Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Scrimmage 3.21.08

The pics above is from an unknown site to the author, which has info on the stadium expansion...if you need your fix, here is the stadium webcam link

1. The scrimmage is more like a practice than the Blue and Orange game....set your expectations correctly.
2. Start time 3:30p
3. As of this morning, no live feed will be available to non-attendees. Trying to get to start angling with the Athletic Department, but JT Ray feels that is losing battle, at this point. The Letter of Intent day had success, not sure why the lack of a media feed online is not a positive thing but I am sure they have their reasons. Trade Secrets getting leaked might be the big reason.
4. Parking- last year, it was not a problem in the lot on the east side of the stadium( as far as parking tickets), but there should be a fair crowd this year. I expect last year's will be bigger since the bandwagon shocks were getting a lot of use due to the Fiesta Bowl victory
5. weather- cloudy with a high if 48...dress appropriately. Thankfully the Blue Orange Game, next month, is usually more sunny.

Feel free to add your on thoughts!
Here a few videos from FORSEYFANN11 that might get you in the right frame of mind

Boise State Defense 200804:01

Boise State Football 2008 (Offense)04:38