Thursday, November 6, 2008

How does Jesse Palmer pull off this impression of

Lil Jon ft. Ying Yang twins...with "drop the fanny...and get low"! Here is the clip from ESPN

Have to love the former Bachelor dropping knowledge on how to defend a 280 lb running QB......

That lovely video of the dolt with the hair ( Jesse Palmer, yes you have perfect talking head hair...much like Dan Patrick) led into this basement-dwelling blogger to turn into the TCU/UTAH defensive bloodbath. There was so much inefficiency on offense through the first 40 minutes plus, I actually started to think this was chinese checkers game of field position and then the TCU kicker* shanked two makeable kicks. (I am sure the kicker is walking home through the Rocky Mountains as we speak. ) Then the Brian Johnson show began and TCU played the patented prevent (your team from winning ) defense. Next thing you know, Brian Johnson escapes a sack, few easy completions and then after an easy post pattern reception, a quick 5 yard trot into the endzone, the Utes were back in the BCS picture. I actually thought Utah was going to choke at the end and this would have been a perfect game for BOISE STATE fans since the game was unappealing to the BCS bowl game reps ( as far as offensive flash) and that BSU would continue to pour gasoline on the porous WAC teams defense. I can see now how the scores for the next few games will get out of hand, not to run up the score but out of necessity. This necessity of running up the score will further enhance BSU's run at a legit BCS bowl game.

*Never have been a fan of kickers and these two huge shanks by true freshman #37 Ross Davis, just reaffirms that my son will not grow up to be a kicker.

* received an email from a reader who brought up this sidenote: Obama wins the election and then Utah goes with the Black Out...coincidence. Not only that, Colin Cowherd mentioned that McDonald's brought back the McRib as well.....coincidence!

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