Friday, March 21, 2008

Overall General Pics of the Spring Scrimmage

Here are a few of the QB striving to become the starter by summer's end....
I would say these three are still in the runningOne of these kids is not like the rest
Holding hands when you are in the bottom of the depth chart
Here we have Michael Choate #46, still an odd number for a walk on wide out but I digress....screen right where it appeared that Choate wanted nothing to do with going inside where the heavy lumber was and decided to stick outside the numbers. That being said, while it appeared the play was supposed to be directed inside but it could be have been the plan all along to get Choate outside.

Zagco Jumping Jacks
Outside of the football community, this is the best unknown secret BSU Football has going...Zagco jumping jacks Stadium Expansion as of 3.21.08...ho hum

Two Back in the shotgun, leads to a flare pattern by the running backs and this opens up in the middle of the field, evident in the next photo, where Pettis makes an easy catch. Nicely developed and executed play.

Towards the end of practice, notice the shadows on the field.
#26 Kaiserman on the shotgun sweep.....that the defenses stretches out.

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