Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Post Nevada Pre Fresno State Showdown

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Everyone have a Happy Turkey Day

Do not forget this link for the blue t-shirt to support the Garrett Schramm idea of building a teen room at a local hospital.
Also spotted some submissions for BSU-related pics to the local fishwrap- this one below is probably the coolest but if you need to check out some pics to get you by the next few days, here is the link
-Predicting the score of the BSU game has not been something I am very good at this year. I have seen the offensive side of the ball start to jell, finally. The defense has been solid all year round. 14 points from last week's close call was related to the kid legend freshman hitting the intended wideout's right in the hands and the ball being deflected to a UNR player who quickly scampered back for 6 points.
-I do not think Bush Hamdan will line up under center in the 1st quarter but I would have no problem if that did occur. Coach Pete will some sort of way to salute the seniors for their time served here on the blue turf. If everything goes to plan, Bush Hamdan will see some time early in the second half and hopefully he can punch one before he is done for the day.
- I believe the final score will be close to 42-14. The defense will smack around a injury depleted team in the Fresno State Bulldogs. Pretty sure Ryan Matthews will not be suiting up. Tom Brandstater might have to win the game and to this date, he has not won on the Blue Turf ( outside of the shellacking of Georgia Tech last year in the H-bowl).
- Kellen throws for 2 td's and but over 200 yards before retiring, and giving the reins to Bush for a few series.
-IJ will score two running touchdowns from within the 5 yard line and equal the rushing td mark for the WAC. IJ will not get the 100 yards he would so like to get.....and his draft status will continue to plummet. I do see IJ receiving the biggest standing ovation in BSU history on Senior Day, for what that is worth!!!!
- Jeron Johnson will not destroy another opposing QB but even money that Hout, Powers or Iloka will.
- Shortly after the game, Pat Hill will announce that the impending bowl game for the Fresno State Bulldogs, will be his last as he is moving on to greener pastures.
- Jeremy Childs will showboat after a td and get penalized for his actions....Vinny P will not score but Austin Pettis will, most likely on a fade.
- Kyle Wilson will not return a punt to the house but do not be surprised for some sort of shenanigans on the blue turf in the special teams area.....
- regardless of the smackdown tomorrow....I do not want to see a Ball State vs BSU matchup for the H-Bowl. Meet BYU in the Poinsettia Bowl or Vegas Bowl but not the undefeated non-bcs midmajor championship ( now known as the NIT of college football) in Boise.....BSU would win and get no respect for winning on their home turf.
- quick reminder of Toys for Tots is at the stadium on one extra gift that Black Friday morning and donate while attending the game...please!
- to show why Coach Pete is beloved in this here small here
Once again, enjoy Thanksgiving and be smart -----do not drink and drive.........

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Recently Discovered Fresno State Haka

enjoy...if you are hungry, please do not eat the Gingerbread cookies

Monday, November 24, 2008

Color Layout for the Friday Kickoff

Handle your excuses!

Also, please click on this link, give a statement to the departing seniors and let them know how you feel. Make sure to go through all of the steps or else it will not post the comment ( click the "sign" button twice).........thanks to Drew from Fight Fight BSU........

Better Roady's H-Bowl Commercial?

Who ya got?


Either way, BSU fans will pack the stadium when they face off against Maryland or Wake Forest!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

More important than a BCS Bowl...

please donate to this foundation and reward a fellow Bronco fan and his dream. Support Garrett and you support the Broncos at the same time. Purchase a shirt for a measly $20( perhaps all of your friends need another shirt for Christmas) and see his dream come that much closer to here for a closer look.....

The Blue and Orange Store is stepping up, benefits 0% for this,and gives all proceeds go to the local hospital, St. Luke's, trying to build a teen room for children recovering from serious illnesses.

This might be my favorite post to date...please support the cause!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

BSU hangs on

game analysis to follow but I can see it now, with BYU getting killed by to the Roady's Truck Stop/ Hum Bowl game we go....damn!
For the KTVB fans, this was the best game production so far by this unit. Many were afraid of the national presentation of KTVB but they held their own. Now about the clock on the screen...I guess that was not the fault of KTVB. Anyway, kudos to Mark Johnson and Tom Scott and Auggie!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Reno Bound.....

...not for this basement dweller. No, I have been volunteered by my son's Basketball coach to stick around town and take over coaching responsibilities, while the coach takes off for Reno. Thanks a lot friend!

Yes, one might say, that being there for your son during his youth is important, but when this same son could care less about the basketball game that he is suppose to be participating in, one's head might be shaking in confusion/disappointment. I know, the Moms and the overly-sensitive Dads out there might take umbrage with this blogger wanting to stay at home and watch the game ( heck I would take the hall pass and head out to the Reno game), but I chose to be with my son, all the while gritting my teeth and smiling, nonetheless.

Since I will be able to watch the first hour of the game and then head off to my son's b-ball game, I will simply state that the first half will probably be gut wrenching and tight. Thus, this means instead of the x's and o's on the hardwood, my focus will be on the game that I am tivo'ing while I shun out any blabberings about the scoreboard of the BSU game. One might suggest calling in a bomb threat to get out of the b-ball game but I have never seen that work when people are running late to the airport and want to make that flight, so what do they do, call in a bomb threat and everyone gets delayed for 5-6 hours ( not to mention the rest of the passengers in other airports). So that option is not viable.....

I can always don earplugs and not listen to the parents on the sidelines during the game or just ignore the kids all together and start screaming to get their hands up, move their feet, follow through, leap off the other foot on a lay-up and play tougher defense. No matter what happens, my son will come to me after the game and ask why he had to play the whole game instead of sitting out since he was tired. Or if that does not happen, I can see my son caring more about the post game snacks vs actual playing time.

I do not want to get started on how smooth the head coach of my son's b-ball team was, when he asked me to fill in this coming weekend, about 4 weeks ago. He pulled me in hook line and sinker. He knew what he was doing and I will dish out some cold revenge on him in due time.

As for the BSU game, (that I hope is over by the 10th minute in the second quarter) I can see this game actually being really close until the end. I am forecasting a 35-28 ballgame, the run game of Nevada limits the touches by the BSU offense, but Kellen Moore and his bounty of skilled athletes will reach pay dirt plenty of times. Most importantly, IJ scores one more time, late in the game, and ends up beating the Wolfpack of Reno. I prefer a 35-0 first quarter lead so I can hop skip and jump over to the local gym. I doubt that will happen, but I am hoping.

Nothing more to add but if you have any suggestions on how to delay the the UNR game until later Saturday night, hit me up in email form at ! I wish the KTVB crew good luck with their national broadcast of the game being featured on espn2! Wish the game time was delayed to 6pm local time, but oh well! Go get 'em Tom Scott!

This blogger does not support bomb threats in any way and thinks the act is quite cowardly!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The second most important game

this coming Saturday, November 20, will be played down in the lovely metropolis, Salt Lake City. I have never enjoyed rooting for BYU, especially since the in-laws ( not pictured above) are partial to that University, however a man must take extreme measures when needed. The obvious reason for this Bronco Blogger to go for the ZOOBS, is Utah needs to lose in order for BSU to have a shot at a BCS bowl. Yes, I know...BSU has to get through Nevada and Fresno State, but I think Utah will need their A-game in order to be successful in the Holy War. It you multiply 365 days by 24 hours, minus the approximate 4 hours the Holy War game will be going on, that is how much I root for against the Cougs. However that will come to an end this weekend, when for 4 hours, I will be the biggest Zoob fan still located on Ada County.

I never knew what a Zoob was until about a week ago, if you are interested in finding out, click here.... but not here as this is not the right answer. However a diehard zoobie takes the word to the extreme...which is okay when extreme measures are needed.
The pic below is the in-laws rubbing off on me.

Thoughts of Reno by Bruce Springsteen

Certainly......not the most uplifting song but neither is Reno, the town itself.

She took off her stockings
I held 'em to my face
She had your ankles
I felt filled with grace

"Two hundred dollars straight in
Two-fifty up the ass" she smiled and said
She unbuckled my belt, pulled back her hair
And sat in front of me on the bed

She said, "Honey, how's that feel
Do you want me to go slow?"
My eyes drifted out the window
And down to the road below

I felt my stomach tighten
As the sun bloodied the sky
And sliced through hotel blinds
I closed my eyes

Sunlight on the Amatitlan
Sunlight streaming through your hair
In the Valle de dos Rios
The smell of mock orange filled the air

We rode with the vaqueros
Down into cool rivers of green
I was sure the work and the smile coming out 'neath your hat
Was all I'll ever need

Somehow all you ever need's
Never quite enough you know
You and I, Maria, we learned it's so

She slipped me out of her mouth
"You're ready," she said
She took off her bra and panties
Wet her fingers, slipped it inside her
And crawled over me on the bed

She bought me another whisky
Said "here's to the best you ever had"
We laughed and made a toast
It wasn't the best I ever had
Not even close

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It was bound to happen

Fight from the Vandal Game....

Post Idaho Podcast

Jadon Dailey drops in and shares his views....JT and Drew expound on theirs!

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Recap of the ( formerly known as a rivalry) Game

Will not recap all the hogwash but Doug Martin is our new hero here at StatueLeft.....his likeness will be situated up top of this here blog.....until we are told by our sponsors to take it down!

- Who would you rather score with ....a Vandal who screams out HEEHAW or

or just "be friends" with a lady who looks good in under armor?

-Byron Hout has a motor that is unrivaled for any True Freshman in the WAC...... congrats on gathering the Player of the Week award- I usually could care less about these sort of individual awards

- All four captains were from this lovely state......

- The holes opened by the offensive live were virtually felonious......they could have been arrested for (&(*&(*(* the vandals....I will let you insert any verb in for the symbols a few words back. Now, will Woodruff return to Reno with the Warpaint on?

-Jeremy Avery is the number 1 running back ( I am simply stating this, hoping IJ reads it and wants to show me up and outperform Mr. Avery this week in Reno).

-Kellen Moore did not need to throw a touchdown pass to win the game....which shows the Redshirt Freshman is human after all. If he puts 3 more inches of loft on a pass from the 5 yard line, Pettis catches an easy touchdown. This pass might have been Kellen Moore's second or third mistake of the year. Not bad for a first year player. As for the late hit on the play where the whistle was blown and he got "pushed" to the ground......I thought the o-line should have pummeled the Vandal who did that. Not since the Vandal tackle was illegal or harsh but rather to make a statement that nobody touches our QB like that...ever!

- Kyle Wilson is showing why many think he will leap to the LEAGUE next year...I am hoping he realizes that he can make even more money if he sticks around for another of college experience ( okay, I just made this up, hoping KW sticks around another year).

- The coaching staff ( pic below) at Moscow must really work on their plyometrics during the week. I say this not because of these pics but rather the lack of coaching the football team that is purely evident.

- Brotzman......pull your foot out of your....get it done. I have faith in you and so does your coaching staff but .....

- Idaho fans....stay classy as always

pics from the Statesman and other misc photographers.....they all did a great job.

Heads up on the Wolves circling

For those driving down to out for the wildlife and Johnny Law (especially in McDermott and Jordan Valley).

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wow...expect Childs to have

a catch like this. WOuld not be surprised to see Jeron Johnson kill some Vandal today like this......

Friday, November 14, 2008

Meaningless but needed...

Scoreboard will read 63-7, at the end of the bloodbath. I would be okay with a shutout but I can see the 3rd or 4th stringers giving up a lil bit. That being said, it could be all freshman on the defensive side of the ball by the start of the second half.

Could this be the game Ian Johnson gets his 100 yards rushing?

Could Bush Hamdan throw a touchdown to Tyler Shoemaker?

Will Pettis and Childs have more than 3 touchdowns combined?

Will Mike Coughlin impersonate Tim Tebow once again?

Did Coach Akey get out of Pullman since he saw the defensive debacle coming and wanted to tell WAZZU that he had a better team at Idaho than those clowns at WAZZU?

Over/Under on fans streaking the field .5? Never count out Larry Craig fellow classmates?

Is this post more about getting my prediction out there in the blogosphere just in case I nail the actual score vs I really do not want to post anything that will give Idaho any kind of press ( good or bad)? These clowns from the Palouse are just happy to be on the bottom line on ESPN all week...even though they are 36 point underdogs. I guess the guys at College Gameday have to talk a little bit about the highly ranked Broncos and their meek rivals from the North.

Over/Under on fights in the parking lot/stands ...9.5? I am taking the double digits, especially if Joseph Smith ( mugshot below) returns to watch the rivalry game.

Can not excuse the Bing Crosby references to Idaho and that lovely university up is a Moscow native, Josh Ritter, crooning "Idaho" made famous by Bing Crosby

Thursday, November 13, 2008

As suspected...Deonte Jackson copied a fellow footballer

Here comes the video of the local high school kid who went "Code Red"on his own coach during a recent playoff game has here for the video feed compliments of KTVB
Surprised the high school running back/homecoming king/wrestler did this much damage with just a few haymakers ( term used loosely). He definitely was aiming for the coach and there was no mistake about what the kid was trying to do.
Play Breakdown
The coach had tried to break up a scuffle post-play after the senior running back as sticking up for another player #10, who was laid out at the conclusion of the play. The cheap shot by Emmett #36 was right before the whistle but with Nampa #10 being completely out of the play and with his back to #36- definitely a cheap shot. I hope the parents and coaches of #36 are really proud of what he started.

After watching the running back get pulled out of the scuffle, it appeared that the running back was headed to the sideline all by himself rather than the coach pushing/guiding him back.

I wonder what the coach said to finally make this kid snap? The kid was headed in the right direction with the help of the stiff arms by the coach but something must have triggered the fisticuffs between the player and coach.

The athlete should be banned and expelled from school. There were rumors of 6 punches to the face, allegedly happening, and I just do no see that many.

Props to Emmett's trainer for trying to help the injured opposing coach. Have to say I was proud of the running back sticking up for his fellow teammate, but went out of bounds once he struck the coach- no excuses!

Shame on you - to see the other Nampa assistant coaches cowering away at the end, not wanting to start anything with the kid that destroyed the head coach's facial features- shame on you. Yes, the one young man ( possibly with a beard) in the blue jacket and tan shorts, with the white hat. You do not like to protect your own.....shame on you!

Names of the players have been purposely left off to protect the potential minors, and hopefully everyone heals up after the drama dies down.

Idaho Week Podcast...Fear the Star Trek Junkie Analogy

If you see one Bronco in an alley, how many Vandals does it take, to make it a fair fight?

Also in the news....JT Ray from Bronconationnow spews hatred/venom/unbiased rants and Drew @ Fight Fight opines on his take on the Aggie Debacle/Vandal Onslaught....pure comedy

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Who ordered the Code Red?

Is this the missing evidence in the Deonte Jackson misdemeanor battery case? Is this proof that the Vandals are encouraged to pimp slap their own brethren?

Statue Left: Did you, Coach Akey, order the CODE RED on the unidentified player, specifically carried out by Deonte Jackson?
Akey: .......No I prefer Diet Mountain Dew......

Running Back Deonte Jackson, who has more rushing yards than Ian Johnson, has found himself in trouble. Up on the Palouse, where a average running back can beat up/or pimp slap a teammate ( who does not want to be identified), then not even get suspended while misdemeanor charges are seems that Akey has his ducks in a row. First he gets lauded for running off the bad seeds with in the last year.....and took the loss of scholarships due to the bad seeds. Now when his star ( use this term relatively) running back is in trouble, the player does not get suspended. What gives.......

That being said, I know their will be some Vandal Trolls who stated, " Better be careful when throwing stones in glass houses".....

My only response is that the head coach at Boise State University has suspended a few players, regardless of playmaking ability, and you would think this approach has limited further transgressions. Maybe after the trouncing this weekend in the airport hanger, Coach Akey can get in Coach Pete's ear and see about a lil guidance.
Bad timing by the unidentified player for bringing up charges on your own running back. You briging this up during " Hate Boise State' week? Which one of these greased up muscleheads ( see pic above) is the one who snitched? Maybe this article got him fired up....a year and a day before the Code Red went down!

Idaho Vandals...are they a relevant rival anymore?

Some would/could debate the need for the Vandals on the schedule. Essentially they are a Div-1AA Big Sky team playing in the WAC since their step-brother to the south remains in the WAC. For the last 7-10 years, I have wondered if this matchup remains a hate-filled rivalry game. The fans new to the Treasure Valley would/could say that this is not a rivalry game simply because the Vandals usually get blown out. Any fan who remembers THE STREAK will casually remind those rookie fans that there is plenty of payback left to dole out......

I will never forget the fake punt against an ailing Pokey Allen.

I will never forget the gutsy playcalling of Chris Tormey....still the best game I have ever seen where the Broncos lost at home.

I will never forget the last game of the Skip Hall era where Idaho just straight trounced the Broncos.

Those are the negatives of the rivalry that still makes some of the fans blood boil......What other memories do you have? Does this game matter? When BSU moves to the Mountain West Conference, will the Idaho game even matter?

Feel free to comment

Friday, November 7, 2008

Ross Davis ....the new Alexis Serna

Sept. 4 2004 was the date of infamy for kicker Alexis Serna. He missed multiple extra points and Nick Satan escaped with a victory. Serna was a youngster ( redshirt frosh) that late summer night and luckily for him, the team took him home instead of making him walk back to Beaverville.*

Now on Nov. 06 2008, poor TCU true freshman kicker, Ross Davis, cost his team with two missed field goals down the stretch ( not to mention his fellow defensive teammates letting the Utes gallop down the field for a winning score. Ross Davis did not drop an easy interception, miss a sack at midfield and have a costly pass interference call. Ross Davis did not call for the backer/ safety to play loose coverage on a tight end when it was 4th and 5. So much for the vaunted TCU defense.) .While rumors of Ross Davis's gaffe forcing Coach Patterson's hand and moving on to Kansas State, what does the crystal ball hold for young Ross Davis. I am pretty sure a Lou Groza Award is not in the future.

*Look at the names in this college game, Derek Anderson, Jamarcus Russell, Dwayne Bowe...not bad company.
* Serna has overcome

So more importantly, this gaffe by Ross Davis reminded me of Alexis Serna on that fateful day, down on the Bayou. If memory serves me correct, I was actually down south for that game and watched it a bar on Dauphin Street in Mobile, Al. Here is the blurred memory of that day.......

That day, some coworkers and I had be flown out of Orlando to escape one of the Hurricanes that ravaged the South in the fall of 2004. While the company was paying us to stick it out in Mobile, the boys and I headed down to the bar scene to catch the LSU game. J F'ing G, Doug the Tuna, Longhorn, Gymballs and I were just moseying down the road and trying to find a bar that would show the LSU game. However unbeknownst to me, the Alabama game ( I think it was the same game that the QB hurt his shoulder really bad, and might have been Brodie Coyle) was going on that night and all of the bars worth a damn were showcasing that game. Word to the wise, in Alabama, you do not touch a Bama fan's tv when the game is on or you will entertain certain death. So we head out, stumble across the street to a bar that had virtually no business.

Wondering why, we asked the Bartender; " Why no business?" I believe that the Bama game was on a certain cable channel or might have been on ESPN Gameplan and this bartender did not pay for the game.....JFG, Tuna, Longhorn and I ears perked up and we asked, " Would you mind if we watched the LSU game?".....The sober bartender shrugged and had no objections. We quickly found out that the bar did not have an adequate kitchen ( maybe not at all) and we ordered up pizza and had it delivered to the bar. We watched the agonizing game and finally Serna pulled a Scott Norwood and the game was over. At this point, the lads must have been mainlining red bull and vodkas, since the crew was primed for the Mobile/Dauphin Street nightlife. I slightly remember playing Golden Tee for a dime a stroke .....pretty sure I never ended up paying my buddies off.
Ended up crashing at Tuna's hotel room about 330am, only to get a phone call in 5 hours, that I had to turn around and drive back to Jacksonville. The plan was to stay the night in J-ville, before heading to Orlando. We were instructed that we had to be the first responders for our lil insurance company, to make sure, our customers knew that we ( catastrophe team adjusters) were there for them in there time of need.
Another tip of the day- driving that far on no sleep, hungover from hell and in a lovely lil Ford Taurus rental car, is not recommended.

Long story made even longer, here is the follow up to that trip to Jacksonville. My buddy, Longhorn and I, ran point on the trek back to Jacksonville. Longhorn and I led a 10 vehicle caravan through Hurricane weather (Rain-X has my full endorsement) staying connected through walkie talkies. At one point during the dead of night, a tree had fallen on eastbound I-10in the "hammer down" lane , and this basement-dwelling blogger came with a few feet of instant death ( or at least certain pain). I quickly swerved and avoided the tree and multiple cars went off the pavement and onto the gravel shoulder. We all thought we were lucky to be alive. Earlier on that day, we had driven by a double fatal accident on eastbound I-10, which happen to be the relatives of Florida State coach Bobby Bowden. I will never forget the tarp the emergency workers were raising as we drove by, as they tried respect/shield the bodies inside the wreckage. Horrific wreck.

As Queen would sing....the show must go on. I am predicting a 55-7 blowout in the Boise State vs Utah State. Nothing more to add.......the WAC competition is disgusting. The WAC itself ( no pun intended) remains the only opponent that could keep Boise State out of the BCS bowl series. Forget the Aggies, Wolfpack, Vandals or the always overrated bulldogs of Fresno State.

Enjoy the weekend and maybe the magic ride of Mike Leach and his Texas Tech Red Raiders will survive another tough opponent in Oklahoma State. I mean after all, their coach is a MAN, right?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

How does Jesse Palmer pull off this impression of

Lil Jon ft. Ying Yang twins...with "drop the fanny...and get low"! Here is the clip from ESPN

Have to love the former Bachelor dropping knowledge on how to defend a 280 lb running QB......

That lovely video of the dolt with the hair ( Jesse Palmer, yes you have perfect talking head hair...much like Dan Patrick) led into this basement-dwelling blogger to turn into the TCU/UTAH defensive bloodbath. There was so much inefficiency on offense through the first 40 minutes plus, I actually started to think this was chinese checkers game of field position and then the TCU kicker* shanked two makeable kicks. (I am sure the kicker is walking home through the Rocky Mountains as we speak. ) Then the Brian Johnson show began and TCU played the patented prevent (your team from winning ) defense. Next thing you know, Brian Johnson escapes a sack, few easy completions and then after an easy post pattern reception, a quick 5 yard trot into the endzone, the Utes were back in the BCS picture. I actually thought Utah was going to choke at the end and this would have been a perfect game for BOISE STATE fans since the game was unappealing to the BCS bowl game reps ( as far as offensive flash) and that BSU would continue to pour gasoline on the porous WAC teams defense. I can see now how the scores for the next few games will get out of hand, not to run up the score but out of necessity. This necessity of running up the score will further enhance BSU's run at a legit BCS bowl game.

*Never have been a fan of kickers and these two huge shanks by true freshman #37 Ross Davis, just reaffirms that my son will not grow up to be a kicker.

* received an email from a reader who brought up this sidenote: Obama wins the election and then Utah goes with the Black Out...coincidence. Not only that, Colin Cowherd mentioned that McDonald's brought back the McRib as well.....coincidence!

Random Coincidence of the Day

icon for podpress  The Bronco Nation Podcast - Yes We Can: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download

Last night some of the basement dwelling podcasters had another gathering of the druids ( reminiscent of Stonehenge) and we were joined by Alex Guerrero, former D Tackle extraordinaire, who just so happened to sign up with the AFL2 Boise Burn.

Through much discourse and rolling of 20sided die, a casual question came about concerning the Boise State coaches frowning upon blogs....blah blah blah. This led into, what do the coaches think of myspace and facebook? Alex supplied some off the cuff answers and let us basement dwellers enjoy in the honesty. Ironically, this lil news flash out of University of Texas, where a man with a great first name, put up a ( insert any idiotic free speech adjectve here) post on facebook with his kindest regards towards the President-elect. Props to Deadspin for the link

Thankfully, this type of chicanery is limited ( hopefully) and these kids on campus will realize that there are those that search for these type of troubling inflammatory remarks/pictures on the world wide web. Just a reminder to the kids out there.....that whatever you read/see on the Internet must be true........

These ridiculous comments posted on the world wide web are not limited to hillbilly rednecks with the Christian name of Buck. Oh no, check this site and the latest on Caitlyn Davis who got canned from the Patriots cheerleading squad over some similar idiotic facebook discoveries....

Stay true to yourself, keep ripping bicep curls so your tattoo looks more impressive and keep rolling that 20sided see-thru die.

Also want to add that some football announcer for the Utah Utes, Hans Olsen ( who might be from Idaho actually), was on the local radio show here in Boise, and stated that the Utah Utes are busting out the all black jerseys and the fans are coming to the stadium, Rice Eccles, with all black attire. Please cue the racist "black out" references to the stadium and the state of Utah. It must be in the water.........some blogger out there will catch this irony and put it out on the blogsphere for some some sophomoric humor. Hopefully the shots of fans wearing "black face" will not be seen on ESPN....err.....Versus......errr....The MTN......err, CBS College Sports, yes that is the channel that 12% of the nation can watch. By the way, for the lucky 12% channel 613 on Directv is the place to be 8pm edt. Your gathering to watch THE OFFICE will have to be put aside.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who will have the next "Hines Ward" hit?

Select from the players above

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Better than Billy Idol

last 4 seconds sums it up......but watch the drama enfold.

This is what will happen before the Utah State game in Boise this coming Saturday.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Obligatory Prediction

34-14 in a yawner......maybe it is just the Boise weather, but today is kind of a downer. As always Go Broncos!
P.S. Some fans think this is the game where the run game and passing threats hit on all cylinders......

That being said, I hope Texas Tech wallops UT.....GUNS UP