Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What/Who is going to come out of the closet next?

Following on the heels of a recent Vandal Photo......comes word of a IDAHO VANDAL rap mp3.
Will let you decide on the Vanilla Ice aspect of the rap song....I have even money on the white kid in the back row, far right. The kid looks like a kicker/punter and quite possibly photoshopped into the original picture.
MP3 Compliments of EDSBS, which linked FIGHT FIGHT BSU's original post on the homoerotic picture of the Vandals.
...and now this, KTIK (local sports radio show...questionable at best) reports this has been picked up by a gay friendly website and the Vandals have suddenly foot-tapped into a taboo footballs fans and the football teams they root for!
Idaho...Idaho...Go, Go, Go

Noble Attempt For April Fool's Day Joke