Sunday, April 15, 2012

Post Orange and Blue Scrimmage thoughts

I am spending more time on twitter @statueleft .....

As for the impending season, I can foresee Southwick taking the reins, and Patti redshirts. Both are talented enough to run the squad but the upside potential long term lies with Patti.

My biggest worry is the lack of healthy running backs ( especially with a novice qb under center). What happened to the great recruiting rewards of the great seasons of recent past? Harper is injury-prone and Ajayi is as well. Wright does not make me feel confident even as as 3rd string runner. The days of Jarvis Hodge helping out are beyond us....dang it.

Hope for the downfield threat would have shined more during the scrimmage. Dallas Burroughs does not scare me as much as Titus once did. Where is the big recruit for the wr position? Geraldo has some growing to do. Matt Miller will be the next Austin Pettis, which is very sufficient. Just expected a bigger recruit might be knocking on the door sooner. The sums of the wr's parts should be sufficient. The OURKINDAGUY formula has worked well within the BSU program.

*As Bobby Pretino searches for a burn phone and onto his next phase of conning people....I will say the kicking game at BSU is a bad word in my house and on this blog. It is dysmal.