Friday, January 30, 2009

Super Bowl, Who Ya Got?

Obviously a lot of the media is projecting a (landslide) victory by the Steel Curtain. Big Ben has brought up that the fans are speaking of a need for one more ring to obtain the Iron City 6 Pack ( Pittsburgh's fan way of saying they want 6 Super Bowl rings). Reminds me of last year, when everyone thought the Brady and the Bellicheats would win decisively over the Giants. I jumped on board hook, line, and sinker! So I will take the opposite approach and go against the grain and root for the Cardinals. Sure, the Steelers have the fierce defense and recent Super Bowl experience.
-The Cardinals have a wise sage at QB, that can sling the rock still....
-we all know Larry Fitz is the best WR in the game ( at least during the last 4-6 weeks).
-If Pittsburgh wins, I will venture a guess that Mike Tomlin will ride Willie Parker to a MVP.
- If the Cardinals shock the world, I will venture a guess that Warner will be the hero ( I know, a big stretch).
-That being said, I am forecasting the Cardinals getting out to a 2 score lead and the Steelers get out of their gameplan, and start chucking the ball around. This will cost the Steelers valuable time of possession and put the ball back in Big Ben's hands. That is not Steelers football.
-I can also see Larry Fitz getting minimized and Anquan Boldin getting the yeoman's share of the workload.
-If Warner does not get the MVP, I will go with Boldin.
-Do not be surprised if underrated Safeties Ryan Clark and Adrain Wilson crack some skulls.
- I would not be surprised if Byron Leftwich or Matt Leinart end up in the game due to injury.

That being said, Cardinals 28 Steelers 20! Print It
Also in BSU recruiting news, Preston King from Orange County, Ca. might be trippin' to San Diego State ( instead of BSU) this weekend. He was teammates with John Michael Davis of Tesoro High, who has verbaled to BSU. He has been offered a scholly from San Jose State. Also, he was offered a preferred walk on status at Colorado. If he does not trip to Boise this weekend, he could end up regretting it but, to each their own. Playing for a bottom dwelling MWC is better than playing for the premier team in the WAC? We all have our dragons to slay, but playing closer to home must be the magnet for King.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tonight is the night...

video brought to my attention my BroncoCountry's BroncoBob stand in a line ( pitch a tent, fire up the portable heater) for Buffalo Wild Wings Grand Opening tomorrow. What is at stake? Free Wings for a year according to the promotion, and one free Miller beer, when the Bar/Grill opens tomorrow. I know the temperatures might detract some from the "Black Friday"-like gathering, however I am sure in today's economy, there will be some who would love free wings for a year and are willing to stick around all night. Today at 3:30pm, I stopped by and asked the manager what time he was expecting people to start lining up and he just dismissed the question, arrogantly, like I was fly buzzing around his soup. He must have been busy, which is completely understandable with the opening tomorrow. He briefly mentioned 1)that some might show up during the night & 2)and that it is the first 100 people that show up- but he answered as he typed away on his laptop in one of the booths. I decided not to interrupt his day further and left. I guess I expected a standard answer like, "Well in other states, the openings have had some guests start to queue up about 12 hours before the door opens". Some kind of answer symbolizing that he realized how many people would be coming over to BWW. No such of the two front door hostess was cute and it appeared there were some testers there attempting to see how the food/beers/service was going over. Decent size bar/eating area.

My big question is the location? The patio faces Eagle Road, the busiest road in all of the state of Idaho and while the location might be prime for visibility, the patio stares out at traffic ( same question for the bar down the road called Cheerleaders).

It is being advertised that Red Bull will be helping with those that stand in line by dishing out free Red Bull, while coffee or hot chocolate might be more appropriate since the weather is supposed to dip lower than 20 degrees over night.

Why do I even care about this opening? It is the future home of the unofficial Boise State Letter of Intent Signing Day party being hosted by KTIK 1350 AM. Clink linky to see their advertising for the event. See you folks there.....

Join Caves and Prater for IST at the NEW Buffalo Wild Wings Wednesday Feb 4th for the 12th annual National Letter of Intent Day Show! Buffalo Wild Wings opens Weds Jan 28th on Eagle Road between St Lukes and R C Willey with a full menu , over 14 signature sauces, 20 plus beers on tap and a full bar. Join The Ticket and hear Coach Petersen’s press conference live, experts evaluating the WAC and BSU recruiting class, and see the list for yourself! Prizes, Wings, beer, and sports! Come for lunch and stay till 6pm!
KTIK’s 12th annual National Letter of Intent Day Show at Buffalo Wild have to be here!

If you have a ticket to the official Letter of Intent party at the Stueckle Sky Center, enjoy the festivities and buffet style meals.

If you see this guy in line, you found the right place to freeze your innards for a $5 daily meal for the next 365 days....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Not sure how true this is

but a friend's relative is the crane operator lifting the failed US Airways flight - Miracle on the Hudson!
Pretty upclose pics...and once again 3 cheers to the Sully!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I wish all of these people good luck

Hope no idiots ruin this moment.......

Monday, January 19, 2009

Jeron Johnson smiles

or gains some motivation.....While this might be one of the hardest and scariest hits of the NFL, it was still perfectly legal. Hope the receipent of the hit, Willis, and the hitter, Clark, are okay and healthy soon enough.
Defensive players rejoice, receivers who have the duty of coming over the middle cringe.....

Friday, January 16, 2009

Where will you be for the Letter of Intent Day?

Will you be attending any of the signing parties?
What am radio station will you be listening to?

Click one of the selections on the Poll above!

580am party at the Stueckle Sky Club....errr....Center....for $30 ( what a rip off).

supposedly ktik 1350am will have the gig at Buffalo Wild Wings, which is opening soon on Eagle Rd in Meridian. Doubtful of a cover charge.....

Friday, January 9, 2009

And then there was 1...

...more crying Oklahoma Fan! Big Loss Bob Oops continues to rip the hearts out of your fans' hearts again. Buffalo Bills Bob Oops is always the bridesmaid! Is that 5 losses in a row in BCS games for Bobby?
That being said....losing that many BCS games must mean you are doing something right.

If Bobby Oops could fix anything, he might want to think having this bandgeek mix in a salad.

Off to collect my prop bet that the number of band shots of each respective team will be higher than the actual points scored by that team!

Wonder what Utah would have looked like against their old Coach Urban Meyer. Maybe the same score, maybe a blowout. We will never know.....maybe one day we will. I want to believe!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Who Splits the National Championship Title with Utah?

I am going with the Gators 35-30 over the Sooners tonight.
At least you are not this guy who works at Directv in Boise....who obviously lost a bet!

Not sure which bet THIS GUY lost! Luke Poehlmann is inspired by Jared Allen and click this link for rhythmic mullet eyegasm

At least Haden did not embarrass himself!

Who ya got? Tebow's rumored GF, which turned out to be false or Colt McCoy's blonde GF....and it looks like I am late to the party as Barstool Sports reports there is already a poll out about this very More importantly where is Sam Bradford's GF?
As far as losing bets go...I can see this tattoo being applied to a Vandal any year now!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My New Years Resolution

1-To grow my hair out like Rey Maualuga
2- Not get arrested like Rey
3- Get that close to Erin Andrews.....nice dance moves Rey

link from WIZOFODDS

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Did you find yourself

rooting for the Utes of Utah? StatueLeft was feeling the vibe and was sending smoke signals...


sidenote- how appropriate to find a font that made letters look like smoke signals!

Full disclosure- I picked BAMA in the confidence pool and used the highest available points and was clearly wrong in selecting BAMA....Where is Gene Hackman when you need him...primarily about the 2 minute mark