Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bowl Season Podcast" bgcolor="#ffffff">

Its been two weeks since the Broncos celebrated the 2009 WAC Championship on the Blue. In this episode JT,">Buck and">Tyler gather around the Podcast table to discuss some of the events since then.


  • BCS Talk 1:54
  • Getting a Ticket 24:30
  • Big Ten Expansion’s effect on Boise State 31:54
  • WAC Bowl Matchup’s (the Intern’s dilemma) 37:01
  • Will Austin Pettis Play? The Magic 8 Ball says to check later 45:02
  •">Kellen Moore gets some Heisman Votes 48:27
  • BSU Hoops Talk? 50:03

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If you want to call into the podcast and leave a message for your prediction of the Fiesta Bowl score, do so at 208-991-2672.............Thanks for JT ( for not editing my brain cramp) and to Tyler for laughing at my horrible Tiger joke at the end. About 26 minutes in or so, you get my take/rant on the idiotic ways the Boise State fans get hosed while buying Fiesta Bowl tix through BSU. Revolution commence in 3..2...1....

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