Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Truck Driving School Graduates Rejoice

After all the hard work that you truckers ( if you got your ears on, good buddy), you are finally being rewarded/acknowledged for your duties ( not the entertainment at rest areas highlighted in "There's Something About Mary") and this little newsworthy nugget comes in the form of the NCAA "allowing" one of your industry leaders to sponsor a meaningless bowl game.

These pavement pounding warriors only survive on crank and rest stop loving. So the loyal Roady's Truck Stops have pulled out the measures to say thanks and will now be sponsoring the lovely blue turf Humanitarian Bowl Game. Boise State Alum/Fans/ Players/ Coaches/Cheerleaders who are getting proposed to and pretty much the majority of citizens of the Treasure Valley are just shaking their head at this. Imagine the tailgating..
Make sure to sign up for the Roady's Rewards! ( This just announced- to stem the criticism that the State of Idaho is about to endure, the Idaho Department of Transportation has filed a grant to release these items in storage to the first 30, 000 fans that come to the stadium and have the guts to carry them home.)

Here is the link for those who are unfamiliar, to this story.

Well done, truckers, well done......but remember, SAFETY FIRST

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Hold Steady at the Neurolux 5.24.07

Pornstaches, seeing old friends from Vegas, dirty cheap Pabst Blue, and having a chance to imbibe in some sweet bar band music.....not too shabby. I love America.

Thanks to the Hold Steady for stopping by the 'Lux...sorry no video available from the show.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

We have seen the ALL BLACKS in Rugby, but on Ice Skates????

Not very long of a clip, and who knows how the haka on ice dance went is the link to the real HAKA

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Aftermath of a certain spontaneous event @ the Big Easy

Ziggy was pretty decent, but Robert Randolph stole the show and finished up the 90 minute set with some local kid ( supposedly) hoping on stage and jamming with the rest of the band....

here is some links to some of the clips loaded up ........Thanks to the Walls for free tix to the show and to the security staff who supplied warnings rather than kicking me out/confiscating my camera while recording some clips.....


Robert Randolph

White girls shaking their groove thang

Robert Randolph @ Big Easy, Boise, Idaho 5.08.07
more white gals shakin' that thang
01:18Jimi Hendrix cover clip
02:56 This clip is so-so until R. R. starts offering up his guitar to anyone in the crowd to come play....and some kid at the end of the clip answers the call....and climbs up on stage

This Robert Randolph clip has a local kid hopping up stage ( supposedly a local kid) to close the show

remaining clips are just random clips during the show

Also thanks to the BBQ FRITOS that got me through the rough times....

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Best surprise of the day......?

Getting a phone call that ends up with yours truly heading to the local JUKE JOINT for a Ziggy Marley show...the gravy is that Robert Randolph and his Family Band will also be there...

spliff for me.....caps a bad day with some above average news...irie.

THANKS to Biggun and Walls

Want to say Thank You for contributing to the Make A Wish Foundation

Must give props to the WIZ OF ODDS

for giving me a little run on their site.

I expect a little retaliation but I assume the haters are still too busy worrying about where the football is/was on the all important 2 point conversion.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Jerry O'Connell brought to you by Oil of OLAY..almost picked the winner of the Kentucky Derby

Oh so close for the pimp of the race, Jerry O'Connell, who was recently seen stalking the Lady In Lime in the Royalty section of the Portapotty area....more on the that later, but Jerry has the dirty...errr...Derby pick for ya, prior to the race. He picked Hard Spun, and it almost came to fruition, and NBC would probably have shown this clip about a million times before the end of the show ( J.O'C. wanted to be replayed within an hour, if he had his preference)....but no avail. Lay off the Mint Julips, switch to Mojitos....its Cinco De Mayo after all.

The Last Consequential Boxing Event..... Ever

The end of boxing near

P.S. I have the trash talking brutha backing up the words and taking down the Latin Gringo. Mayweather in 6 rounds...... ( sorry De La Hoya...Cinco De Mayo is not repeating itself)

Enjoy Cinco De Mayo...and the Kentucky Derby Mojitos!!!

Mr. T states for the record " I pity the fool who doesn't enjoy the Mexican St. Patties Day".

If you get lippy like Cal's lil bro did way back in the day ( notice he has not been seen since this incident) will have to deal with my friends in the masks....who just so happen to like Danzig for motivational music!!!

Have a freaking mojito ( since is sounds like spanish/mexican) over a mint julip when watching the Kentucky Derby....

Thursday, May 3, 2007

National Holiday- Cinco De Mayo Eve, anyone?

For the kids who don't have a job ( clones ) or for those who have a job and don't mind wasting their day listening to Jim Rome and his several friends who call in to spill their vicious diatribe of filth, with little to do about sports, well May 4th is the day for you.

Will it be up and comer Vic from NOCAL ( freaking battery chucker is leading the odds) or could it be Terrance from Sierra Madre...the best caller to never win anything in his life.

Sean the * ( according to Vic) is always a contender as is Jay Mohr who should be stopping by.

Never count a revisit by some of the Jungle Dwellers from last millennium, Irie Craig, Trapper from Dana Point.....perhaps even Hacksaw Hamilton will ring in with some junk, since he is not all that busy these days.

WAR SILK announcing that he is actually from some gulf coastal honky tonk beer joint and is now claiming fema money...late bra

This site keeps pretty good track of what is going on with their leader board.....
UPDATED ODDS as of 2:30pm mountain time

Smackoff Odds as of May 03, 2007
Sean the Cablinasian
Greg in Vegas
Terence in Sierra Madre
Casey in Vegas
Joe in the OC
Rachel in Houston
Jay Mohr
Steve Carbone
Bill in Knoxville
Irie Craig
Jeff in Richmond
Silk in Huntington Beach
Donald Trump
Gino in San Antonio
Jeff in Phoenix
Oren in Denver
Otis in Austin
Trapper in Dana Point
Doc Mike Di Tolla
Jeff in Vancouver
Jim in Fall River
John in C-Town
Vic in No Cal
Oliver in St. Louis
Ed in Stockton
Chris from Cougar High
Chuck in Phoenix
Jeffrey Di Tolla
Lear in Annapolis
Mike in Wichita
Dave in St. Louis
Jeff in Chapel Hill
JT the Brick
Kerwin in Riverside
Megan the Manual Buzzer
My official entry
Stauteleft's picks
Terence in Sierra Madre
Vic in No Cal
Sean the Cablinasian
Jeff in Richmond
Jeff in Phoenix
Bill in Knoxville
Gino in San Antonio
Mike in Wichita
Jay Mohr

History of the Smack Off

Number of smackoff- date- winner

I April 14, 1995 J.T. the Brick
II April 5, 1996 Jeffrey E. "Esquire" Di Tolla
III March 28, 1997 "Doc" Mike Di Tolla
IV April 10, 1998 Stevie Carbone from LMU
V April 2, 1999 Sean "the Cablinasian" in Houston
VI April 28, 2000 "Doc" Mike Di Tolla
VII May 4, 2001 Silk in Huntington Beach
VIII April 19, 2002 Jeff in Richmond
IX June 21, 2003 Sean "the Cablinasian" in Houston
X April 16, 2004 "Iafrate" Ken Chasen in Los Angeles
XI May 6, 2005 Sean "the Cablinasian" in Houston
XII May 5, 2006 Sean "the Cablinasian" in Chicago