Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gazing into the 4th game of the season

Already predicting a narrow 24-21 Bronco Victory, let us ponder what the local newshack predict this week ( they clearly have the advantage heading into this week).....

One local sportswriter, ponders what Farve would like in Bronco Blue

while the other accredited sportswriter mentions the lack of one o-lineman's hair

and here are the picks of the week:

Cripe/Samson in black text

Murphy/Blue Farve in blue text

Statueleft chooses his picks in the elegant color of "straight cash homey" green text

WAC games:
Utah 30, Utah State 10 (+20.5) Utes utah
Nevada 27, UNLV 24 (+3.5) Wolfpack nevada
San Jose State 27, UC Davis 14 (no line) SPARTANS san jose state
Hawaii 52 (-25.5), Idaho 21 RAINBOWS hawaii
New Mexico State 47, Arkansas-Pine Bluff 12 (no line) NMSU ditto
Fresno State 19, Louisiana Tech 16 (+12.5) FSU fresno state
Local and national interest:
West Virginia 38 (-7), South Florida 24 WVU west vagina
Oregon 45, California 42 (+5.5) OU oregon
Alabama 23 (+2.5), Florida State 13 BAMA florida state
Florida 44 (-18), Auburn 17 GATORS florida
Oregon State 27 (+2), UCLA 24 BRUINS oregon state
Michigan State 24 (+9), Wisconsin 21 BADGERS wisconsin
Oklahoma 52 (-22), Colorado 17 SOONERS oklahoma
Clemson 26 (-3), Georgia Tech 21 GT clemson
USC 45 (-21), Washington 17 TROJANS usc
BYU 31 (-5.5), New Mexico 20 BYU brigham young

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ride the S.L.U.T. update have their own website...congrats and good luck with the coffee, boys!!!!!!

That being said, let us gaze into the future and check out the impending battle between the SOMISS vs. BSU Broncos.......should be a tough mid major matchup, with punishing running games....expect low scoring and hard hitting. Don't be surprised if the coach of the Golden Eagles, Jeff Bower, has the troops from the dirty south ready for a grind it out battle...scoreboard should read 24-21 get it done ( but don't be afraid to win by more than that amount)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Vandal of the Day

Moscow, Idaho has a driving problem.......

This stuff only happens to carnie workers living in trailers, honest....

Saturday, September 15, 2007

After nearly a week of mourning

StatueLeft gazes into the future, into Week 3's predictions.

The mighty Blue and Orange suffered a disappointing defeat last week at the hands of a stout d-line and the UDUB Huskies capitalized on the mistakes ( costly turnovers and timely penalties).

Moving on, this week they face the Brokeback Mountain Cowpokes from Wyoming. This should be a lot tougher than the point spread might infer. The defense for the Pokes is tough as they held the Broncos to one one touchdown on offense a year ago. After viewing what the UDUB Huskies did to the BSU run game last week, the Broncos should see some more 7-8 man fronts. Up to Coach Pete to gameplan to make the Cowpokes suffer, launching deep balls to Childs and Young. The Cowpokes offense has somewhat of a hurry up no huddle offense but it relies on the defense not making the any quick subs, with the Cowpokes hurrying to the line to simulate a play out of the no huddle, but if the play is not there, then they look to the sideline from the spread formation and see what play they might run. I am forecasting a 21-20 Broncos victory. I should be in attendance and will hopefully be able to enjoy the last 85 degree football game of the year, here on the blue turf.

Cripe's selections are on the left, Statueleft's pick in the blue on the right (not playing the spread)

Murphy's picks are the same as mine, but in green

Oklahoma 74 (-46), Utah State 7 OU
Oregon 27, Fresno State 21 (+16.5) U of O
California 44, Louisiana Tech 21 (+33.5) CAL
Washington State 48 (-25.5), Idaho 20 WAZZU
UTEP 44 (+5), New Mexico State 41 NMSU
Hawaii 52 (-17), UNLV 14 HAWAII
Stanford 3, San Jose State 0 (+7.5) SJSU Stanford
Nevada 38, Nicholls State 21 (no line) NEVADA
National/local interest:
Florida 31 (-7.5), Tennessee 17 FLORIDA, easily
Michigan 20 (-7.5), Notre Dame 6 ND, finally Michigan
Ohio State 16, Washington 13 (+4) OSU, tough game to call
UCLA 31 (-15.5), Utah 10 UCLA
Southern Miss 20 (-1), East Carolina 17 USM, who cares
Louisville 59 (-6), Kentucky 49 U of L, closer than one might think-KU qb is a gamer
Arkansas 16 (+3), Alabama 13 ARK walks away
Georgia Tech 27, Boston College 24 (+6.5) GT survives
USC 38 (-9.5), Nebraska 21 USC whitewashes the huskers
Florida State 19 (-4.5), Colorado 13 FSU maybe

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Gazing into Week 2

With the Broncos staying at the lovely Radisson in Seattle this week, nothing could go wrong, right? Nothing out of the unusual this weekend will happen, without the points, but I can see a 48-45 ballgame up north for the Huskies and the Broncos, but I will choose a more milder, pound it out game, 35-30 for the Blue and Orange...

Chad Cripe picks his winners and I have to agree but I have " lucky Irish feeling" about J Clausen upsetting JoePA this weekend..... Brian Murphy will have his selection on the far right in Big Bold Blue

Wyoming 20, Utah State (+24.5) 3 wyo wyo
Hawaii 49 (-27.5), Louisiana Tech 10 hawaii hawaii
New Mexico State 31 (+7), New Mexico 28 nmsu nmsu
Northwestern 28 (-10), Nevada 17 Northwestern NW
Texas A&M 20, Fresno State 6 (+17.5) A&M A&M
Idaho 27, Cal Poly 21 (no line) Idaho Idaho
Kansas State 30 (-17.5), San Jose State 3 KSU Kansas State
Local/national interest:
LSU 16, Virginia Tech 10 (+12.5) LSU LSU
Oklahoma 33 (-10.5), Miami 17 OU OU
Texas 24 (-9), TCU 14 TEXAS TEXAS
UCLA 37, BYU 31 (+7.5) UCLA UCLA
Penn State 24, Notre Dame 10 (+17.5) NOTRE DAME Penn STate
Arizona State 38, Colorado 24 (+15)ASU AZ STATE
Michigan 31, Oregon 27 (+7)MICHIGAN MIChigan
Georgia 19, South Carolina 18 (+3.5)UGA UGA
Washington State 31 (-14), San Diego State 7 WSU Wazzu
California 49 (-14), Colorado State 20 CAL CAL

Monday, September 3, 2007

Looking forward to UDUB this weekend

Huskies have the right handed version incarnation of Tim Tebow, with the much publicized Jake Locker. The kid can run and while I am sure he can throw a good ball, the first half against the Syracuse Orange, last week, he threw the ball consistently high, out of the outstretched hands of their PAC-10 receivers. As long as BSU stops L. Rankin and forces the youngster to throw all day, especially against a deep and experienced secondary, Locker should have a tougher day ahead. That being said, the fully loaded guns will pour out for BSU, while they don't hold back, emptying the clip against the secondary of UDUB. No trick plays will be required......

After Week 1, it shapes up this way....

Cripe- stands at 18-0 and very impressive

StatueLeft- Not so much 14-4

Smurphy- 15-3, respectable

I stand corrected after the first week, will need to bump up my game, if I want to challenge the local newshacks for any bragging rights.....