Monday, March 10, 2008

Farewell to THE WIRE

Like Omar.....its all over. It's a damn shame

Less than a half hour till

Spring Ball starts for the Broncs...and many questions will arise and few will be answered ...if for no other reason, to keep the players working hard during the remaining and spring and "optional" summer conditioning practices. I can see the coaches point. The coaches are all about setting the tempo and getting that intensity back link

*Useless tip of the day- if you go to Google images and type in " qb race" who is featured as the second photo...none other than Junior to be Quarterback, Nick Lomax. Link

While Spring Practice starts today, unavailable for the general public, there will be scrimmages available to the public on March 21, April 4 and April 11 ( Blue and Orange game)

My predictions/thoughts of what will come from Spring Ball 08-

1. Pecking order of qb's going into summer camp- Hamdan, Coughlin, Lomax, Moore

2. I foresee one of the 4 studs at running backs leaving/transfering for more playing time. #41 is safe, but I can Avery, Martin, or Harper leaving.....Those last three will want to tote the rock a lil bit more than there are carries available. I am just saying, I could see it happen.

3. The o-line deficiencies will stand out, especially against a veteran defense.

4 The cornerbacks will get plenty of reps with Wilson out, but is that a good thing when you have 4 total corners available.

5. The safety position is full of players that potentially posess the much needed toughness lacking from last year.

6. The wide outs will be fine, all 635 of them.

photo credit to Charlie Litchfield/IPT

7. The captains will be named after spring ball and I can foresee one of them being Vinny P., Gingg and either #41 or perhaps Bush Hamdan. The dark horse will be Woodruff or Ellis Powers.

8. The Broncos are not worried about the Idaho State Bengals but will plead with the media that " solely concentrating on their first game".

9. Is there a way to sneak/ gain access into watch the spring practices, that way the fans can catch some pics of these practices?

10. Will the current 2 game losing streak cease some interest for the impending season?

Feel free to make comments on your biggest worries of spring ball relating to the Broncos.

Also, check out Yonder Mountain String Band coming to the Big Sleazy in Boise in early April. Worth shelling out the $20 and savoring the pabst blue ribbon

Also, today is a good day not to be Gov. Spitzer of New York link