Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Shaven or Unshaven?

Update: a few other media sources have dived in on this story including Keith Olberman Local Newspaper The King of Sports Blogs

Here is a shortcut to a local community college press guide (where you too) can find out about certain players that have their profiles just like any other school but in the "THIS OR THAT" category of the profile, they actually have "SHAVEN OR UNSHAVEN".......What is next for the guys, "Brazilian on the Nutsack or Hairy as a Wildebeest" or " TO MANSCAPE OR NOT TO MANSCAPE".....enjoy PERVERTS!!!!

Scroll down to certain players like #2 (below), 4, 6, 8, 11 ( if you dare), 12, 21,24

I am sure the head coach looks responsible for this mandatory shaving.....Now you now the cute perky slutty Blonde Assistant Coach could be the master shaver behind this, but we need to further investigate before such accusations are confirmed.