Friday, March 20, 2009

Pissed off Atheist Security Guard says, "No sign for you"

Check the 12 second mark, when behind the Sienna bench, the Gestapo Henchman/ Atheist Security Guard swipes a lonely fan's "John 3:16" sign. WTF? Not sure what the deal is here but the Atheist Security Guard wanted none of the sign. Why can Tim Tebow display his favorite religious affinity but a lonely fan sitting behind the bench can not display his $4.99 posterboard? Did the Atheist Security Guard give some prior warnings that went unheeded? Can the lonely old fan have the Atheist Security Guard arrested for destruction of property?

Somewhere Rollen Stewart is rubbing his beard! Rollen Stewart, you ask....?
R.I.P. Rainbow Man

Side note- Sienna's Ronald Moore is the 2009 version of 2009 Stephon Curry! Onions!!!
Hope his folks are ready to be spotted by every cameraman come this Sunday! Onions. Is there is any irony, that the Sienna Saints won the game right after the Atheist Security Guard destroyed the lonely old fan's John 3:16 sign?

Pics of Spring Scrimmage #1 Vol VI

Update- A few more pics tomorrow but these are the main batch
click on any pics for larger version
Bacon hops Bacon slaps the pigskin

Coughlin under pressure

Tevis on the slobberknocker

Same old Mike Coughlin Kellen's first pass of the scrimmage, play action to Titus...lil under thrown but it was good to see the old throw-and-catch connection. Hout gets bitch slapped by the right tackle #54. Very nice to see the o-line delivering the punishment.

Over Jeron

Pics of Spring Scrimmage #1 Vol V

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Bacon falls for the play action by Kellen On his second pass play from scrimmage, Kellen finds....

Tommy Gallarda to get down to the 5 yard line

DJ Harper on the screen pass

Hawkins getting pressured

Aaron Burks on the wide receiver screen

Bacon and Root cave in the left side of the line.....future looks bright
Kaiserman or Burroughs gets hammered by Garcia Day (Big Hit of the Scrimmage)

Coughlin sends a deep ball to #89.....but broken up by Febris

Pics of Spring Scrimmage #1 Vol IV

click on any pic to see a larger version
Left Guard #55 holds his own against Jarrell Root (bonus points if you noticed Acrey rushing off the edge- possible nickel def. end in the future?) head slap

swim move...maybe
Root is still out of the play and #55 did his job

Back to Back plays where Hunter White is involved in the play

and Hodge is fortunate his knee ligaments are flexible

Austin Pettis, on the inside screen, gets tackled by Iloka

Kellen tries to fool #69 no avail........
Coughlin hits Potter on the wide receiver screen