Friday, November 23, 2007


Good Morning ya'll.....Or Aloha, I suppose.

Time for the islands to be conquered ....again, but first off, let this story of heroism pique your interest.

Getting back to the story at hand, it seems that the Rainbows have not won at least since 1979, but in reality it has been 8 years. The Rainbows have never beaten the Broncos in W.A.C. play...

Scary, since reality would say the 'Bows are due. That being said, the Island Boys have never had as good as chance as of right now. The offense is lethal, with passing attempts expected to reach in the 60's, running attempts in single digits, and a helluva trio of wideouts. The defense has improved after being neglected over the last few years/decades.

Now it "shit or get it off the pot" time for the Bows.....They will be challenged by an equally efficient offensive system that likes to run over/around you and in the meanwhile show the air attack off as well. The biggest difference is comparability between the two WAC title contenders surrounds the Blue and Orange Defense. The defensive secondary in the base packages can handle any offense in the conference, but with an injury to Jeron Johnson and nickel and damage packages being supplemented, it will be a true test for the Broncos. Hopefully with the lack of one less linebacker* on the field and the addition of a quality defensive back, maybe the pass rush will increase and the D-line sacks/punishes Colt Brennan.

*I am figuring taking the linebacker off of the field and throw him in at the defensive end or rush end spot and give those rushing attackers a breather from time to time. The alleged game plan is to keep blitzing and attacking...we will see.

The obvious keys to the game will be

1) limiting Hawaii's Y.A.C.

2) BSU running the ball efficiently. With a key reserve tailback out for the game ( Harper) and the other main but deadly back up running back, Avery, nursing an ankle injury ( 1 carry in the last 2 games), the non-obvious question could be if Ian Johnson can carry the rock for more than 30 carries. Watch out for former option qb, Tanyon Bissell, running the ball 5-8 times. Not sure I like this idea but their is trust with this coaching staff.

3) Not getting down 14 points out of the chute will help with an eager and somewhat rowdy crowd

4) Unlikely but another big day out of the special teams could make up for the hostile home field advantage

What is at stake with this game? The obvious WAC title but possibly, albeit unlikely, chance to play in a BCS game! Odds are the Broncos end up in the Roady's bowl back in Boise, but a secondary option to get the lads out of town would to play in the Vegas Bowl on Dec. 22 against BYU.

Quite possibly the most interesting call of the day will be the color choice of June Jones shirt and what douchebag-style quote he will give at halftime and at the end of the is the 3:2 favorite on the shirt,,,,as for a quote, we shall find out