Friday, August 31, 2007

Playing Against Midgets*

* This post was written under duress as StatueLeft completely understands the difference between 1A and 1AA- let alone W.A.C. & the Big Sky conference. Proceed with caution!

It won't always be this easy, bitchslapping opponents, but in the case of these 2 running backs laying the stiff arm and/or can of whoop ass....justice must be served. A different test lies ahead in 7 more days as the lil hushpuppies from up Seattle way are breaking their 2007 football cherry against the likes of the Orange.

As for busting cherries, Taylor Tharp passed the test and one wicked hit, which he completed to the standout stud true freshman, Titus Young, for the 50+ yard bomb. Jeremy Childs also had a nice career high night receiving wise, but the Tharp to Young connection looked sweet as the ball floated down into the waiting hands of every one's favorite freshman wideout.

pics compliments of Steve Connor

-quips from the latest defeat handed out by the likes of the Broncos can be found here:



weber state is really bad and so is their overrated chubby qb transfer