Friday, August 31, 2007

Playing Against Midgets*

* This post was written under duress as StatueLeft completely understands the difference between 1A and 1AA- let alone W.A.C. & the Big Sky conference. Proceed with caution!

It won't always be this easy, bitchslapping opponents, but in the case of these 2 running backs laying the stiff arm and/or can of whoop ass....justice must be served. A different test lies ahead in 7 more days as the lil hushpuppies from up Seattle way are breaking their 2007 football cherry against the likes of the Orange.

As for busting cherries, Taylor Tharp passed the test and one wicked hit, which he completed to the standout stud true freshman, Titus Young, for the 50+ yard bomb. Jeremy Childs also had a nice career high night receiving wise, but the Tharp to Young connection looked sweet as the ball floated down into the waiting hands of every one's favorite freshman wideout.

pics compliments of Steve Connor

-quips from the latest defeat handed out by the likes of the Broncos can be found here:



weber state is really bad and so is their overrated chubby qb transfer

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Future Vandal Student Busted

Too bad since the prank is pretty clever...we suck. Props to the kid who threw away his senior year and got suspended/expelled over a lil harmless prank.

Hit the Lights.......

Local Boise State University Newspaper, The Arbiter, dishes out on the opener....
Idaho Press Tribune, which might lack in overall subscriptions throughout the state, cover the Broncos as well as anyone.....Additionally, colorful nicknames
Idaho Statesman reporters are viciously reporting on opening day.......
Local newshack/blogger with an official press pass, Brian Murphy, opines on pressure and boy genius Marty Tadman. BoyToy of Smurph Murphy and Editor in Charge Mike Prater, debate the impending game.
Chadd Cripe chimes in with some important observations, plus rosters of today's combatants. He will bring some sage wisdom tomorrow with his version of Quick Hits- check it out, I look forward to the column after every Bronco Victory
Outside the Treasure Valley....looks like Notre Dame will not start the hotshot rookie QB Clausen and instead go with .....

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Who Ya GOT- MIke Wilbon, (on a daily occurence)?

With the recent submission by the local beat writer with his picks, we will see who should be the ultimate prognosticator.....

Chadd Cripe ( one local reporter I actually look forward to reading after the BSU games)
Smurphy Murphy also a local press-pass carrying "reporter" has his picks in BIG BOLD BLUE

StatueLeft will be making the smart pick in the non-bold green ( with the spread points not in play- it appears that the local newshack is not playing the spread)

New Mexico State 54, Southeastern Louisiana 14 NMSU NMSU
Louisiana Tech 31, Central Arkansas 10 (no line) LaTECH LA TECH
Fresno State 31, Sacramento State 3 (no line) FSU FSU
Hawaii 75, Northern Colorado 7 (no line) Hawaii RAINBOW WARRIORS
UNLV 20, Utah State (+7) 14 UNLV UNLV
Nebraska 31, Nevada (+21) 17 Huskers CORNHUSKER RED
Arizona State 20, San Jose State 17 (+15) Sun Devils ASU
USC 62 (-45.5), Idaho 0 Troy USC
Key national games:
LSU (-18) 34, Mississippi State 3 LSU GEAUX TIGERS
Virginia Tech (-27.5) 48, East Carolina 10 VaTech VA TECH
Wisconsin 31, Washington State (+14) 20 Badgers CHEESE PLEASE
Georgia Tech (+2.5) 13, Notre Dame 10 Notre Dame GTECH
Georgia (-6.5) 27, Oklahoma State 17 UGA GEORGIA
California 31, Tennessee (+6) 27 CAL BEARS ROCKY TOP
Clemson 26 (+3.5), Florida State 24 FSU CHOP CHOP
Local interest:
Washington (-3.5) 27, Syracuse 14 Cuse FEAR THE ORANGE
Oregon State 38 (-7), Utah 14 OSU BEAVER FEVER
Colorado 16 (-2.5), Colorado State 13 COLO...STATE BUFFS

Gazing Into The Future

With one day to go, Statue Left provides you with.............

multiple no-brainer-stone-cold-five-gold-star-locks of the week.

Most importantly, Weber State takes off on the Greyhound today, headed north, with the likes of Jimmy Barnes on board.......but will hang there head in misery, pain (eventually shame) and tuck tail and whimper back to the State of Weber.......

Boise State eases up on the DIV 1AA Foe 45-0. ( Spread is 41.5)

Also in the predictable future this week......

UNLV over Utah State giving 7

'Cuse over UDUB taking the +3 pts being offered up, risky maybe but since the hot shot freshman qb, Locker, will pop his cherry, I hope he takes a beating leading into next week

Utah will get thumped Oregon State while taking the points +7, loss of #1 wideout is overrated, step up

VA Tech giving 24 pts still whips up on the team nobody wants to win, East Carolina

Colorado goes down on a last second fg to the likes of Colorado State giving 2.5pts

Hawaii will not cover the Northern Colorado Spread but will hang "half a hundred"

Nevada's Pistol is no match for the Huskers of the Bible Belt, Coach Callahan covrs the -20pts

San Jose State +14.5 pts covers the spread against Dennis Erickson's Sun Devils but still lose
Idaho gets shutout and does not cover the spread 45pts against the BOYS OF TROY 56-0

Cal will win at home against Tennesee, plus Notre Dame might lose at GA Tech with former BSU "commit" who had a "change of heart", Taylor Bennett shocks the world.....

These odds brought to you by


Mug shot of Sen. Larry Craig following arrest at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport on June 11, 2007
Conviction(s)Disorderly conduct
PenaltyOne year unsupervised probation,
$575 fine and fees
StatusOn probation

Plus the pdf version of the transpired events...not that there is anything wrong/right about it .

Oh, to be a Vandal and be proud of it!!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

With 8 days to go til BSU throws down ( and all over ) the Wild Kitties of Weber State, here is proof that Bear Grylls is a fake!

Yes there is more important things to discuss like, the starting QB for Boise State vs. playing true freshman and the amount of said true freshman-
Titus Young Austin PettisD.J. Harper Brad Elkin(far left)Jarrell RootBilly Winn.....but after all the "daunting" task of facing Weber State allows me to digress into another direction...
Thanks to ( a daily visit is required for any red blooded American) for the story on MAN VS. WILD fake, Bear Grylls, and his abundance of fake stunts in the outdoors....I should have trusted my own teenage daughter, when she quipped that Les Stroud of "Survivorman" fame has to survive in the wild all by himself for 5-7 days, plus lugging around his own camera equipment and trusty harmonica..... Here is the deciding factor on Bear Grylls losing my respect...spoiler alert- if you are Bear Grylls fan, you will not be after this lil montage...absolutely inexcusable

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pogo Anyone? Ups and Downs of Warped Tour 2007

video clips-
First time crowd surfer
As I Lay Dying "Confide"
New Found Glory
Flogging Molly "Tobacco Island"
Flogging Molly clip of " save whats left of the flag"
Killswitch Engage clip
Hawthorne Heights
& another H. Heights clip

bonus coverage by Larry Ransom (thanks), capturing Revolution Mother calling out EMO bands
Roll Tonight
The Real Deal

After losing my cell phone for 3-4 hours during the pit at the Flogging Molly set ( who knew)....I was able to recover it from some teenagers from Idaho City ( Props for them to give it back to me with minimal harassment) and so the show must go on.....

The Good-

1) Seeing bands like Flogging Molly be as energetic as anyone without being the hardcore b.s. music.......priceless, fun set and for only 30 minutes, they worth the price of admission

2) Pepper brought a new twist on Alcohol, Pussy and Weed- aloha style calling out the emo bands for being pussies....tip of the hat to them

3) Revolution Mother looks like a Zak Wylde ripoff but as far as early sets they were rawking pretty good, plus they wore hells angels get-ups with cowboy hats...weird blend but fun

4) The ass clown guitarist in Killswitch Engage, funny but the poor singer must be sick of his act....the wall of people was not bad when they split the pit and rushed into each other, imagine the injuries

5) Only saw one good fight between drunk guys, heard about a cat fight rolling into the portapotties, and saw a few broken faces with blood poring...not too shabby...This seasoned vet/roadie (Kevin Nash Clone) helped the overmatched security guards "simmer down" the situation.... my first impression is that this guy has seen a few fisticuffs

6) As I Lay Dying...not bad for an early set....the pit was going pretty good and stirring up some dust

The Average-

1) Bad Religion has been around too long but the lead singer called out ( on a radio show previous to the set) emo kids/ teenage boys for wearing womens jeans and then rolling them up...Dude has a sweet voice but the music does nothing for me

2) Red Jumpsuit apparatus- Tough gig playing the last set of the night to the kids who suffered in the sun all day....decent music, nothing to write home about...constant crowd surfers falling when I was in the 2nd row, lead to lack of any good upclose pics...ho hum

The Bad-

1) The cancellation of, only band I wanted to see after Flogging Molly

2) Paramore is horrible and the pants of the queens in the band are even worse

3) Cute is what we aim for- boring...did not help that middle fingers in their general direction were coming from the Flogging Molly crowd gathering ..... ( Pic deleted due to being so freaking bad)

4) The crowd surfing during a Flogging Molly set sucks for dudes trying to enjoy the set in the second row...oh well

5) The New Found Glory front man calling out the crowd on the lawn for chilling and stating that they paid money for a ticket to watch from the lawn.....if they did not play a boring set, maybe some more kids would have come down to the pit....if you need to start a circle pit from the stage by the front man, what does that say about your music- boring
6) Hawthorne Heights- " Thank you very much"- yeah we get it....stop saying that and get to playing some better music

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Recovering from Challis

The Father of the Reunion, Mr. Muzzie Braun. Thank You!

Braun Boys

cheap seats
Enjoyed the heck out of the gig up in the mountains over the weekend. The crowd was fun and ever expanding. The bands were genuinely into it and caught a clip of Robert Earl Keen, and several Mickey & the Motorcars songs.....

Video clips include
Lawyers Guns & Money
Where I left you
Carolina Morning
Lost Found

Cross Canadian Ragweed also performed, video unavailable

Apologies for the quality of the video clips, as my digital camera does not have a mute button for booze-infused fans ( mine included), random shots of women who sat down in front of the omnipresent camera ( one was hot and the other one,,,,,not so much) or the ever blowing wind. That being said, I am sure some will get a kick out of the footage and maybe some these bands' fanatics will make the voyage up next summer around August 17 2008.

Robert Earl Keen mentioned this weird dude with a Macaw on his is rough in Challis. Here is the encore song

Plus 2 puzzling video clips of this burnout from Humboldt County, Cali.


Reckless Kelly hits the stage

Below- A local Patron enjoying the festivities & I see where his son, Smitty, acquired game/flow from....
Top- Smitty's Dad catnapping
Middle-Smitty's Dad dancing with Mrs. Smitty
Bottom- Smitty getting to know his fellow Idahoan...

On the way home...view of the Sawtooth Mountains from Stanley