Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Debacle- which movie is better?

Old School


New Old School

As for the Blue Turf Battle between BSU and San Jose State....I will say 51-7....and Bacon will have a safety in the third to get the odd score. Enjoy the Halloween weekend and be safe out there kids!!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Amazing Behind The Back Pass

First 2 point conversion this Saturday on the Blue Turf?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Post Tulsa- Pre Hawaii Podcast

link to newest podcast

Venturing a 35-3 slaughtering of the Rainbow Warriors....
The Broncos suffer one painful epidemic- massive sunburn!

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Only in baseball....

.....does the announcer admit to some natural flatulence- live on air!
Of course, it was David Wells.....MUTE the music on the right sidebar and listen to the clip about 20 seconds in !( HT Deadspin)

Also in the news, Broncos are ranked prematurely #4 in the BCS Standings- just keep taking care of business and it will all wash out in the end!
PS Vandals, you keep snickering at the above video and keep winning while you are it ( I guess)!

P.S.S. When did Chase Utley start suffering from Steve Sax disease? In related news,Ethier goes deep and wins the ballgame for the Dodgers

Monday, October 12, 2009

This week's version of the Podcast

Joined by J from Sports2night, Vandal-lovin' Obnug Intern, and the host JT from BNP

My random guess at this score of the upcoming offensive boatrace will end up 40-30 visitors.... Broncos need to avoid 3 and out's on offense ( and bad center-qb snap mistakes) and keep the highly vaunted Broncos defense off the turf to avoid getting run ragged wih Tulsa's high octane offense.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Wisdom of Coach Pete

The only idea I can think of, is that Coach Pete purposefully had the Broncos unfocused and non-physical against Div. 1AA foe U.C. Davis so that the Broncos could regain their mojo against a very dangerous Tulsa Hurricane squad. How else do you explain the let down at Bronco Stadium? The result was okay, a meager 18 point win will suffice but the bragging rights of BSU being ranked in the Top 5 nationally is in serious jeopardy. I will take the 18 point win any day of the week, especially with the Houston Cougars reeling in defeat to a non-plus UTEP program. Hopefully the east coast media will just see the final score rather than actually watching this debacle that was actually closer than what the final score represented.

Last year, Tulsa ran the ball a ton and still managed to get 75+ plays on offense per game. Their offensive architect, Gus Malzahn, has moved on to resurrect the Auburn program but the Tulsa offense is still lead by competent Herb Hand. While the QB talent for Tulsa has receded, the high speed no huddle offense can be dangerous. This is the game that scares me the most for rest of the year. An away game in Tulsa, on a Wednesday, on Espn! Danger Will Robinson! Tulsa is scarier that the Nevada squad that put up 700+ yards of offense. Tulsa is scarier than the resurrected Vandals- nice win at home over MWC foe Colorado State.

That being said, Chris Peterson's team has always come up prepared and ready for the challenged ( outside of the last 4 out of 5 bowl games). I am sure Coach Pete's grand plan to regain the full attention of the Broncs players has been accomplished. Now it is time for this master plan to come to fruition.

* Last night as I left the stadium, I was expecting to blog how embarrassing I thought the lack of push by the offensive line ( in the red zone) and the lack of blitzing/pressure by the defense. I then saw Houston getting curbstomped by UTEP and I thought life could be much worse.

** Where was the QB sneak from the one yard line in the first quarter? Was the worry of Kellen Moore taking a hit to the head potentially enough to call for two running plays- that both got stuffed by an undersized defensive line? The go to play on the goal line is now the fade to Pettis? That performance last night gave all the pundits/critics more ammo when it comes to lil Ol' Boise State is overrated and play in a weak conference. That being said, I will take the 18 point victory as the Cougars from Houston see their BCS hopes dashed. Now I hope that TCU finds a way to lose in Provo against those Cougs!

*** IDSTATESMAN has a ton of pics from the game last night right here

I will leave you with this....never doubt Coach Pete...and stay classy!!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Three Weeks of Podcasting and One Lousy Home Game Out of 48 Days


Here we have another edition of the Podcast featuring discussions of last week's demolition of Bowling Green and the future bloodbath against the Aggies of UC Davis ....question of the days is-
Would you rather Coach Pete run up the score against the Aggies or keep it classy and keep the score within +50 points so he does not embarass his alma mater.

Visit JT at BNP and Obnug Intern at twitter ....... Also think Idaho will lose 35-14 to Colorado St. Mike Coughlin will have his best day as Bronco this Saturday during Homecoming Week. Hope Southwick stays on the sideline and the same goes to Malcolm Johnson. Could we see Kirby Moore see his first Touchdown reception? The over/under on Bacon sizzling jokes this weekend at +/- 3.5!
Stay healthy Broncos......and RUTS! I will forecast a 63-0 bloodbath!