Friday, September 12, 2008

Predictions coming......

tomorrow, down to who will try their best Jimmy Super Fly Snuka reenactment during the game tomorrow night. If you think it can not be done, check it ...... I could see Brady or Tevis acting the fool after this play.

Death Magnetic drops today......

Listen to the whole album here ......might not be old Metallica, but at least it is not screamo/emo/ faux pop punk! Somehow, someway....There is a Unforgiven III ( video must be coming soon)! Rejoice nonetheless!
Most will differ with this post as far as stating, " Metallica was so 25 yrs ago"....well, yes after the Black Album, the music went pop/soft and it sucks, but could this be the return of old Metallica?

Also in the those sticking around in the Gulf, Vaya Con Dios