Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Scrimmage 2 Vol. II

Just random pics.....but will bring up that #94Bryon Hout has lil regard/use for the right tackle position... #7 Coughlin did what he could with the o-line he had.....

Another example of right tackle abuse
This does not bode well for #26 Kaiserman...compliments of orange jersey/white sleeves #32 ( edited to #36 Tevis possibly ( #32 not on the roster)
#10 Drew Hawkins takes hit shot with a quick swing pass to #26 Kaiserman
#26 Kaiserman follows it up with running into a brick wall of orange shirts

Spring Scrimmage 2 Vol I

Here is a very brief recap of the second spring scrimmage told through pictures......the weather was lousy but it beats watching the clock at the office.
Click on any pic to enlarge it!
More Volumes of pics coming over the next few days, and if you want to submit your own pics, send them to .....thanks in advance!
Here is one of the better plays of the day....for some reason I decided to take video of this play rather than snapping pics. It was a fourth down and short and they brought in 2 new tight ends on the play. I figured it was worth it for some reason. The only play I recorded all scrimmage long. #7 Coughlin on the play action to Idaho native freshman tight end #38 Josh Hill!

This scrimmage was brought to you by a dominant defensive performance. So much for wishing for the weather to cooperate.

The initial 11 on 11 part of the scrimmage was a mini blitz pick up/pass only period. This is the very first play of the blitz period, where Kellen dishes the ball out the sideline...
ball was deflected by #23 Jeron Johnson...... ( edited- upon further review, JJ might have disruoted the receiver just enough but Pettis just muffed the catch and popped the ball up for Kyle Wilson)
and returned to the house by Kyle Wilson, with Jeron Johnson mandating everyone should know who made the play....well played by the defense.....
this convoy looked beautiful if you were a supporter of dominating defenses.....
#23 Jeron Johnson still waiting for one player to make a play on the interception return...
Second play of the blitz period did not bode well either but turned out to be the best of the first 4 plays....a simple incompletion. The only thing I did not like was the protection was perfect and not sure why #11 Kellen Moore decided to leave the pocket.....he has his reasons and his decision making skills are 100% better than mine....

Believe this was the third pass play......but will give credit to #85 Gallarda for stemming the #94 B Hout outside onslaught ...... Quite possibly the fourth play of the series. This pass attempt was hauled in by #13 Brandyn Thompson on the sideline route again...not sure if #4 Titus gave up on the under thrown ball..... The defense brought 6 rushers and somehow #25 Hunter White makes the pic and scampers out to the top of the fieldIdaho Native #48 J.C. Percy happened to apply some duress to Kellen on this play....Hunter rounds the outside on the return