Saturday, May 16, 2009

The worst cover song ever

brought to you by the Preakness-inspred Oak Ridge Boys...about the 3:00 minute mark, it gets a lil scary. Enjoy the sunshine no matter where you are.....why don't they cover Ice-T's
L.G.B.N.A.F. what you never heard of that old is not for the kids by any means but you shall google the song if you were in junior high or high school in the late 1980- early 1990' is the link but not safe for lil ears

As for the Preakness winner, I predict Pioneerof The Nile (he will whip the chick horse)....but what do I know!

As for scouring the internet for other ridiculous items, here With Leather has a clip, where the manager is to blame since the reliever could intentionally walk a batter if he wanted to.....he almost wild pitched 5 times before completing the wild pitch walk off loss...unreal, and I can only think it has to be some independent league somewhere in back in the Northeast or maybe some woodbat league, like the one that was featured in the movie SUMMER CATCH

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