Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Recovering from Challis

The Father of the Reunion, Mr. Muzzie Braun. Thank You!

Braun Boys

cheap seats
Enjoyed the heck out of the gig up in the mountains over the weekend. The crowd was fun and ever expanding. The bands were genuinely into it and caught a clip of Robert Earl Keen, and several Mickey & the Motorcars songs.....

Video clips include
Lawyers Guns & Money
Where I left you
Carolina Morning
Lost Found

Cross Canadian Ragweed also performed, video unavailable

Apologies for the quality of the video clips, as my digital camera does not have a mute button for booze-infused fans ( mine included), random shots of women who sat down in front of the omnipresent camera ( one was hot and the other one,,,,,not so much) or the ever blowing wind. That being said, I am sure some will get a kick out of the footage and maybe some these bands' fanatics will make the voyage up next summer around August 17 2008.

Robert Earl Keen mentioned this weird dude with a Macaw on his arm....dating is rough in Challis. Here is the encore song

Plus 2 puzzling video clips of this burnout from Humboldt County, Cali.


Reckless Kelly hits the stage

Below- A local Patron enjoying the festivities & I see where his son, Smitty, acquired game/flow from....
Top- Smitty's Dad catnapping
Middle-Smitty's Dad dancing with Mrs. Smitty
Bottom- Smitty getting to know his fellow Idahoan...

On the way home...view of the Sawtooth Mountains from Stanley