Saturday, May 23, 2009

You reap what you sow!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The worst cover song ever

brought to you by the Preakness-inspred Oak Ridge Boys...about the 3:00 minute mark, it gets a lil scary. Enjoy the sunshine no matter where you are.....why don't they cover Ice-T's
L.G.B.N.A.F. what you never heard of that old is not for the kids by any means but you shall google the song if you were in junior high or high school in the late 1980- early 1990' is the link but not safe for lil ears

As for the Preakness winner, I predict Pioneerof The Nile (he will whip the chick horse)....but what do I know!

As for scouring the internet for other ridiculous items, here With Leather has a clip, where the manager is to blame since the reliever could intentionally walk a batter if he wanted to.....he almost wild pitched 5 times before completing the wild pitch walk off loss...unreal, and I can only think it has to be some independent league somewhere in back in the Northeast or maybe some woodbat league, like the one that was featured in the movie SUMMER CATCH

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Junior Pro Day Boise State Edition 2009

Last weekend, Junior Pro Day occurred with a bunch of juniors ( seniors to be) going through a gaggle of challenges/drills/tests to showcase their talents to the NFL scouts.....there have been rumors of Kyle Wilson running in the 4.3 40 yard dash range( link to pics of a Kyle Wilson during the drills).....backed up with a rumor of 37 inch vertical jump. Pic below from the Statesman!

One of my black ops associates has relayed through the grapevine that Mike Coughlin had an impressive day. Here is some stats matched up against some of this year's recent NFL Draft Class 2009 and how MC compares to those drafted.

Mike Coughlin's Junior Pro Day:
6'4 1/4" 220 pounds
Vertical: 31 1/2 "
Broad Jump" 10' 2" ( would have ranked the #1 rated QB out of the 2009 class, with Josh Freeman coming in first at the combine at 9ft 11 inches)
Hang Clean: 301 pounds
40 Yd. Dash: 4.81 ( would have ranked tied for #3 with Matthew " Do not call me Matt" Stafford. Pat White was first in the 40 yard dash this past February, followed by Stephen McGee. has Stafford running a 4.82)

From 2009 NFL Combine:

Matt Stafford 6'2" 225 pounds
40 Yd. Dash: 4.81
Vertical: 30.5
Broad Jump: 8' 11"

Mark Sanchez 6'2" 227 pounds
Broad Jump: 9'8"
40 Yard Dash: 4.88

Make what you will of these numbers but very impressive indeed. Mike Coughlin will see the field in some situations this Fall, and perhaps exceeding last year's snaps. The level between the first and second string quarterback might be closer than some naysayers would expect. Regardless, hopefully everyone stays healthy and the best Quarterback competes to the best of their ability ( a victory over Oregon will suffice as well).

Unable to acquire any other legit info from the recent Junior Day at BSU, but if anyone has any tips or links to the numbers, forward them to

Friday, May 1, 2009

The No Sh!t Sherlock Award of the day

The local fishwrap reporter inquired about the BSU season tix re-upping rate and the numbers were down lower than they were last year. However hope is not lost as the tix department still needs to recoup what money/season ticket holders they can, by contacting those tix holders that never responded to the initial request for ordering season tix. BSU employee Brad Larrando had mentioned a few weeks back ( on local sports radio) that some people might have just delayed the decision ( or had their ticket re-up invoice sent to their foreclosed house address)and BSU would be trying to contact those folks.
Here is the link to the article

My main issue is the comment surrounding the economy being to blamed vs the season ticket pricing increase.....

Guerricabeitia said the economy, and not rising ticket prices, were behind many of the drops.

"We're hearing a lot of economic hardships," Guerricabeitia said.

Well if the economy is that bad, then common sense says you need to raise ticket pricing, right? You mean to tell me that there is a correlation between the economy and the lack of tix renewal? Sounds like some one just won the inaugural No Shit Sherlock Award of the Day ( further known as NSSAOTD)

On the flip side, I understand that in order to keep up with the other Top 25 programs, BSU needs to pay for these costs and that usually comes on the back of the ticket buyers. BSU's season ticket pricing is relatively inexpensive compared to other top 25 programs but the only caveat is that the other Top 25 programs entertain enticing home schedules vs what BSU has been putting out over the years.

What if the seats go empty, and then BSU is forced to reduce their ticket pricing? ( Highly unlikely but it did occur at the New Yankee Stadium)

Blaming the economy is one thing but the increase in season tickets only compounds the situation.
What came first, the chicken (economy) or the egg( lack of tix renewal)?

Since the Kentucky Derby is coming up.....

Has to be one of the funnier names in horse racing....from cnnsi's hot links page, I found this link...

Wonder if we need to call out this wolf to get rid of the Swine Flu

Have a great weekend.....and thanks to Deadspin, Barstool Sports and Awful Announcing for pimping my blog last week....

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