Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wishing You and Yours....

.....a Ghetto Fabulous New Years!

I had the fortunate scenario where I was called out to South ( and very rural) Nampa for some work, in my favorite work pimp mobile, I found the only snow left on the dirt road. Just to show how my week has gone, I managed to get my mini-van ( mega-fun) high centered on less than 2 feet of snow. So lucky for me, I was out in the middle of nowhere and found a shovel behind some one's house and started shoveling......for about 20 minutes, when the people who live in the house dead ahead came over and pulled out the StatueLeft Pimp Mobile. Yes, I got stuck in less than two feet of snow but this was just an easy reminder that you must always be prepared for outdoor survival. Yes, think Man vs Wild or Survivorman!

So after this humbling experience where my pride was smaller than any proton, neutron or any other very small atomic particle.....I had this follow up today.

I cruised up to the mountains outside of Boise, for work, in the same untarnished pimp mobile. I was even going slow through the Grimes Creek area, when I noticed a car about 200 feet coming downhill at me. I let off the gas and turned the wheel to the right to allow for some room ...thinking 15 mph is plenty of safe, and.......I did not turned and kept going straight, angling right at this other mini-van heading right in my direction.....

Luckily I slid right pass this other mini-van and I will say I came within 18 inches from smacking this blue minivan. It was so close, I could see the other driver's braces....

Yes, blog readers, I almost crapped my pants. The last thing we all need is a silly accident where the pimp mobile was just minding its own business when the tires did not grip the road surface all that well. As I slid by the blue minivan, which never stopped or tried to get out of the way, I raised my hand to tell them I was sorry....and very embarrassed. However, I realized I was really fortunate to be another statistic of lousy winter weather.

Just reminding people who read this basement dweller's safe tonight. Stay off the roads at all possible...and watch out for my Pimp Mobile- it has a mind of it's own!

At night when I become very silent and sloth-like, my own pimp mobile transforms into another attractive driving machine, shown below......

Be safe but enjoy the night wholeheartedly!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Pics pilfered from various sources...

Screen grabs and other photo links...not the best screengrabs but beats nothing....have had some emails stating that there will be some photo submissions here shortly in the next few days. With Christmas going on and all, I can see the pics being updated by Monday!

Jeremy "Milk Carton" Avery

This man shut down BSU's offense! Must have been the power of the stache!

From the "what could have been " section....
Vinny's foot out of bounds, followed up by the holding call by JGott
Favorite play of the game

208 shout N.A. ( ?) and Titus Young, I am guessing

What Would Mike ( T. Williams) Do?
Mike T Williams dishing out advice

After JJ made a big hit on the TCU sideline, the Frogs were giving him the verbal business...he just rose his hand like, "keep talking"

This helmet to helmt hit might have been the turning pint for the TCU Horned Frogs

Here is some wacky comments along the readerboard on the top of each pic.....obnug noticed this first

For all of the Chrissy Johnson fans/ she is thinking- "What are our cheerleaders wearing this year?"

Cheerleader in back is thinking, "Will Iloka propose to me next?"

I sure hope this bondage look does not take off. If it does, see Mr. Carder!

link to the SPMsportspages with great pics

These captains will be missed....

( Slug)...made you look,....yes, I saw you look down at the cricle-K. Moore

videos...not good quality but either is the pay


Big Hit on Moore while Kyle Wilson gets called out for "screaming for help"

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pics sent in so far

Updated 12.29 pics compliments of BroncoFan78
please enjoy the whole experience....From the Waffle House to passing out to the beach the day after

Updated 12.28.08 pic link to one fan's trip

Updated compliments of 57BRONC

Updated 12/25 1pm

Here is some fun pics from the BSU tailgate with some ex players and no doubt some BroncoCountry.Com Bronco28

photo # 3036 were the ex-players (BSU) at the tailgate. They are: Back row left to right: Vince Watson, Keith Walk-Green, Jared Renner Front row left to right: Anthony Mamaril, Corey Johnson, Jason Payne, Phil McFadden, Jaquin Moore.

Previously submitted