Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Truck Driving School Graduates Rejoice

After all the hard work that you truckers ( if you got your ears on, good buddy), you are finally being rewarded/acknowledged for your duties ( not the entertainment at rest areas highlighted in "There's Something About Mary") and this little newsworthy nugget comes in the form of the NCAA "allowing" one of your industry leaders to sponsor a meaningless bowl game.

These pavement pounding warriors only survive on crank and rest stop loving. So the loyal Roady's Truck Stops have pulled out the measures to say thanks and will now be sponsoring the lovely blue turf Humanitarian Bowl Game. Boise State Alum/Fans/ Players/ Coaches/Cheerleaders who are getting proposed to and pretty much the majority of citizens of the Treasure Valley are just shaking their head at this. Imagine the tailgating..
Make sure to sign up for the Roady's Rewards! ( This just announced- to stem the criticism that the State of Idaho is about to endure, the Idaho Department of Transportation has filed a grant to release these items in storage to the first 30, 000 fans that come to the stadium and have the guts to carry them home.)

Here is the link for those who are unfamiliar, to this story.

Well done, truckers, well done......but remember, SAFETY FIRST

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