Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A Possible Jake Plummer Sighting

Stopped by the Neurolux, (local low rent dive bar who has a kick ass owner that features live acts occasionally during the week) and enjoyed a 2 hour show involving Mickey & the Motorcars. Good times had by all, and lo and behold, there was Jake Plummer look alike there, standing next to me. The only thing I noticed, was that he shot down some local slumpbuster looking for a good time and that made me laugh. It was a noble effort however. If it was Jake, he had no entourage and was genuinely enjoying the music......

This weekend should entail plenty of fun and debauchery up in the mountains in Challis, Idaho where these local celebrity hometown kids join their Dad and Uncles for a fun time, The Braun Brothers Reunion.

*...From the Outfield Seats

Looks like I chose the wrong night to blog about the *. Mosh pit in the cheap seats (term used loosely) is impressive. Now it is over, thankfully.......Bleeping Mets Fan caught the ball. I guess the Queens native grabbed a ticket on a whim, while on his one day stay before heading to Aussie Land. Oi Oi Oi...enjoy the feeling and sell the ball already before it becomes obsolete.