Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Vandals of the Day

You will never see the Broncos enter the field from the giant inflatable helmet this way.....I am mean never ever!

link compliments of edsbs

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hit of the Week ( BYE WEEK)

already this is the nominee...I will youtube the video but I am sure it will be taken down soon enough. So here is a smaller vid of it.....two great hits already on one punt return!

Also in the news, is a recent podcast involving Bronco football ( review after the Oregon game).

Also want to send a shout out to Stanley Brewster who I ran into over the weekend. You can view his awesome pics at here Under a week to the LA TECH trap game......keep on keepin' on!

Would be remiss without mentioning the passing of Cool Hand Luke himself, Mr. Paul Newman.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008

Wish I had time to list

all of my thoughts and possible predictions, regarding tomorrow's big Clash of Northwest Titans but I will give you this ...... each team will have a big day running the ball. Both teams have depth at the running back spot, and it might come down to the o-line ( in the end). The pass game yardage numbers will be given to the young gunslinger from BSU. Simply put....the starting QB for Oregon is at 3rd and 4th stringer for a reason. Those backups have not received the quality amount of snaps until this week. Moore has received enough snaps to be prepared for what could be the best secondary in college football.
I foresee IJ scoring 3 times as he re-emerges and shows off the speed he had showcased against the Beavers from 2 yrs back.
That being said, I can also see the D Acrey injury as a blessing in a weird bizarro world way......The speed possessed by the other linebackers along with the discipline of the position that is needed, the LB corp of Gingg, Tevis, Dobbs and/or Brady could be the gamechanger.
I will say, this game could get out of hand in an ugly way, if Kirby Moore's older brother gets rattled in the Thunderdome called Autzen Stadium. That being said, Km does not have the personality that shows chinks in his armor. If my prediction is correct, then the legend of Kellen Moore continues to ascend and grow to titanic proportions.........BSU 35-30, believe it!
Could this also be the week that the monkey is bucked off the back of the BSU Broncos......wait and see!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Vandal of the Day

No, no, no ...this post is a compliment rather than your expected slam on Larry Craig, VP Palin or some guy who wears funny pornstaches! This post goes out to the cheerleaders. They get laughed at, lusted over, argued about ( 1. when it comes to calling what they do a sport 2. if their activity is a worth a scholarship or not)and all of a sudden they are getting their 15 minutes in the sun. Not sure what the fuss is about but some people have complained. The only problem with these outfits are the colors in my opinion. You go girl! The lady in the top pic kinda looks like a young Fraulein who poured some adult liquids at last year's Oktoberfest.

* At least these cheerleaders were ladies and not ......oh never mind.

link courtesy of IDSTATESMAN

Podcast 09.17.08

Looks back at the Bowling Green game, and onward and upward to the showdown at Autzen. Enjoy!

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The aftermath against Bowling Green

First and foremost, and in this order..... to my friends that are "dealing" with Hurricane Ike Turner- keep on keepin' on!

...great pic of #44 Gingg showing his warrior spirit ( as well as the old school, blue collar mentality of the oft-overlooked prototypical BSU football player). Pic courtesy of the Idaho Statesman

Close runner up for hit of the game .....Unknown BSU player rocks #35 and lays him out silly. The hit comes about 14-15 seconds in on the clip on the left hand side ( watch the wall on the punt return).

Kid N' Play admirer, #8 George Iloka, had some big plays last night .....quite possibly the best hit on a key first half third down pass play where Iloka made contact ( great timing), as the receiver( #1 below) tried to pull down the ball.

this pic above courtesy of ID PRESSTRIB
For the #69 Hout fans.....utilizing his redshirt year.

The rest of the redshirts....

Hated to see this....not the cheerleader but rather Acrey on the trainer's table.
These defensive players would end up punishing Bowling Green and making the difference over the duration of the game. Props to the defense for shutting down the spread offense that caused so many problems last year. See the Nevada game 2007.
Sky Box

Pregame Sky Box

The helmet and the entrance....

The prediction from yesterday's crystal ball was precise with Anthony Turner getting knocked out ( but B Thompson came up and made the stick vs the predicted Jeron Johnson). +1 for this blogger.
Footage stolen from KTVB

The black mist returned from the Island featured on LOST. Pic courtesy of the Idaho Statesman

Anybody else thought that IJ was going to go all "Tyler Shoemaker" and stiff arm the safety, and end up scoring on this first half run play. Would the IJ from 2006 scored on this play?
Pic courtesy of the Idaho Statesman

Close runner up for hit of the game .....Unknown BSU player rocks #35 and lays him out silly. The hit comes about 14-15 seconds in on the clip on the left hand side ( watch the wall on the punt return).

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bowling Green Prediction

35-17 Home team, Sheehan sacked twice as is Moore.
IJ will return to form of 2006 and score three times, with Pettis and Childs also scoring.
Crystal ball is a lil fuzzy, must be the atmospheric conditions circulating from Hurricane Ike Turner, that is making it cloudy. Weather should be awesome over the next 6 hours, and the Newcastles will taste even better.
Jeron Johnson takes out A. Turner in the second quarter and Turner does not return. RB Jeter is held to 70 yards rushing by a stout BSU D.

Enjoy the game!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Predictions coming......

tomorrow, down to who will try their best Jimmy Super Fly Snuka reenactment during the game tomorrow night. If you think it can not be done, check it ...... I could see Brady or Tevis acting the fool after this play.

Death Magnetic drops today......

Listen to the whole album here ......might not be old Metallica, but at least it is not screamo/emo/ faux pop punk! Somehow, someway....There is a Unforgiven III ( video must be coming soon)! Rejoice nonetheless!
Most will differ with this post as far as stating, " Metallica was so 25 yrs ago"....well, yes after the Black Album, the music went pop/soft and it sucks, but could this be the return of old Metallica?

Also in the news.....to those sticking around in the Gulf, Vaya Con Dios

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Man, was I fooled....

I am not as perceptive as I thought! Boise State still beats Bowling Green 35-14!

Do you remember where you were.......

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Latest Podcast of what awaits the Broncos this week

I join JT and Drew to see if the Broncos can create a big bang collider dohickey atom smasher thingy!

icon for podpress  The Bronco Nation Podcast - Seven Feet is Too High [49:19m]: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

BroncoNationNow Podcast- Week of 9.08

JT and I threw out a few questions with Todd Walker, radio dude for Bowling green. This man respects BSU and at the same time feels Bowling Green is not afraid to face BSU, this Saturday on the BLUE

Sunday, September 7, 2008

NFL wanna be live blog

Orlando Scandrick first play in the NFL
edit 212pm- Flacco gets the job done in Baltimore over Chad Johnson and the Bengals. Chad P and Jeff Garcia can not seal the deal. FireMattMillen.com is alive and kicking.

edit 154pm- Maybe Jeff Garcia will get some love if he leads his Bucs back against the Saints.?

Chiefs had a shot and could not convert.

Will Chad P make good on the Fins comeback attempt?

edit- 143pm....who knew that the Chiefs Patriots would go down to the wire...First Brady, then Brodie Coyle and now Vince Young...ugh

Thoughts so far...
Tom Brady, ouch....thanks for playing! There goes my $165 entry fee for my fantasy football team.

Michael Turner shows Jerious Norwood who is the pimp for the dirty birds!

Mike Holmgren is walking the plank as we speak.....

Chris Johnson, out of East Carolina, showing off his wares and showing his belongs.

Willie Parker is in mid season form. Inversely, the Texans are still the Texans.

Prison Break is back on Monday nights, per the continuous commercial displaying as much.

Hines Ward is still the best blocking Wideout but can still score with the best of them.

First coach fired this year, Scott Linehan. That is not because he is a Vandal but rather his team's play is atrocious.

Thoughts? More to continue

Good Call or .....

simply put the right call?

I believe the officials, as lousy as it could be, have to throw the flag. Too bad the game was hindering on this call, but there were rumors of Ty Willingham* might have been going for the two point conversion after Locker scored. That would have been interesting. Instead BYU continues the nation's longest win streak. Finally, the Comcast crew was a bunch of west coast Fox Sports homers, and one Petros $^%$^%*^%&^ ( some Greek last name) would not let go of the Mormon influence on BYU. DUH! Petros acted surprised that Harvey Wallbanger Unga was from a family of 9 kids. He mentioned that is was not unusual for the players to come from a family of nine kids and mentioned the fact that lot of the players were married. Memo to the broadcasters- D0 you always have to mention the big family dynamics or "this BYU team has the largest number of players who are married in D1A football!". Yes we get it, that was a common speaking point, 10-15 years ago.......Jump The Shark, already. I relate it to a similar catchphrase with BSU Football at home games - " Do not adjust your television set...." or " Did you know ducks flying down the Boise River mistakenly landed on the blue turf!"

*Ty might be the most overrated coach on the west coast and might not last the whole season. This appears to be the final nail in the coffin.

** Thanks for showing up Bengal football- last time I have your back.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A week without Boise State Football,

is a bummer but a lil ray of sunlight occurs when you can witness watching the Vandals get spanked by the lowly Bengals. Idaho scores first up in the old hangar called the Kibbie Dome. However the Bengals stifle the Vandals running game and end up holding the Vandals to 13 total points. Bengals win 14-13 in a slugfest. The battle of Div 1AA teams starts at 3pm and can be evaluated and confirmed that this is a horrible game on DTV 681 ( Altitude Channel?). Brad Rife returns a fumble for the winning score. Vandal fans, look at it this way, with no logo on the rear end, you are able to score 13 points, that is optimism, right?

OBNUG also predicts what we know as well.