Saturday, March 22, 2008

Moodlighting Anyone?

Here is some pics of the stadium expansion....compliments of the UOFIHATER

Spring Scrimmage Pics only involving Toshi Franklin

Fly sweep to Toshi Franklin

Spring Scrimmage Pics Only involving a Punter?

for the non athletes

Spring Scrimmage Pics Involving #41

For some reason, it seemed like IJ did not touch the ball all that much, but here is a few shots

Spring Scrimmage Honorary Annual Tom Scott Pics

Man, T Scott was rocking that suit during the blustery and bitter cold day......He was a man on a mission, mixing up taking notes on the WEST SIDE and then moseying over behind the bench incognito and with pen and paper still in hand, gave some tips to Billy Wynn on how to dress during the spring scrimmage ( unconfirmed rumors of course).

Quick and Easy way to find pics and videos of the Spring Scrimmage

Annual Honorary Tom Scott pics

Bush Hamdan pics

Nick Lomax pics

Mike Coughlin pics

Defense pics

Toshi Franklin pics

Jarvis Hodge pics

Kellen Moore pics

Doug Martin Pics

Doug Martin pics only

Overall General Pics

Spring Srcimmage recap comments only

Punter Pics Huh?

Spring Scrimmage Pics Only involving Kellen Moore

Due to the nature of the public interest, I will shrink these pics in this post, but you can see the entirely way too big version of each pic by clicking on your favorite. Some say this kid walked across the Boise River after the scrimmage to rescue a wayward baby duckling, however those rumors have been unconfirmed.
nice start during warm ups, first two pics show that the qb-center exchange is a work in progress
7 on 7

Kellen taking control of the huddle before his first snap during the scrimmage

Long Pass to Titus Sequence

Pics Only Spring Scrimmage involving Bush Hamdan

Bush must be thinking, " Who is the front runner"
Coach Pete to Bush, " It's not over yet, but everyone is in love with Kellen Moore"