, who will be matriculating out of the Boise State program.....thanks for the winning records/charitable efforts volunteered for in the loca area.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

#4 Metallica ....

Can you think of a better license plate?

Bronco Nation Podcast, Metallica #5 video, and BSU Entrance last game!

Blue and Orange Store discount through Dec 4th...listen and find out how much!
Oppie defends his stance on using Pettis on the 2 point tries.....

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

6 days remaining.....

...till Metallica arrives in the Treasure Valley for the first time since March, 2004.
I should preface this lil list that I refuse to include anything off the "Black" or "Load" or "Re-load" or "St. Anger" albums...Plenty of fans hopped off the bandwagon since summer of 1991 when the Black album came out. Luckily the most recent album, September 2008's Death Magnetic recaptured some of the 80's metal that had been missing. Going off that premise, there is no way a single song from the aforementioned albums would be included in the top 7 songs performed by Metallica. They just do not hold a candle to early Metallica. Will go out on a limb for next selection since technically it is a cover song. Nonetheless, it rocks harder than any song that has come out over the last 16 plus years. I will give some leeway with songs off of Death Magnetic such as "All Nightmare Long" or "Cyanide" or "The Day That Never Comes".

However for this installment, which is like picking who your favorite son/daughter is, I have chosen a cover of Diamondhead's " Am I Evil?"

Also in the news, look for a podcast to be embedded here in the next 24 hours....BNP Podcast will include local media opinion giver, Troy Oppie ( who explains his disagreement on having Pettis on the 2 point try and the timing of it).Also BNP Podcast listeners will get an additional 20% from Dec 2-4 for listening at the Blue Orange Store- thanks to BSU Fan and owner Travis Hawkes.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

7 Days until....

Metallica comes to Boise! Will be kicking off the 7 best songs performed (and available on youtube) and displaying the songs on this here blog.

#7 Added this vid, mainly for the fans that occupied Tushino Airfield, but also this entrance and following song, Creeping Death, are very worthy.

This will cause mass discussion amongst you blog observers, the likes this lil blog has never seen before, but fear not. This New Mexico State game coming up is rather boring and I am unaware of any way to spread any sort of upset hysteria. The Aggies have fired Hal Mumme ( last winter) and have not scored against BSU in 2 years. So what do they do...they hire a defensive minded coach. Awesome choice.....

Also, in the news, Austin Pettis- please borrow Terrell Owen's hyperbaric chamber and heal up. See you in the Fiesta Bowl.