Thursday, January 8, 2009

Who Splits the National Championship Title with Utah?

I am going with the Gators 35-30 over the Sooners tonight.
At least you are not this guy who works at Directv in Boise....who obviously lost a bet!

Not sure which bet THIS GUY lost! Luke Poehlmann is inspired by Jared Allen and click this link for rhythmic mullet eyegasm

At least Haden did not embarrass himself!

Who ya got? Tebow's rumored GF, which turned out to be false or Colt McCoy's blonde GF....and it looks like I am late to the party as Barstool Sports reports there is already a poll out about this very More importantly where is Sam Bradford's GF?
As far as losing bets go...I can see this tattoo being applied to a Vandal any year now!