Sunday, September 7, 2008

Good Call or .....

simply put the right call?

I believe the officials, as lousy as it could be, have to throw the flag. Too bad the game was hindering on this call, but there were rumors of Ty Willingham* might have been going for the two point conversion after Locker scored. That would have been interesting. Instead BYU continues the nation's longest win streak. Finally, the Comcast crew was a bunch of west coast Fox Sports homers, and one Petros $^%$^%*^%&^ ( some Greek last name) would not let go of the Mormon influence on BYU. DUH! Petros acted surprised that Harvey Wallbanger Unga was from a family of 9 kids. He mentioned that is was not unusual for the players to come from a family of nine kids and mentioned the fact that lot of the players were married. Memo to the broadcasters- D0 you always have to mention the big family dynamics or "this BYU team has the largest number of players who are married in D1A football!". Yes we get it, that was a common speaking point, 10-15 years ago.......Jump The Shark, already. I relate it to a similar catchphrase with BSU Football at home games - " Do not adjust your television set...." or " Did you know ducks flying down the Boise River mistakenly landed on the blue turf!"

*Ty might be the most overrated coach on the west coast and might not last the whole season. This appears to be the final nail in the coffin.

** Thanks for showing up Bengal football- last time I have your back.

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