Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring Practice 3.15.2007 Amatuer Hour

Took these pics with my ever so inexpensive work camera....

Tharp dropping back

Bush about to launch

Coughlin unleashing

Tharp dropping back

Red Ball Drill

#27 Avery, Jeremy hitting the hole, notice the good kick out block

Hodge, Jarvis leading the way for Avery, Jeremy

15 yard out pattern

#89 receiving from Tharp

read and react

Hamdan, Bush

Xavier Lucas

LB's shedding the blockers, finding the the football

getting to the running back, shedding the blockers first

shedding the block and getting to the ball carrier

Linebackers reading play action and dropping back into their zones

Xavier Lucas working on sideline drills

Beginning of practice, through the wire, afraid to get caught taking pics from the stands, but when I saw Coby Karl taking video and nobody bothering him( except the strength coach who asked if Coby was completing some homework), I decided not to be so secretive.

Took these pics with my ever so inexpensive work camera....

Time to step up and live up to the hype

Derrell Acrey

for the record.....

I am taking the chalk....#1's across the board in the final four... ( I know it's not original but..)

With Jayhawks over UNC in the final