Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Please don't cut these dudes off

Who Knew?
Have you ever wondered what all those extra SUV in a Presidential or VIP motorcade are ?? You know the ones with blacked windows that no one gets in or out of? Wonder no more ... They have 6 barreled 7.62 mm mini guns... They fire over 4,000 rounds per. minute .... The wipers need to run to remove spent casings when the weapon is firing ... See attached video from the company that makes this happen .. vehicle is also armor plated.

Friday, October 26, 2007

V is for


.....Villi....Viliami Tuivai to be exact.....Linebackers coach had better rally the troops up and get his boys ready for a slugfest.

I foresee a nasty game where Fresno State runs all night long and BSU can't stop it and the loss of possession of the clock costs the Broncs on defense and the defense front 7 get tired.....
I wish I was wrong..Fresno State 34-30

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Vandal of the Day!

To the a-hole arsonist who started/ or who had a hand in the wildfires down in lower Cali......
May Jack Bauer find your ass and take out some Chuck Norris voodoo on your worthless corpse....

If you expect to see Papelbon ....

handling his business, it all starts tonight, ...only way Papelbon "jigs" it up at home, is if the Rockies grab 2 games at home, and SOX take Game 6......I expect a 4 game sweep...here is a music video of Papelbon's theme music

If you don't love World Series baseball, you have no American blood in your corpse or you love goats and would rather go to games on the South Side of Chicago or up in the Bronx wearing pinstripes. You are a loser, get over the whole" I left in 94 strike" thing...... Baseball runs the world right for next week and half. Plan accordingly......

For those going through the wildfires down in Cali.......find some patience. FEMA will be your last resort. Please take time to thank the firefighters, police and Red Cross personal helping out. I recommend taking the handout from the church groups that usually show up and help out. They go around/through the red tape that will show up unexpectedly....you have been forewarned.

Luckily the WORLD SERIES takes a night off this Friday, and your Boise State Broncos face a nasty bunch on ESPN2 with a rivalry-type game against Fresno State. Could be bloody.....

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ian Johnson out for

the La Tech game...supposedly, #41 did not make the trip.

Upset alert!


Devin Hester teaching White People how to dance

Get your pimp on

Geaux Broncos

On the surface, this picture echos reality of today's Broncos' game and appears to be a mismatch. I highly ranked and pissed off defense for BSU, lines up across from a limp LA TECH offense. Too bad LA TECH can't have their QB Zac Champion play like one of the League of Justice superheros that his name resonates.....Superman is not walking through that tunnel today.

BSU will face a 10-10 halftime score in the face and come out early in the second half with one thing on their mind- run, run, run, run ....oh the humidity! I doubt the humidity will play much of a factor, and I feel the long plane flight and time zone switches will have nothing to do with the team coming out sluggish. I will give a little credit to the Bulldogs defense, but after the halftime adjustments ( much like the Huskies game), the home team's defense will keep giving up more and more yards on the ground.

Another prediction: Austin Pettis will get a lot of touches and tough catches, since the logical thing to do would be to lock up/double coverage Jeremy Childs who is having an incredible year.

Pettis will be the player of the game and steal some of the true freshman thunder away from fellow stud wideout Titus Young. IJ will have at least 125 yards but Avery and Harper will get 6-8 carries as well.

Will this be the week of a Bush Hamdan sighting? Doubtful....

Finally, with this year of wacky upsets, maybe the Bulldogs channel Terry Bradshaw and muster a game...doubtful but after watching the most exciting game ever @ Lyle Smith Field last Sunday ( BSU 69-Nevada 67), I do appreciate the heart wrenching/ agonizing-and-way-too-close games, I remind people to be careful what they wish for....

BSU rolls in the second half and covers 30-10

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Korey Hall praise

from Troy Aikman

The Rivalry dies, but the dominance continues

When to throw in the towel?

That will be the question that Coach C. Ault will be faced with, I would say about 4 minutes left in the second quarter. Why let the freshman QB keep taking a beating, well, C Ault knows more than you and me. Just ask him!

That being said, hopefully Bush Hamdan will be resurrected into the 3 dog hunt for the backup QB position, in the 4h quarter today. After all, he does have a brother in the NFL ( practice squad). That being said, hope the weather continues to be awesome for the middle of October.

BSU 45-10
The Rivalry dies, but the dominance continues.....
-----Also, some nice words from Troy Aikman on Glenns Ferry native, Korey Hall and his transition to the fullback position from linebacker last year in college.

Friday, October 12, 2007

What the BOSOX are doing all over the Tribe


Larry Craig- Twin Falls Chapter

Took this pic before base jumping today.......sad to think that this bathroom welcomes visitors to "come join us"...just seemed odd to me, in light of our courageous soon to be hall-of-famer Senator Craig.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Lil Wayne helping Larry Craig

and taking some of press off of the Senator and getting arrested after a concert last night in Boise, Id.


This is how you save the batter from popping out....

props to the youngster, the new Anti-Bartman!
Props to Barstoolsports for the linky

Postscript....Does Bobby Petrino mean that much to a Louisville team?

Gazing into Week 5

Since my baseball picks have been horrendous ( it shows that you should never pick with your heart rather than your brain)....lets us gaze into the future...Not giving up on the Cubbies however, Yanks have AROD thinking of a becoming a Pimp in another city already, duh!!! Just look at his performance again.
That being said, with Hal Mumme "leaking" out that hot shot qb Chase Holbrook, who threw for over 500 yds last year against an undefeated BSU team, will not start ( smells of propaganda)...the score should not change all that much 49-10 for the Broncs, in a rout by halftime. The speculation surrounding the lack of Holbrook for this game makes sense for NMSU, since they will get trounced either way, might as well have Holbrook rest up and look forward to returning against perennial pattycake, LA Tech. Enjoy the domination and the game is available for those with the ESPN network. Cripe's picks in Black
Statue Left in Red
Murphy in Green
Mississippi 38 (-13), Louisiana Tech 13 Ole MISS miss
Nevada 16, Fresno State 13 (+3.5) FSU fsu
San Jose State 31 (-7), Idaho 20 SJSU sjsu
Hawaii 65 (-39), Utah State 10 HAWAII warriors
National/local interest:
Cincinnati (+3.5) 27, Rutgers 21 RUTGERS cincy
Wisconsin 27 (+2.5), Illinois 17 WISC wisc
Wyoming 12, TCU 10 (+3) TCU tcu
Clemson 10, Virginia Tech 7 (+5.5) VT clemson
Oklahoma 38 (-11.5), Texas 17 OKLA In A BLOWOUT ou
Missouri 34 (-6), Nebraska 24 MIZZOU missouri
USC 34, Stanford 7 (+40.5) USC usc
LSU 27 (-7.5), Florida 13 FLA fla
Ohio State 23 (-7), Purdue 10 THE OSU
Arizona State 48 (-8.5), Washington State 24 ASU asu

As for the unexpected baseball fiasco known as the Cubs...do not count them out. While game 1 left some with the harsh feeling of a good kick in the nuts, game two was ugly. Top 5 hitters better get it done, or they will be looking at 100 yrs of futility since they last won ( 1908, lil known fact, they actually won in 1907 as well).

As for the Tribe taking the Yanks to the woodshed, poor Alex Rodriguez, he will feel the brunt of criticism only to get a new 25-30 million per year contract next year on the west coast ( unless Mark Cuban buys the Cubs). Pity him, but on the holiest of days, at least for this week, Pronk looks to serve some justice on the Yanks fans who think they have a shot still.

I was wrong with the Rockies, having the energy to still get it done. Now can Jamie Moyer muster the strength to extend the series one more game @ the Rockpile.

As for the Sox, Manny being Manny is getting old, and while a friend mentioned that Manny playing left field looks like a Rastafarian circus clown, he straight mashed that ball, that K-Rod served up. The invincibility of K-Rod is shredded and former Mr. Clutch, Schilling throws bb's tomorrow down in SOCAL......Good luck Halos, you have no chance, especially with a one eyed Garret Anderson and Vlad being dinged.

Keep your pimp hand strong at all times an enjoy this great sports weekend ( since third on the burner is all of the decent nfl games on tomorrow).

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Since Brian Giles can't throw the MVP .....

of the National League out at home ( way to lob the ball in, juicer), the Padres and Trevor Hoffman's gascan are playing golf or planning hunting/surfing outings....That means the trail to the World Series becomes that much easier for the Cubs this year. They will have a tough matchup with Brandon Webb, but the rest of the Snakes from Phoenix do not scare me or the Cubs Big 3 ( A-So, A-Ram, D. Lee).....so getting past the Snakes will be done in 4-5 games.....

The Phils will take care of the "running out of gas" Rockies...no way they can survive the emotion of the 4plus hour game and come back to beat the Phighting Phillies........Howard tears up the young pitching staff of the Rockies as does Chase Utley.

As for the Sox and Halos, either team could win the whole thing, but it will come down to the pitching and the pick here is with the 3 starters from Boston. Beckett, Dice-K and Schill will overpower and dodge Vlad the Impaler, and will win in 6 games. Lackey could steal 2 games with his "A" game cheese.

As for the Tribe and the Yanks, I wish I could say it was Pronk's time to rule the roost over the much more experienced Bronx Bombers...but this is A-Rod's year and everyone ( in the A.L. is gunning for second place).

That leads to a Sox- Yanks matchup and Phils vs Cubbies.......I like the Sox and Cubs pitching ( although the relief in Chitown could be the Northsiders undoing and cause the so called curse to ruminate further)

Cubs over the Sox, due to the starters of the Red Sox nation getting overworked before the World Series.....