Friday, December 5, 2008

Forgot to add...

I hope to see Mizzou beat Sam Bradford and the Fighting Big Loss Stoops for leapfrogging Texas Longhorns...

- Go Navy ..beat Army but not too badly in case they see each other in combat overseas
- Here is hoping Buffalo beating those big scaredy cats from Ball State
- I hope Bama beats the Fighting Tebows...without Percy Harvin, do not be surprised if Bama holds the ball for 35 plus minutes and keeps Superman Tebow off the field. Sick of Florida already heading to the National Title game without beating Nick Satan.
- I hope USC pummels UCLA while not using a single timeout all game
- Hawaii pride....beat the BCS-headed Bearcats of Cincy....which is just a ludicrous statement....

Enjoy the weekend, only a few weekends left before Christmas and that one bowl game down in San Diego!

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

updated Coach Pete stuff at the bottom of the page....

It has been over a week since the last post and I believe I have received a few hundred hits on this awful blog. One might wonder why I would ruin a good thing and continue to post..... it must be the offseason,postseason

While Pat Hill, is licking his chops from not getting the UW Huskies job and is busy taking on the new challenge of his New Mexico Bowl opponent ( I know, who would have thunk it)......BSU Fans would love P-Hizzle to stick around, schedule another tough onslaught of out of conference games and continue to lose to BSU. Thanks for the letdown after the 61-10 drubbing in Boise, the day after turkey day.
Below, Pat Hill sips pimp juice as his "hugs" on Mrs. Idaho 2007 .....good work Pat!

I wonder if Mike Leach is really headed to Auburn? Graham Harrell says he is out of Lubbock....can not blame the man, Lubbock is a armpit. Leach at Auburn is like Coach Pete at Mississippi State....errrr, a very uncomfortable thought.

Onto BSU and this post' movie theme.....

The BCS is the one vaquero, with the sombrero, aiming the pistol at BSU's head...BSU is good old likable Clint Eastwood....

Here I sit in my parents' basement staring through the cobwebs and dusty basement well windows like an imprisoned teenager ( okay not funny) and I ponder....the Good, the Bad and the Ugly! This blogger might or might not resemble this man in the picture

The Good-

-BSU fans can be happy about making it to another discussion if BSU should be in a BCS game. A lot of people did not forecast an undefeated season....the same people who predicted are probably the same people who that they were at the Fiesta Bowl ( one of 400,00 BSU fans who made the game).

- Since BSU is not headed to the BCS, getting "rewarded" and playing a game outside of Boise is the good news.....Could you imagine telling your team that while you beat everyone on your schedule ( unlike Florida) that you will need to stick around town and wait painfully for the Roady's Truck Stop H-Bowl!

- Playing in San Diego is good for recruiting and for the players returning to SoCal and their families can come watch them play. Being in the news in San Deigo for the next week is a good thing.....would love to have the talent from San Diego to head up to the frozen tundra on the Blue.

The Bad-

- Going undefeated, not making the BCS and the best you have to offer is the second best bowl in the San Diego area?

- The idea of the H-bowl leaving Boise since BSU is not playing in it, one more time.....fine, do not let the door hit you where the Lord split you

- Someone mentioned that the problems with the perfect season is that Coach Pete will be highly sough after, the mention of the weak WAC conference and the weak schedule of BSU will be brought up ad nausem

- The video below shows that the bull is the BCS and BSU is the clown ( who thinks he is undefeated at anything he does) and gets caught.....well, just watch. BCS= No Lube

- To whoever stole the giant BSU flag that the rodeo queen woman that struts around the track after every score....shame on you

The Ugly....

Had to attend a funeral on Dec. 2 here in the Boise area and was asked by a family member to stop by the liquor store for some 7-up and some...ahem.... John Daniels. Headed North on Cloverdale, around Noon, and followed a car that did not really stop at a red light....kinda started slowing down and finally slowed to a stop about 10 feet into the intersection ( near HP and Directv for those local blog readers). So I kinda made the face to the wife who was next to me.... "Maybe he thought the light was going to turn"....1st accident avoided. Then as we headed down the road, about to make a left turn ( west on Chinden) this white Chrysler turned and narrowly missed the light pole and swerved over both turn lanes....2nd accident avoided. So the wife and I have the conversation that the guy must be drunk and we hopped, skipped and jumped right by him and I kept him in the mirror to make sure the guy wasn't causing any accidents. All the while, I was hoping the guy was just distracted on the cell phone. As I drove by him, I gave him my best mad-dog face ( mean mugging to some)........he looked back at me and that was it. So I drive about a mile and half to the shopping center/liquor store at the corner of Chinden and Eagle. As I pull into the parking lot, this jackass swerves two lanes ( from the far left lane to the right hand turn lane) to follow me to the liquor store. So I am thinking I am about to box this guy, and I pull directly in front of the liquor store for some witnesses. The wife is trying to locate this jackass and he ends up pulling in 4 spaces to my right and I hear his car go up on the curb and hit the car's undercarriage. I look over and he parks the car back in its rightful spot, taking up 2 parking spots, and I see that he needed to finish his miller lite beer. 3rd accident avoided...

So I decide that is it....I will give a drunkard a chance but since I also had my youngest daughter in the backseat, this jackass was putting my youngest child in danger. So I scamper into the liquor store and ask the clerk, " Hey, you want to call the cops, this guy outside in the white Chrysler is drunk?' ....The idiot behind the desk states, "No, has nothing to do with me!"....So, okay, I will have to box this guy by myself and call the cops all at once, with one hand on my celly and one hand around this jackass's neck. So I call 911 from inside the liquor store, and I start giving the data about what I have witnessed and of course, this jackass walks in the liquor store. So avoiding a confrontation, I walk outside in front of a petrified wife and continue for abut 5 minutes ( seemed like 10 minutes) to argue with the moron at the 911 dispatch center. The dispatcher actually told me to slow down and that I was talking too fast...I told her to speed up her hearing and that I did not have time to wait around for this ensuing fight. I gave them my cell phone info and name, and while I am wrapping up the call, the wife is in my ear whispering, "That guy is staring at you and he is about to walk out" I turn around and the jackass walks by me (me being a a guy in a suit with a cell phone to his ear discussing with the moronic dispatcher stating the jackass is now walking to his car). So the guy turns around and gives me is own version of his mean face and walks by his car to the other end of the parking lot. I start to relax and wonder where in the hell is the damn 5-0! It has been over 10 minutes, I think, and start to think maybe I am just pumped up and this is not a big deal. So I eyeballed this jackass and he walks toward the Walgreen's and I assume to get some beer. I decide to finish my intended deed and get some liquor for my relative who is currently mourning a death, unbeknownst to him that I am playing Johnny Law at the liquor store. I head into the store and grab my friend, John Daniels, and ask the liquor clerk if the guy was bad at all. Luckily the clerk said he did not sell to the jackass since I came in and told the clerk that the jackass outside is drunk but the clerk did decide to throw in the barb that if I did not tell him the circumstances, the clerk would have sold the jackass some booze. I just shook my head but for some reason, I do not blame the guy since the clerk has to go off what he saw from the jackass.....

So after the purchase, I ask the wife where Jackass went and she stated towards the corner of the parking lot near Eagle Rd. I was hoping that the guy was going to walk it off and head home by foot. I drove over to the side of the lot and could not see the jackass. I drove down Eagle Rd looking for this guy and he was nowhere to be seen. I looked through the parking lot one more time for the FUZZ and no one was searching for this idiot.

So I drop off the youngest child and my bride at the house I was headed to, when I realize I forgot the 7-up. I head back to the gas station on the corner, across from the liquor store. I pull up and I see 3 Ada County Sheriff cars patrolling the lot in front of the liquor store. Luckily, the white Chrysler is there still and I am hoping it is a good sign that the jackass would get caught. I roll up to the deputy and state that I was the one that called in the "criminal activity" and the deputy was cool and said they were looking for him. I stated that the jackass is probably in one of the lil stores hiding out......I soon left and the deputy would call me in 5 minutes to have me give an audio statement about what I witnessed. About 10 minutes after that, the deputy found the jackass in a store trying to eat some food ( get over his buzz). So the bad guy did get caught and was arrested for drunk driving...the deputy made it clear the jackass was well over the legal limit. I guess I get some award for calling in the bad guy.....good karma is always accepted.

I felt good, that at NOON on a Tuesday, I stopped some idiot from ruining some innocent person's/family's life, and hope this lil story reminds people to not drink and drive ( especially at Noon on any day). I could publish this jackass's face and name on here but I guess that might get me in trouble in today's litigious society....but if you look up the Ada County sheriff website on Wednesday of this week, you might or might not be able to locate this jackass. If this jackass happens to read this blog, good thing you did not come up at me....I would have hit you with my pocket protector!

Also in the news.......

By the way, it is a good thing that O.J. is finally going to closed!

Likewise...Coach Pete is not going to Mississippi State! Deadspin got duped by Sparty, down Mississippi way......but local talking head,KIVI CH. 6 Mr. Hughes, states that Coach Pete met in Denver and was offered the SEC job.....uh oh. All I know, this does not help our recruiting process when stuff like this gets out

Doubtful Oregon gets out of coming to the Blue to face off against a top 20 ranked Broncos next year....