Thursday, December 25, 2008

Pics pilfered from various sources...

Screen grabs and other photo links...not the best screengrabs but beats nothing....have had some emails stating that there will be some photo submissions here shortly in the next few days. With Christmas going on and all, I can see the pics being updated by Monday!

Jeremy "Milk Carton" Avery

This man shut down BSU's offense! Must have been the power of the stache!

From the "what could have been " section....
Vinny's foot out of bounds, followed up by the holding call by JGott
Favorite play of the game

208 shout N.A. ( ?) and Titus Young, I am guessing

What Would Mike ( T. Williams) Do?
Mike T Williams dishing out advice

After JJ made a big hit on the TCU sideline, the Frogs were giving him the verbal business...he just rose his hand like, "keep talking"

This helmet to helmt hit might have been the turning pint for the TCU Horned Frogs

Here is some wacky comments along the readerboard on the top of each pic.....obnug noticed this first

For all of the Chrissy Johnson fans/ she is thinking- "What are our cheerleaders wearing this year?"

Cheerleader in back is thinking, "Will Iloka propose to me next?"

I sure hope this bondage look does not take off. If it does, see Mr. Carder!

link to the SPMsportspages with great pics

These captains will be missed....

( Slug)...made you look,....yes, I saw you look down at the cricle-K. Moore

videos...not good quality but either is the pay


Big Hit on Moore while Kyle Wilson gets called out for "screaming for help"

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