Saturday, April 24, 2010

See what happens when a white running back gets drafted.....

Was this the stereotype that people were worried about when the fabled white running back got drafted?

Upskirt Pervs Rejoice......
What made me even rewind the dvr is that Andy "MC Lovin" Perloff mentioned there a controversy with a dpshow tweet
No volume on the screens, so there was a heated debate on press row if that was Toby Gerhart's girlfriend or a relative when he got the call from the Vikings.
Plus an edsbs tweet hyped the supposed controversy with this tweet....
#edsbs I'm in the car. Did Minnesota just draft an upskirt shot of Toby Gerhart's girl?
For those not interested, I have started a new twitter account at .

Does this take the cake over last year's Knowshon Draft Snafu? Stay Classy!