Sunday, December 5, 2010

Welcome back......

Took the season off, and look what happens. Normally I would love to have a 11 win regular season. For some reason, the mission seems unaccomplished.......

With the Broncos heading to City of Lost Wages to face off against the starting qb-less Utes, what does that leave to say? Leave your thoughts below........ Never has a one loss team left me so unfulfilled. It could always be worse, I suppose.

Enjoy the bowl season......and leave a comment of your favorite memory of the last few months relating to Bronco football.

Useless tidbit of the day.....I visited the Utah Utes during spring ball, and the beginning of every practice, the loudspeakers belch out, " Sweet Home Alabama". An obvious nod to the BCS game victory over Alabama. So I wonder what will bellow from the p.a. system if they were to beat Boise State come Dec 22.

Coach Aaron Roderick, who is the WR coach for the Utes, (when prodded)mentioned that one easy way that Utah got the edge on Alabama, was to quick snap after a big play. Brian Johnson, who was the winning QB, would have 2 plays to pick from the left hash, middle of the field, and the right hash. I never got the truth but I assume it was one run and pass from each position on the field. Might be interesting to some, might be meaningless to others.

Keep on keepin' on..........

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kyle Wilson throws out first pitch at Mets game

props to

Saturday, April 24, 2010

See what happens when a white running back gets drafted.....

Was this the stereotype that people were worried about when the fabled white running back got drafted?

Upskirt Pervs Rejoice......
What made me even rewind the dvr is that Andy "MC Lovin" Perloff mentioned there a controversy with a dpshow tweet
No volume on the screens, so there was a heated debate on press row if that was Toby Gerhart's girlfriend or a relative when he got the call from the Vikings.
Plus an edsbs tweet hyped the supposed controversy with this tweet....
#edsbs I'm in the car. Did Minnesota just draft an upskirt shot of Toby Gerhart's girl?
For those not interested, I have started a new twitter account at .

Does this take the cake over last year's Knowshon Draft Snafu? Stay Classy!

Friday, April 23, 2010

NFL Draft 2010 Day 2 Rounds 2-3....Pics of the Day

Love the symbolism "5 to infinity"....but when is Clausen, Kindle and McCoy going?

-Okay finally something worth blogging over....Kindle goes to Bodymore Ravens

-Drew Rosenhaus gets snuffed out as the Gronkowski Clan celebrates around the newest Patriots TE.Denied

- As John Randle waits to announce a pick, Deion Sanders catches a nap
-TV camera man will certainly draw some flames for this screen cap - L Blount needs to get drafted.....soon or I pity this woman and those kids!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

NFL Draft 2010.....Pic of the Draft

...What visual memory will you take away from this draft?

Keep checking in for more updates
-The multiple bear hugs by the first 10 players selected vs. the commish/Godfather Goodell?
- The neck of the Cleveland Browns fan in the stands after Joe Haden was selected at #7
- How about the high school chicks* hanging all over the #8 pick in Rolando McClain? *The neon shirts led me to believe this was a high school musical party. You know the white girls want to tag team the richest guy in the room. The youngster in the green polo just wants sloppy seconds...knowing that in 4 months time, he will be gravytraining off of Rolando McClain.....Stay Classy, Mr. Tongue Out!

- Ryan Matthews, first WAC player off the proverbial board.......Good for him

- Thought of the moment after the Chargers take Matthews....Why is Bulaga at the draft. Oh the same reason Brady Quinn was there. The same reason Jimmy Clausen and Timmy Tebow are not there. The insufferable waiting...

- with selection #15 ...this NY FAN brings back the neckbeard...God Love Him, and the short bus he arrived on. Do we blame McDonalds/Supersize This for this neck(s) invasion?
#17 San Fran selects a Vandal.....good representation of Poly Pride#19 'Spoon believes in NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND
#24 Dallas selects Dez Bryant...and know he can afford to buy a belt. At least he put a polo shirt on! Random shot to get the faithful chanting "U-S-A ....U-S-A ......U-S-A"

Agent: Tim, now we can spoon.....
#29 Jets select local hero, Kyle Wilson ( BSU, as if you need to ask).....and his peeps lose their mind. Guess who the agent is? Love to see the BSU jersey on KW Sr.

The newest bandwagon-hopping fan is Ms. Draft Celebrity Queen

Sunday, April 18, 2010

2010 Blue and Orange Spring Game Defense

Not a bad front 4...Winterswyk, Grimes, Winn, McClellin
Venable interception

This match up did not bode well for the offensive line...#41 Marshall was all over the place My favorite direction-giving-athlete-who-did-not-play might have been #66 Thomas Byrd....indicating Avery should reverse track on his running intentions.

Here is the #19 Josh Borgman vs. #10 Preston Minter collision.....
Minter could not hang on to the ball
Here is Ebo Makinde's interception.....
This block by #92 McClellin got flagged for a block in the back....this visual proof shows that the flag was thrown in error! When you throw a meek wide receiver to the ground, of course it is going to look like cheating

#43 Ricky TAT ( Tjong-a-Tjoe) ended up with this fumble
I would be getting rid of the ball in hurry too....if I felt the presence of #96 Jarrell Root