Sunday, December 6, 2009

2009 Fiesta Bowl Gear here.....

Link.....but there is a small problem with the logo! Maybe this is who some of the fans wanted to be in this year's Fiesta Bowl game?
Espn take on the rematch

Crystal Ball looks like TCU-BSU in the Fiesta Bowl

First thing I think of is....
- this will decide the best non-AQ team in the land...yippeee
- Revenge is a strong motivating factor for the Broncos
- I am thankful for that dang Texas kicker for making the long field goal and helping the Broncos chances of getting into a BCS bowl game.

Bottom Line- BSU is in another BCS game...I will take it. The match up is just not as sexy as I would have hoped. Would not mind winning a bowl game as well ( I would have liked our chances against the 1950's style of football that Iowa still plays)!

Look for a podcast to come here in the next week with a blogger/rep from the TCU squad...

Spit Blood

pic from Spit Blood TCU

Pretty good finish indeed!

Probably cost Ron Zook his job.