Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Scrimmage Comments ( at least while the beer is wearing off from the Lousville throttling)

I will say only this.....these pics are from the stands and under the watchful eye of the security gestapo ( moniker due to past run-ins).
1.That being said, the sun was out but so was the wind.
2.Minimal flags for a first scrimmage. Titus got called for a flag for pushing off, and initially I thought that was so obvious. He was running a fade and while Titus came back to push the DB, Titus should have continued running and the ball would have been on target. Misjudged to say the least.
3.Minimal fisticuffs.
4.The tempo was okay, nothing special in my eyes, not like the coaches were acting like drill sergeants or anything. I was maybe expecting more of a pace, I guess.
5.The majority, maybe 85% of the snaps were from the shotgun or Q. I was somewhat surprised when the QB was actually under center.
I6.f you remember the Wyoming offense where it was somewhat of a hurry-up offense, then after quickly lining up, the whole set of skilled position players would look up at the coaching staff for the next play. I know this is by designed ( and could be the wave of the future for the up and coming offenses) but I think the defenses will eventually catch on. This is type of style did appear to be working however.
6. Only one cheap shot, but a very minor one, where a unknown d-lineman sacked the QB, and knocked him down. I will add the video.
7. I am not ready to give Kellen Moore the job yet. Bush did not do so badly. Here are the stats
Lomax and Coughlin each started their first series with a fumble. Couglin look to under throw the ball, but some of that was the wind.
8. The hurry up offense should be here to stay as well as the spread look. The spread is the new "west coast offense", in my eyes. As for the hurry up offense, this is not a fad and I am sure the Broncos will run this at some key times to get into rhythm later on during the season.
10. Towards the end of the scrimmage, the offensive coaches were very excited about a certain TD pass from Lomax to a King. Coaches were high fiving all around ......
11. Loudest cheer might have been when the punter actually did not do a roll out kick- Aussie style- and kicked 40 plus yards to the 10 yard line. The fans could hear the coaches yelling "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie ( as in Australian Rules Football)" when the roll out punt was next up on the docket.
12.The kicking game needs to some help nonetheless. Kicking in the wind on field goals and kickoffs, as well as the snaps looks as if they need work. This is why it is spring practice.
14. #41 did not play a lot but made for a long touchdown run late in the scrimmage.
15. Avery did not suit up but gave a big high five to #41, after he scored on the long run.
16 If Kaiserman is #26, he made some nifty runs.
17. Martin has arrived, angrily in some people's eyes. I will upload some pics but it seem that it took at least a few tacklers to gang tackle #22.
18. Man, that new press box is amazing.
19. Looking back, #41 got a big cheer on the long td run as well as Titus running a reverse. This was late in the scrimmage, with coughlin leading the way on reverse. Not much of a gain but some shifty moves by Titus.
20. Th arrival of the Q offense was showed a few times, even with a full back in the backfield. The FB was commonly lined up next to the QB at 3 yrds deep.

Will continue on comments once the beer wears off, from the BSU slaughter on the hardwood.

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