Sunday, October 12, 2008

Slow Down Chicken Little.....

The sky is not falling.....or at least I hope not. For all the things that went wrong...there were some positives, right?

- The offense will not win every game and there will be games ( at least in the past) where the defense can do nothing right. The defense made the plays they needed to and held a decent rushing team to 7 points. Hammer time for sure......

- Inept offense* for three quarters of the game.

- Penalties...ugggggh!

_ Brett Favre is not walking through that USM door... that program is in trouble.

- Officials that need more training, primarily on the goal line fumble by the USM QB Austin Davis. This play involved the ball ending up on the goal line and there is a mini scrum, and everyone east of Nova Scotia ( who has decent vision) would rule in favor of the defender/man beast, Ryan Winterswyk, having snatched the ball away from the USM QB. Just horrible!

Was this the right call? From this angle, Childs looks down before reaching the end zone- pic from Idstatesman However maybe they did get the call right?- AP PHOTO

- Maybe the lack of continuity of offense is due to the musical chairs on the young o-line?

- For all of the whining bout the offense, the Kid Legend QB still threw for 3 td's.....

- Hope Byron Hout's redshirt year was not ruined for special teams duty only!

- I wish Jon Gott would have the let his healthy mane of hair still flow and he would have been a dead ringer for Grizzly Adams. Darn it!

- Still being undefeated is nice, and for everything that went wrong last night, and still winning by 17 points, that is groovy.

- The more and more plays I see IJ make on special teams, the more and more I see him making a NFL squad because of that. IJ playing on special teams is simply an audition for the NFL. That and he is a pretty decent athlete that needs to be on the field when he is not sharing the load of run plays when Avery, Martin, Perratta and Harper are back there ( snaking reps). Not happy about the lack of of touches this player gets but there are a lot of options. IJ, at least at face value states it is all about winning. That sound you hear is the coins dropping from his pro contract when he continues to get under 60 yards a game. Not the type of year the one time Heisman hopeful would have preferred...but if the team continues to move up the rankings ( a.k.a. keep piling up wins and stay as one of the few teams that are undefeated), then that is fine with me. Still, IJ needed to stay in school and hone his skills before attempting his NFL pursuits.

I believe the three headed monsters that roam the middle of the secondary, Iloka, Johnson and Powers, could leave wake of damaged bodies throughout, before the year is over. Still scouring the coverage for the hit of the week but Iloka might be the leading candidate.

- The fans at the Rock wore their hated black and gold but there were about 2oo-300 BSU fans there...props to those who represented.

*Coach Pete would not even refer to the offense as the offense but rather the other side of the ball...... great strategy to get the attention of the potentially high scoring group.

Petersen looked as mad as I've ever seen him during the postgame press conference and gave one of the world's best glares after a question about fumbled snaps.

- It could always be worse.......You could be a Vandal fan, where you have no shot a beating a legit Division 1 A school. Just a despicable program.
- Fans of Mizzou, LSU Tigers, Onward Wisconsin and the Sooners, have nothing to hang there helmet on...the lost to some of the better teams this season have produced. Longhorns just made more plays against the Sooners, and the game should be on ESPN Classic already. Mizzou lost to an explosive QB at Okla State. Penn State seems for real and punked Wisconsin 48-7 in Madison. Superman Tim and the rest of the Tebows handled LSU in the Swamp. An ample mixup in the rankings should occur but I do not see BSU shooting up more than one spot. Yes the top 15 is getting crowded but just do not see it. Not sure if BSU has earned more than a #15 spot.
When everything is not going your not act like EEYORE

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