Friday, December 5, 2008

Forgot to add...

I hope to see Mizzou beat Sam Bradford and the Fighting Big Loss Stoops for leapfrogging Texas Longhorns...

- Go Navy ..beat Army but not too badly in case they see each other in combat overseas
- Here is hoping Buffalo beating those big scaredy cats from Ball State
- I hope Bama beats the Fighting Tebows...without Percy Harvin, do not be surprised if Bama holds the ball for 35 plus minutes and keeps Superman Tebow off the field. Sick of Florida already heading to the National Title game without beating Nick Satan.
- I hope USC pummels UCLA while not using a single timeout all game
- Hawaii pride....beat the BCS-headed Bearcats of Cincy....which is just a ludicrous statement....

Enjoy the weekend, only a few weekends left before Christmas and that one bowl game down in San Diego!

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