Wednesday, February 28, 2007

all cheerleader fantasies have been erased from my memory due to this...

She must have balls to do this, but we knew that already....

If you knew the Polish Prick or the Golden Jew at the "accredited" university in Illinois ( moment of silence for Chief Illiniwek)...then you might have known the doobie duo for taking care of business in the dorms...and here is the video to prove it

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Red Bull & Vodkas will be needed after

watching this.....not for the squeamish
for all of my Tommy Lasorda fans...this is even more disgusting that the above mentioned mentioned video.,0,6682346.story?coll=la-home-headlines

or for more intimate details that ARE NOT SAFE FOR WORK
goodnight now.....

Monday, February 26, 2007

Don't believe the hype

All credit for the cover art of ncaa08 goes to MarkTheShark17

Just for the record, this guy

just arrived from the backstreets of a Jakarta alley and wants to challenge Rulon for the toughest man championship. Uncomfirmed reports have the Jakarta Assasin at 3:2 ODDS.....believe it

Also in the news, DJHOJ was seen in Philly over the weekend buying a plastic bag from this individual...please be aware that sports bars that have reggae nights are completely blameless of tomfoolery and hooligan-type stuff, and happen to be highly recommended by the writer.


Jack Bauer wears Rulon Gardner pajamas at night and this is why...

Yes, the man getting bitch slapped here has survived being "t-boned" on his Harley, lost a toe to frostbite while snowmobiling......However....he also endured crashing his plane into water, and surviving an hour in the bitter cold water...

This man is too tough to die...per Dan Patrick's diatribe on the radio all day, it is obvious that Rulon Gardner is the real life example of Bruce Willis' movie " Unbreakable"

Homeboy is not very bright but knows how use up his karma

If you prefer video footage,
Jack Bauer was unavailable for comment.

Since Rome was on hiatus last night...

enabling our lost 13th legion soldiers to muster up some strength for the remaining week, let us look towards this weeks impending battles....
The formerly bearded one, is finally putting 2 and 2 together and figuring that the old man is a nut job and now "it's personal"...its time for some old time hockey....

on a work related side note, this is how I handle customer service skills when I am in Jack Bauer mode-
As for our Brothers Grimm on the run....
I hope this guy plugs a slug into the Agent Kim, the lil wormy guy who Kellerman should have killed in last weeks episode....Mahone better not go soft and cuddly, he is one mean killing machine ( ask Oscar Shales) and about 2 levels down from being the next Jack Bauer...
as for "LOST"..... bring back some of the old time hocus else would Hurley get some
Another show that is straight pimpin is"The Office".......a recommended must see...

Since there is a need for some "much love to all things cubs", here is the new logo for the rookie ball team in the City of Trees..... aka Chicago West

former team of Jeff Samardzija

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Since it is Sunday....

let us look back at some crazy goalie action

last nights rematch between sens & sabres....this time the heavyweight goon that "danced" WITH A GOALIE two days ago, faces off against a tougher opponet, Mcgrattan..enjoy

.....speaking of action

plus for those trying to keep your kids off the them a Wii

but staying on point, here is one guy ( guys) you dont want to run into in any alley..

Saturday, February 24, 2007

while I perfect my best "boogity boogity boogity" for tomorrow's neckcar race...

I saw that Moises Alou is at it again with fluids... ....not sure if this helps his hands from drying out, since he refuses to use batting gloves, but to each their own

Friday, February 23, 2007

Unseen footage of Britney Spears new tattoo??

...and the guys who have hit that, haved even left their signatures!!!!

Some of my fans showing up on the road, against the Utes

I was just returning from the pimp party hosted at Temple Square, in time to see this vicious hit.

In lieu of the energizing Sabres-Sens Brawl, please honor Marty Mcsorley

with multiple toasts of our favorite cocktails

Tough choice this weekend .......I am sure you will make the right one

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

2-21-2007 Save the last dance

A quick pregame prayer hoping for a last minute injunction to save the Chief.

The rundown:
First 2 minutes is filler
The next minute is suspense-less buildup
At the all important 3 minute mark, the Illiniwek-led madness begins..

Alas, their was not a dry eye in the house, especially near the runway to the locker room (last 20 seconds of the clip)...... and to think nobody in the crowd would give that guy a hug or lend him some moccasins.
In closing, at the 5 minute mark (the crowd gets momentarily enthused) after it appears that the mascot was attempting his best Irish jig impression ( maybe their is a need for that type of thing with St. Patrick's drinking day coming up).
Rest In Peace
(and avoid the fire water & disease-infested blankets from the PaleFace traders)

While watching cheesecurds mold over from my room @ the La Quinta Inn, in Madison......
Here is a good compilation of the ROMAN EMPIRE version of Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer, from the show "Rome".
Well worth the viewing.....
Speaking of Mold....
is there a sense of dejavu with the Jamarcus vs Quinn draft battle in comparision to the Manning-Leaf draft day debacle in 1998?
1. Indianapolis
Peyton Manning QB SR Tennessee
Manning seems to be the perfect fit here with new head coach Jim Mora & GM Bill Polian. Mora has an excellent relationship w/ Manning's father Archie and Peyton is a player that this troubled franchise can build around. He is the most prepared college QB to enter the NFL in several years, in terms of maturity, instincts and an overall feel for the game and he should be able to step in from day one as a starter and lead this team. Although it is unlikely that the Colts will make any moves with this pick, they may entertain offers all the way up until draft day. There are alot of rumors floating around, but it would be shocking if they did anything else but select Manning. GM Bill Polian will always be on the lookout for a blockbuster deal and there are several NFL teams that could make a run at this pick, but they simply would have to give up too much to get there. Look for this to be an easy decision for the Colts.

2. San Diego (from Arizona)
Ryan Leaf QB JR Washington St.
Bobby Beathard paid dearly to trade up one spot to get in position to draft Leaf, but he really had no choice. The Chargers did not have a quality NFL quarterback going into the '98 season and San Diego fans are getting restless and they need a young and talented guy to build around. Many people thought the Chargers would sign QB Rob Johnson, who wound up going from Jacksonville to Buffalo. Johnson had a relationship with head coach Kevin Gilbride, but when that deal did not work out, Leaf became the best option available. Although the Chargers have been criticized for giving up next year's #1 pick, in addition to their second round pick this year and veteran players Eric Metcalfe & Patrick Sapp, the Chargers really had no choice.
They had to have a QB and Leaf is their guy.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Madison 2-21-2007 It appears I made an impression on one lovely lady with a "nice personality"

In the darkest alley in all of Jakarta, the last person you want to see is......



However, while you decide, play this game and see what happens.....

Scored Mythbusters tix for this upcoming Sunday's visit to Boise....

Did You Know that #41 rolls in a Jeep Cherokee with the license plate......

"C I A N R U N"?
Is the future Heisman hopeful,pompous? Who cares, like Humpty Hump said back in the day " do whatcha like....."
Check on Feb 21, for an update on the impending season by your 5 time WAC Title holders and what needs to be done by #41 and the kid known as Neil Lomax's son.

When Tom Brady tries his best Matt Leinart Impression, is that necessarily a bad thing for Brady's Baby Momma?
Bridge M. mates with a G.Q. Model-looking 6th rounder from a large college, who happens to win a Super Bowl every 2-3 years. To boot, the baby is set for a life with good looks and will not have to worry about financial issues. We could be so lucky.......

Brady impersonating Matt Leniart- your call?

As for my take on Dan Hawkins
....The Bad
....The Good

Until Next Time.........

The answer to the aforementioned "Jakarta Alley" scenario has been spotted?
( damn copyright laws)

Monday, February 19, 2007