Friday, October 31, 2008

Who Ya Got...Halloween ( Original) or Zombie's version

Be careful of all of the rookies out on the town tonight......please do not drink and drive.....


I choose Zombie.....never thought I would, but Zombie nails it. Yes, I know it is a reproduction with Rob's weird taste but it is hard to really imitate perfection.
R.I.P. Michael Myers

That being said, I think Donald Pleasence was one of the more memorable actors from the movie....and I promise not to bring up the Jamie Lee Curtis hermaphrodite rumors.

.....Trick or Treat......

this from Coach Pete C. in the ghetto

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Basement Dwellers Unite

This lil podcast thingy has reached out to big time celebrity J Bates ( local CBS KBCI Sports Director) and he gave his colorful adjectives and supplied us with sarcastic wit to no end......and for that, we are thankful. Since J Bates no longer has a blog, since he saw THE TURK at KTIK, you blog reading peeps will have to enjoy the rest of our collective thoughts. Enjoy DREW at Fight Fight BSU and ( an under the weather) JT @ Bronconation NOW.

There is plenty of subtle hints/gooseeggs throughout the podcast...enjoy the Marco Polo reference!

Next up at the next Vandals home victory?

Take the celebration to the streets, my peeps....

Too bad Coach Akey could not find out who threw that tomahwak/booze bottle and put him the shotgun every other series. It could only help their passing game

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lawsuit time......

Begs the question, why the cart this close to the field?

Good Block or Cheap Shot?

vote in the poll above

Monday, October 27, 2008

Do Broncos Hibernate?

Let me know when the rest of the WAC season is over? Seriously this is the biggest detractor of the BSU schedule and well warranted. There is no way to defend these fellow conference members....every year. The conference motto is PLAYUP.....well, wake me when one of these teams manages to play adequate football. Boise State is not just leaps and bounds above the rest of this mediocre league, it is disgusting.
What is a bigger shock, how the San Diego Super Chargers have sunk to new lows or the competitive level of the WAC has descended into the C-USA realm? It is embarrassing.

1- Playing a consistently overrated SJSU squad (every year Tormey is turning it around, and the offense continues to disappoint)
2- Hal Mumme's towel is stiffer than the defense that New Mexico State displays...and they lost to Idaho. Just atrocious!
3- Hawaii has sunk back into pre- June Jones mode. Nice encore, McMackin!
4- Nevada is hurting without Lippincott. So much for building off of that momentum from last year. The Lil General, AKA Chris Ault, is going the way of the Dodo bird- meaningless!
5- Idaho is celebrating and storming the field when they beat New Mexico State (after stopping their double digit losing streak to D1A teams....ugh.
6-Fresno State continues to be overrated and the program has stagnated...Pat Hill can not put up the FOR SALE sign quick enough.
7- Utah State has gotten better and played within a 58 yard field goal of Fresno State....what does that say.

Wake me when the BCS bowl arrangements are announced. This blogger is sick of the WAC conference and lack of competition. I am also sick of the continuous sensationalism and hype machine that pumps up the likes of Fresno State, San Jose State, Nevada and Hawaii. There will be a self-imposed sleep period through the rest of conference play. Get out of the WAC ASAP! Suddenly the 5th best team from the MWC playing in the Hum Bowl in 2009 does not look all that bad.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The crew is at it again

Here are 3 parent's-basement-dwelling rejects discussing the latest Hawaii game atrocity and what is expected against San Jose St. For the record I am stating 24-14 and at this point, BSU is going to have their hands full with the SJSU defense. As for the SJSU offense, Jeff Garcia (and his playboy bunny wife) is not walking through that any time soon............

icon for podpress  The Bronco Nation Podcast - Do I Dare Say Overrated?: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download

Okay so I tried to be funny and disclose that these podcasters are living in basements of our Parents but we are not that lucky. With the recent depletion of our 401k accounts we are currently living in a van down near the river. Hang in there Amigos!
Visit Bronconation NOW and Fight Fight BSU to see how you help donate to the cause.....
Anyone else want to venture a guess that IJ is overrated?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Apocalyptica - Seek and Destroy (Live)

Lil late on the uptake but this band rocks/covers Metallica music with cellos! Awesomeness to the maximus. I ma just delaying my next post on the Broncos game against the lowly Rainbow Warriors. Enjoy in the meantime!!!! Cello Metal up your....

Friday, October 17, 2008

Big Bad Blue Voodoo Daddy

pregame on espn college live

Ha'a Ha'a Ha'a

Quick score prediction, few hours before the game.

49-7 good guys
........ due to Hurricane Funaki whimpering into Boise, like a mild tropical storm.
I love the name of the Rainbow Warriors starting QB but he, with his fancy lucha libre mask, will not scare the Broncs defense.

-Will Iloka or Jeron knock Funaki out of the game? Here is the real Funaki, lower left, in the prone position. he must have been getting practice, being blindsided and getting laid out. Poor kid never had a chance......cue the ambulance siren.
If/when Funaki gets carried off the field, the kid in the orange jersey ( below), backup qb/broncos wanna-be Santos will be facing the Broncos onslaught! - According to the Warriors blog, the Warriors ( or at least some blogger who covers the team, probably a member of the local Hawaii fishwrap, stayed in Meridian and enjoyed dinner at Cool Hand Luke's in downtown Boise. Too bad they did not hit the road down Eagle, and they would have found a Cool Hand Luke's much closer. As for the parking ticket, just a sign of things to come!
-Over/under on IJ rushing yardage.......75? I say under.....ugh. That being said, this is to be expected when they stack the box with 7-8 defenders. That being said, losing touches to Avery does not help IJ's Heisman campaign ( yes, that campaign has officially jumped the shark!).

- Kid Legend Kellen Moore over/under 300 yards passing? I say over with about 350....keep throwing the ball kid. This kid has played 2 quarters of bad football ( the second half of the So. Miss game). Not bad from his 5th overall collegiate action.

-Over/under on Titus Young sightings on the the board. Get your head right #4.

- Who will get Swiked first, Inoke Funaki or Kealoha Pilares?

- Over/under on Orange Bowl "mentions/references" being at the game tonight.....35? I take the under but any mention of BSU heading to the Orange Bowl is good pub, makes that target on the Broncos back that much bigger. I will take the extra heat if they have something to go after ( in this case, the Orange Bowl is not half bad. Especially if Wake Forest or Florida State are the opponents).

- J Childs scores 2 times and gets a personal foul for celebrating...but blames it on "showing love to the other wide out who is currently suspended."

- This blogger loves the haka, or ha'a and has no problem with the Rainbow Warriors dancing .....on the sideline in the corner of the stadium Not a midfield, and if that happens, let the games begin and let the scoreboard run out points.

-This Friday game is great for exposure on ESPN and those locally who can not scalp a tix. The non-attendees can actually watch the game on ESPN HD vs the local non-hd KTVB. No questions there...... Really,is there any other way to watch football other than in High Def? It is embarrassing that the #15 ranked BSU Broncos do not have an tv affiliate that shows off their gem of the university with a High Def production. The widescreen digital the local affiliate is offering is not the same thing. That being said, the local KTVB does link my blog ( as well as other local blogs) to their website. Thanks for the traffic.
Getting back to the point of games on Friday, I am very much against them. The recruits in high school are not visiting tonight since they, believe this, are playing in a high school freakin' game tonight ( Do not bring up the J.C. guys, since they usually play on Saturdays). For that very reason, I will not be attending the BSU game tonight, since I will be on the sidelines of a local HS FBALL game (not as a player but as a coach). Bad timing for this blogger but overall, good exposure to the rest of the nation. Especially good timing since there is no play off baseball on tonight.
-BYU nice effort last night.......your legs look slow and weak. So much for the greener pastures of a BCS Bowl. That being said, I need to watch out for people throwing stones in glass houses.
- The Red Sox were simply battling to the last out last night, from Pedroia to Papi JD Drew ( huh!). Nice work, Sox. Now if Beckett could be the old Beckett and mow down the DRAYS, then we all know that Lester will handle the limp DRAYS in Game 7.

Enoy the game, bra.....and Mahalo for reading

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Slow Down Chicken Little.....

The sky is not falling.....or at least I hope not. For all the things that went wrong...there were some positives, right?

- The offense will not win every game and there will be games ( at least in the past) where the defense can do nothing right. The defense made the plays they needed to and held a decent rushing team to 7 points. Hammer time for sure......

- Inept offense* for three quarters of the game.

- Penalties...ugggggh!

_ Brett Favre is not walking through that USM door... that program is in trouble.

- Officials that need more training, primarily on the goal line fumble by the USM QB Austin Davis. This play involved the ball ending up on the goal line and there is a mini scrum, and everyone east of Nova Scotia ( who has decent vision) would rule in favor of the defender/man beast, Ryan Winterswyk, having snatched the ball away from the USM QB. Just horrible!

Was this the right call? From this angle, Childs looks down before reaching the end zone- pic from Idstatesman However maybe they did get the call right?- AP PHOTO

- Maybe the lack of continuity of offense is due to the musical chairs on the young o-line?

- For all of the whining bout the offense, the Kid Legend QB still threw for 3 td's.....

- Hope Byron Hout's redshirt year was not ruined for special teams duty only!

- I wish Jon Gott would have the let his healthy mane of hair still flow and he would have been a dead ringer for Grizzly Adams. Darn it!

- Still being undefeated is nice, and for everything that went wrong last night, and still winning by 17 points, that is groovy.

- The more and more plays I see IJ make on special teams, the more and more I see him making a NFL squad because of that. IJ playing on special teams is simply an audition for the NFL. That and he is a pretty decent athlete that needs to be on the field when he is not sharing the load of run plays when Avery, Martin, Perratta and Harper are back there ( snaking reps). Not happy about the lack of of touches this player gets but there are a lot of options. IJ, at least at face value states it is all about winning. That sound you hear is the coins dropping from his pro contract when he continues to get under 60 yards a game. Not the type of year the one time Heisman hopeful would have preferred...but if the team continues to move up the rankings ( a.k.a. keep piling up wins and stay as one of the few teams that are undefeated), then that is fine with me. Still, IJ needed to stay in school and hone his skills before attempting his NFL pursuits.

I believe the three headed monsters that roam the middle of the secondary, Iloka, Johnson and Powers, could leave wake of damaged bodies throughout, before the year is over. Still scouring the coverage for the hit of the week but Iloka might be the leading candidate.

- The fans at the Rock wore their hated black and gold but there were about 2oo-300 BSU fans there...props to those who represented.

*Coach Pete would not even refer to the offense as the offense but rather the other side of the ball...... great strategy to get the attention of the potentially high scoring group.

Petersen looked as mad as I've ever seen him during the postgame press conference and gave one of the world's best glares after a question about fumbled snaps.

- It could always be worse.......You could be a Vandal fan, where you have no shot a beating a legit Division 1 A school. Just a despicable program.
- Fans of Mizzou, LSU Tigers, Onward Wisconsin and the Sooners, have nothing to hang there helmet on...the lost to some of the better teams this season have produced. Longhorns just made more plays against the Sooners, and the game should be on ESPN Classic already. Mizzou lost to an explosive QB at Okla State. Penn State seems for real and punked Wisconsin 48-7 in Madison. Superman Tim and the rest of the Tebows handled LSU in the Swamp. An ample mixup in the rankings should occur but I do not see BSU shooting up more than one spot. Yes the top 15 is getting crowded but just do not see it. Not sure if BSU has earned more than a #15 spot.
When everything is not going your not act like EEYORE

Who do you recommend for hit of the week? Send me an email or leave a comment...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Welcome to the Rock

Off to Mississippi and away we go. Nothing much to add to this lil season or this game, but I sure hope the kid QB/future legend does not act his age. I am not really worried about the young o-line, the no-name defensive tackles, nor the 3 headed monsters at the safety spot.

-With word that Titus Young will be not playing again this week, I sure hope that the suspension is limited to this game. Since the rumor mill is running full steam and some people will blow this out of proportion, I will simply state that I sure wish this was a grades issue but ......we will see what comes down the line. This blog does not want to turn into the small scale Boise Enquirer or ( which is a lot more positive than any trashy gossip site). Hopefully the youngster will put it together, sooner than later. On that note, what is the advantage of this blog giving up bad news about the BSU player involved. At this point, nothing good comes from it, so I still will hold out hope that I will be granted a future press credential for this blog, once BSU admins pull there head out. BSU Admins even failed to acknowledge Graham Watson blog from ESPN, and she is without press access to BSU. Or maybe that is just a rumor, uh oh....slippery slope, here I descend......

Not a lot of predictions but this is what I see-

One thing that could happen, ( which could be any team's downfall) is the freak play or bad call that swings momentum towards the bad guys. Have no doubt that the coaching staff are worried enough about Damion Fletcher and the rest of the screaming Golden Eagles, but the intangibles that the coaches and players can not control are the main reason for worry.

-3 td's from Moore ( one could be on the qb dive early on in the game)

-One rushing Td by IJ

- Hit of the game will be by Acrey

-One special teams big play, and maybe not a return for td but a big block on a crucial ( at least in the moment) blocked pat or fg.

- Hout will be sporting a fresh #94 jersey

-Jeron Johnson will fill the gaps like usual and end up with double digits in tackles.

-Kyle Wilson will not be thrown at. Senseless not to go after the younger B Thompson ( great effort last week on the ball/receiver after the big pass was completed, and B Thompson continued to make the fingernail tripping tackle, thus saving the sure TD).

-It sure would be nice if someone got SWIKED early and often in the game

-It would be nice if some one finally stated that Larry Fedora needs a men's hat sponsorship

....and because of this, I foresee a 35-20 ballgame. I hope Brian Murphy sends me a $20 gift card for my prediction.

Finally, if anyone was lucky enough to see Flogging Molly last night in Boise, leave a comment and provide accurate descriptions of how much fun you kids had!!!!

P.S. As I log off the computer, BYU is losing to the Lobos from New Mexico and for that reason, I dedicate the next song you hear by LOS LOBOS to all of you readers.....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Have been slacking

on the posts but here is a treat from Bart Hendricks, Fight Fight and Bronconationnow with a spectacular ensemble of opinions on the most recent podcast. Enjoy and as always, Go Dodgers!

icon for podpress The Bronco Nation Podcast - Its Actually KBOI [47:46m]: Hide Player Play in Popup Download

As for Southern Mississippi, this game might be tough due to the road travel, lack of depth at Defensive Tackle and a potential let down game but fear not- as Coach Pete will wrangle the mental-meandering athletes and bring them back to reality.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ho Hum...

As expected the LA TECH trap game, following Upset Saturday, did not occur. Great job by the coaches to wrangle in any wandering minds of impressionable 18-22 year olds. Fans in the stands and from afar, watching on television, witnessed your average yeoman-like performance by your unflappable redshirt freshman, Kellen Moore, who treated it like your typical Wednesday night game on ESPN. Moore had your ho hum play of the game, while proceeding through the pocket, he quickly sidearmed the pigskin to IJ on a quick improv toss, which looked beautiful. So much for the Legend not being deft and mobile.

-Ian Johnson did not have a lot of touches on the ground but received more than 100 yards through the air. After a big swing play to take the ball inside the 10 yard line, IJ pointed at each one of his linemen in acknowledging the good blocks by them. As the tv cameras panned the sideline the next few plays, you saw IJ gasping for air as he watched DJ Harper scamper into the endzone. The Heisman talk has officially been killed for IJ, simply because he will not get enough touches. No fault of of IJ, but just too many weapons on the ground with Avery, Harper and Martin ( and don't forget Perretta).

- Chris Oneil scored on a double pass, ( see the play here)but I expected some sort of resistance by the DB who could have pounded Oneil as he crossed the goalline. Good catch and run but what soft defense, after getting burned on the trickeration. Maybe Coach Pete showed that play on ESPN for all of the recruits out there. BSU ran the same play with Zabransky a few years back against Utah. One difference, it was easier for the left handed Moore to throw the rock on the left hand side of the field vs Zabransky having to throw against his body. The hit on Zabransky after he threw his double pass, left his arm with a big gash. Memories of heroes past!

- Did not see much of Titus Young in the passing game, but he scored on an end around. Titus did drop a easy touchdown on a beautiful lob by Moore. This was the play were the receivers were stacked 3 deep on the left side ( the wr's looked like the letter I, vs just being in the tight bunch set), and Moore threw the ball out to the right to Titus. Disappointing drop on such a beautifully thrown ball.

-LA TECH RB Daniel Porter did run hard and was very hard to tackle but the ESPN announcer calling Porter the hardest running rb in the nation needs to step away from the moment.

-Props to Harper for getting taken down in the middle of the game, but after not touching the turf but rather rolling over the body of the defender, Harper continued on, while other players looked to quit on the play. Then ESPN Rod Gilmore bitched and moaned how that play is going to get some one hurt. I understand Gilmore's point but this is football and Gilmore's suggestion that this play should be treated like the "in the grasp" rule with the qb is nonsense. This is Division One football!. Take off the skirt and play football. This is another example of the wussification of America! That being said, the rest of the game was handled very well by ESPN and the local viewers were lucky enough to get the game in High Def. Nice change compared to the local outfit who will not invest in a HD production.

- #69 B Hout played last night and while I disagree with burning the redshirt year while only playing 3-5 snaps last night, the coaches have their reasons. A) The kid is too good to keep off of the field B) After the Oregon win, the coaches are going for the BCS game C) Depth on this team is needed...........Not sure but I am figuring with the big upset over Oregon, the coaches killer mindset is figuring this year is the year. BSU has a real chance in the BCS and if they can get to another BCS game, then even bigger recruits could be coming in over the next year or two and Hout might as well get some playing time as we speak. Wish I could be the fly on the wall in that decision making conversation.

- Steve Reveles played a whale of game last night and made some huge stops in the middle

- Brandyn Thompson made a good second effort from his backside when Saturday Night Livas caught the deep ball off the double move. As Thompson was on the ground after not making the initial play, he flic5ked his arm to get any piece of the wideout. This attempt tripped up Livas's leg and while the play was a big play for the boys from Ruston, this prevented a long touchdown.

- Kyle Wilson also had a touchdown saving tackle in the first half, after a wideout got pass the secondary.

- Taylor Bennett needs to get on in life and start his next career. 9-27 is not good for a 5th yr senior ( even at your second school).

- Jeremy Childs showed a good burst on a simple 5 yard stop and just ran by the outside corner back. It was a minimal gain but it showed the burst.

- Julian Hawkins sighting...welcome to the party. Way to hang on to the ball in endzone after taking the hit

- Harper can thank Richie Brockel for a punishing perimeter block that sprang him loose on the touchdown where Harper put the ball over the pylon. Props!
- Stifling defense that never gets enough praise....enjoy your anonymity!

- Dan Paul...keep your feet young man and you are dancing into the endzone and helping me with my prediction that the Broncos would score 45 points. Sadly, LA Tech did not show up and could not match my predicted 21 points.

-Now the break before Southern Mississippi who is continually hyped but never seems to get it done. Another trap game however this one is on the road.

- Finally, while the victory is the most important thing.....there will be no nominees for hit of the week after this mid week clash of WAC teams. Nothing stood out worth of it.

Also in the news-

Loney being Loney....props to the kid with the grand slam. Ryan Dempster ( above) looked shell shocked. That first game in a short 5 game series is so crucial. Onward to Chavez Ravine to close it out this weekend. That being said, if you steal one against Big Z in Chitown, that is extra bonus points. That will be no small task for Chad Billingsley.

- Vlad looks like he needs a walker getting around 2nd base....but great play by Youkillis to throw him out by 15 FEET....ugh