Monday, August 11, 2008

Random scrimmage pics

Vinny flies down the field on his way down for a score
Hunter White deflecting the pass like another #25 used to!
The dropped td ball from Bush, by Pettis Joe Glenn will complain that BSU coaches teach their players to fly

Choate and Bissell's 'hawks Many fans that were queried, decided Bush will be watching Kellen come fall
Mo-pete or a mohawk
The old running back criss cross in the backfield run play
Even Kellen's laser-like throws hover at eye level. This led to the TD pass play.

Thomas Byrd owning Sean Bingham in one-on-one drills

Turf Monster or Black Mist from the show, LOST
Bissell giveth and taketh away
Harper's Hawk

Let the Drew Hawkins experiment begin

Following the BSU scrimmage today, everyone wanted to discuss the obvious disappointment in the lack of change in the QB battle. Neither one of the two leading contenders, Bush Hamdan or Kellen Moore, really had showcase plays. Sure there was the arguments of drops by wideouts and this QB was going against the 2nd or 3rd teamers. Sometimes the QB would wear the red jersey and they were free to throw the ball down field without fear of getting touched. That was not always the case as the red shirted QB's occasionally got roughed up.

Bush getting touched in a red jersey

Bush getting hurried in a white jersey-The best QB of the day, stat-wise, was Nick Lomax and he did look like he was in control. Lomax threw a bomb of about 30 yards ( to Tanyon Bissell) but the play did not stand as the unhindered defender who was coming untouched, would have clobbered Lomax but let up since Lomax had the red jersey on.

-I was disappointed that Mike Coughlin got reps about 5-7 series into the scrimmage. MC did not show very much but not sure what he had to work with.

- Which leads me to the mystery man, Drew Hawkins. There is no way he was going to play this year, and will 99% most likely greyshirt or at least redshirt. Drew looks like a High School QB and not like any of the other fellow pigskin slingers on the team. Hence the year off and see what he brings in the next few years. Might come from good stock.......

-There was the over the middle, rib-cracking hit by Jeron Johnson on Julian Hawkins. Ouch. This pic below is post-collision

-There was the crushing blitz by Derrell Acrey who snuck in and leveled Kellen Moore (sans red jersey) towards the end of practice. Acrey let everyone know about it as well, hootin' and hollering as he got up off the turf.

-Chris Potter and Michael Choate were go to guys in the later part of the practice with Hawkins and Lomax slingin' the rock.

-It is nice to think of Ian, Pettis, Young and Childs being on the field any given time together. Imagine the threat of the big play!

-No pistol offense and in fact there was some shotgun spread zone/read plays, but the use of a fullback that I had not heard of before, Stephen Gabbard. In years past, the tight end would/could be utilized like a h-back but there was more of definite fullback look today. Andy Silsby was also on the field as well with the first teamers. Interesting enough, D.J. Harper lined up as fullback on Kellen Moore's first play of the day. It ended up as a play action completion but do not be surprised if Avery and Harper are the tandem in the backfield of next year.

- Some of the unknown younger running backs touched the rock, Drew Wright, Mitch Burroughs and Matt Kaiserman,, but the work was basically handled by the experienced crew of Ian Johnson, Jeremy Avery, Doug Martin and D. J Harper.

- Good news was the lack of turnovers. There was a fumble by Moore on a blitz and then there was the 3 fumbles by Titus ( one for sure on a reverse-see below, and one for sure on special teams). No interceptions was nice to see.

- The defense should be ahead of the offense at this point due to timing. The defense did not allow any huge runs which was good to see. There was a lack of tackling on the Vinny Perretta touchdown scamper ( started as 10 yard hitch, see below). The play consisted of the cornerback, I believe it was Brandyn Thompson, let Vinny elude him or Thompson simply did not wrap up. Initially I thought Thompson just "hugged" the wideout as not to knock out his teammate but on second look, I think Vinny just shook him off.

-Saw a lot of the fake zone run play and swing out the rock to the trips side where the #3 wr would run a bubble screen. Sometimes it made positive yardage, sometimes it got blown up. Critical play to master in the spread offense. Below, we have the sequence

- Speaking of screens, a lot of screens from the 5 wide formation were thrown to Avery, as seen below ( Avery ended up dropping the ball in the first half of the scrimmage, but the coaching staff kept going to the well later on...)

- Seemed like Tommy Smith (see below) was always rushing the QB, 3rd and 4th Stringers but still. I noticed he was in a lot of these pics, usually closing in on the QB, sometimes airborne

- I want to compliment Tanyon Bissell for a being smart QB/Athlete/whatever when on a busted play, Bissell took the snap up field and got positive yardage when the two running backs were discombobulated. Below we have Bissell dishing out to Harper. There was also a hot route for Bissell to fake the option and throw it to Hawkins. This might have been the play where J Hawkins got lit up by Jeron Johnson.
-leaving on a positive note, the center snap exchange was a non-issue

There will be several opinions by bloggers, real media and the unabashed fans but this scrimmage is just the first test to get out the rust and see what is working. The adjustments from here on out should be the most interesting thing to watch for.