Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Who Ya GOT- MIke Wilbon, (on a daily occurence)?

With the recent submission by the local beat writer with his picks, we will see who should be the ultimate prognosticator.....

Chadd Cripe ( one local reporter I actually look forward to reading after the BSU games)
Smurphy Murphy also a local press-pass carrying "reporter" has his picks in BIG BOLD BLUE

StatueLeft will be making the smart pick in the non-bold green ( with the spread points not in play- it appears that the local newshack is not playing the spread)

New Mexico State 54, Southeastern Louisiana 14 NMSU NMSU
Louisiana Tech 31, Central Arkansas 10 (no line) LaTECH LA TECH
Fresno State 31, Sacramento State 3 (no line) FSU FSU
Hawaii 75, Northern Colorado 7 (no line) Hawaii RAINBOW WARRIORS
UNLV 20, Utah State (+7) 14 UNLV UNLV
Nebraska 31, Nevada (+21) 17 Huskers CORNHUSKER RED
Arizona State 20, San Jose State 17 (+15) Sun Devils ASU
USC 62 (-45.5), Idaho 0 Troy USC
Key national games:
LSU (-18) 34, Mississippi State 3 LSU GEAUX TIGERS
Virginia Tech (-27.5) 48, East Carolina 10 VaTech VA TECH
Wisconsin 31, Washington State (+14) 20 Badgers CHEESE PLEASE
Georgia Tech (+2.5) 13, Notre Dame 10 Notre Dame GTECH
Georgia (-6.5) 27, Oklahoma State 17 UGA GEORGIA
California 31, Tennessee (+6) 27 CAL BEARS ROCKY TOP
Clemson 26 (+3.5), Florida State 24 FSU CHOP CHOP
Local interest:
Washington (-3.5) 27, Syracuse 14 Cuse FEAR THE ORANGE
Oregon State 38 (-7), Utah 14 OSU BEAVER FEVER
Colorado 16 (-2.5), Colorado State 13 COLO...STATE BUFFS

Gazing Into The Future

With one day to go, Statue Left provides you with.............

multiple no-brainer-stone-cold-five-gold-star-locks of the week.

Most importantly, Weber State takes off on the Greyhound today, headed north, with the likes of Jimmy Barnes on board.......but will hang there head in misery, pain (eventually shame) and tuck tail and whimper back to the State of Weber.......

Boise State eases up on the DIV 1AA Foe 45-0. ( Spread is 41.5)

Also in the predictable future this week......

UNLV over Utah State giving 7

'Cuse over UDUB taking the +3 pts being offered up, risky maybe but since the hot shot freshman qb, Locker, will pop his cherry, I hope he takes a beating leading into next week

Utah will get thumped Oregon State while taking the points +7, loss of #1 wideout is overrated, step up

VA Tech giving 24 pts still whips up on the team nobody wants to win, East Carolina

Colorado goes down on a last second fg to the likes of Colorado State giving 2.5pts

Hawaii will not cover the Northern Colorado Spread but will hang "half a hundred"

Nevada's Pistol is no match for the Huskers of the Bible Belt, Coach Callahan covrs the -20pts

San Jose State +14.5 pts covers the spread against Dennis Erickson's Sun Devils but still lose
Idaho gets shutout and does not cover the spread 45pts against the BOYS OF TROY 56-0

Cal will win at home against Tennesee, plus Notre Dame might lose at GA Tech with former BSU "commit" who had a "change of heart", Taylor Bennett shocks the world.....

These odds brought to you by


Mug shot of Sen. Larry Craig following arrest at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport on June 11, 2007
Conviction(s)Disorderly conduct
PenaltyOne year unsupervised probation,
$575 fine and fees
StatusOn probation

Plus the pdf version of the transpired events...not that there is anything wrong/right about it .

Oh, to be a Vandal and be proud of it!!!!