Monday, August 4, 2008

Horrible over the fence....

.....practice pics risking life and limb, due to no media credentials and the ruthless gestapo lurking around every corner. I excuse the pics as they are better than nothing but very close to not being worthy of even posting to this blog. These pics were taken as the practice was breaking down and the players were running wind sprints.

Also in the news, the local media gave out several quips from the Coach Pete's Press conference (click on link to listen) to kick off the 2008 Fall camp.

Shockingly enough there has not been any definite selection on the QB derby and there has been a confirmed Jeremy Childs sighting.

More interesting is that Jeremy Childs has returned but will skip the initial contest against Idaho State for some infraction that might or might not have been related to schoolwork last year.

The most interesting news from the presser is that Coach Pete mentioned that there will be other suspensions for the first game but would not go into detail. That is not unusual due to the long break/offseason after spring ball where the players are away from the same old rhythm of the football rigors......

Local bloggers giving their 2 cents

Local blogger, Bronconationnow, who shares an affinity for podcasts has an opinion about the so-called "real" media starting their own podcasts...I also wish the real media luck in this podcast arena.
Local real media eschewing their opinions-
I think these different reports/blogs/opinions reinforces there is a need for this type of media exposure. What used to be once a day reporting in newsprint has transferred to immediate information. It used to be newspapers were the once a day media source (twice a day in bigger cities, where they have evening editions). You add in the tv media which reports at 5pm, 6pm, and 10pm, with apologies to the Fox 12 local telecast which airs at 9pm but I do not believe they even have sports on their broadcasts.
Interesting enough, I saw Vin Crosby, a local Fox 12 weatherman, delivering some flowers to fair young maiden behind a local high class hotel chain. He introduced himself to the fair maiden behind the hotel desk, so I assume it was business related but I have to give props to can never go wrong with flowers.