Saturday, November 28, 2009

Less than 10 days til Metallica in Boise.......


Pics from the BSU NEVADA Game

Different view of the Players Entrance with extra special effects......

Sideline was packed
From the Statesman,Chief Wolf-on-my-head's name is LINK

Boise State VS Nevada Quick Video Clips ( bad angle but better than nothing)

pics to follow

Friday, November 27, 2009

For the Peeps outside of the Boise TV Viewing area

Nice story on the kid from Prosser, dishing the pigskin to his lil brother...and the town that follows them!

For my friends from across the United States wanting the latest weather updates to see if your 4 team parlay will hold up due to the weather tonight...

Rain / Snow Showers Early Overnight Low


Ready for football to start at 9AM in the Mountain Time Zone...
Rutgers VS L'Ville on ESPN2
Temple VS Ohio on ESPNU ( Directv still does not carry ESPNU in HD, dang it)

Followed by Cincy taking on Illinois on your local ABC channel.
Later on, you have the IRON Bowl with Bama and Auburn- heads up on the upset here on CBS.
Blackshirts Cornhuskers take on a meek Colorado squad following the Cincy game on ABC.
If that is not enough tailgating, pre-BSU game info...there is always the Memphis vs the underachieving Tulsa showdown on CBSCHHD Directv 613
Almost forgot the Wyoming vs Colo. State game on the THE MTN in HD...if that is your persuasion....

Only negative about the BSU game tonight being on ESPN2 at 8:15pm locally is that it follows the Backyard Brawl, which hopefully does not last too long.

Enjoy this wondrous day...hopefully not putting up Christmas lights but watching football and preparing for harvesting a Wolf from Nevada!

Lastly, I agree that Colt McCoy secured the Heisman Trophy

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day Peeps

Headed into another tryptophan-induced coma later today with the in-laws....and can not wait.

Was unable to join the lads on the latest podcast ( link here), as I was attempting my first game of volleyball since high school, and was unable to make it. The plan was for a calm/relaxing, get-back-in-the-swing-of-things rhythm, followed by a even more lazy game of basketball. Well, on the very first spike attempt, which just so happened to be the first time that lil wicked volleyball was put in play, this basement dwelling blogger had a chance at testing his leaping abilities...The perfect pass, perfect set....perfect spike ( for a point) and then blam!!!!! SNAP......

Down Goes Frazier, Down Goes Frazier, Down Goes Frazier

So the old left knee went out and I heard a pop as I fell to the ground...I writhed in pain, praying it was not a broken leg bone, puncturing my skin. Once I felt the leg and found out that it was indeed intact, I immediately felt like I tore my a.c.l. ( all the while praying it was just some damaged cartilage/meniscus). Unfortunately, in 1992 I endured an a.c.l. injury on my right knee so I was not excited for this incident to repeat itself.....
Nevertheless, due to the local doctor's office being in Thanksgiving mode, I am unable to meet up with the knee doc until Monday after this very long 4 day weekend. While my knee continues to stiffen, I suddenly realize I am out for an extended amount of time including volleyball/basketball season and most importantly the Turkey Day Bowl Game! I am devastated..... Have been working on my swim move coming out of the new 4-2-5 defense the squad has been working on in recent days. Time for the next over 30 yr old to "Cowboy Up" and rush the quarterback like Lawrence Taylor did when I was a kid.

Now, back to the important part of the weekend....Nevada vs BSU on the Blue, in mid 30 degrees weather. Should be dry....for all of my East Coast friends who like to have action on the game....Tuna, that one is for you! The spread is around 13-14 points....I find that to be a high amount. The last two games have been exciting, especially the 4 overtime squeaker in 2007. BSU LB Tim Brady save the day with a sack in the 4 OT against Colin Kaepernick, who was a true freshman that year. Very exciting game and probably after the 1998 BSU Idaho Game, and maybe the 1994 BSU Marshall Game, that was the most exciting BSU home game that I have been too....It was very cold that night in late 2007, and I am expecting mid 30's temps for this game as well.
As for some tailgating ideas....
1)there is an OBNUG tailgate party going on,
2)the players are continuing/starting a new tradition of the players walk ( Bronco Stampeded/Bronco Walk) - where the players finish up their pregame meal from the Student Union Building down to the road to the Stadium/locker room. This player walk will start at 4:55pm....and I believe the band might be there, so bring the kiddies!
Link from Statesman...wish this was advertised a lil bit more

About 200 tickets remain in the south end zone for the Nevada game. É The color scheme is alternating sections of blue and orange - odd sections, the south end zone and the student section wear orange, while even sections and the north end zone wear blue. É The Broncos will walk from the Student Union Building through the crowd to the stadium at 4:55 p.m. on game day.

3)My peeps over near the lil White Church will be going off as well as the peeps just north of the scoreboard in the old grass practice field. If you see a gimpy intoxicated man, do not automatically think of me....

As for the game itself,the trendy pick with the national media is to go with the resurgent Wolfpack but until someone beats the champ, they are still the champ!

I think this game will be closer than anticipated and too close for my viewing comfort. I see the score falling Boise State's way 52-49, and quite possibly in 3 OT's......I agree with most fans, that it might be tough to completely rein in the three headed rushing dragon known as Kaepernick, Lippincott ( Wolfpack's answer to yesteryear's Vandal Joel Thomas), and Vai. That being said, the Wolfpack offense is reliant on the running game primarily/successfully. Unfortunately when Kellen Moore hits a wide receiver/ tight end target twice in the first quarter, and forces Kaepernick to throw the ball, that plays right into the hands of D-Cord Wilcox's hands...At least I can dream this!!!!

Stay warm, stay healthy ( properly stretch those muscles out if you engage in some pigskin tomfoolery later today) and remind yourself that if you are reading this blog post, we have it pretty lucky in this country. Also avoid the made up holiday known as Black Friday!

Email your pictures , feel free to leave a comment on your scoreboard prediction.....

Also, word to the wise....when you are in your mid thirties and you are thinking about getting back on the hardwood for volleyball or basketball, slow down and stick to will do a body good!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Post Vandalism Podcast.....

For those headed down the road to Logan this'.....You were forewarned ( is that a word)!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another Good Day To Be A BRONCO!

Pics from the Statesman
What is the better picture, Pettis getting thrown another pass with the score in the background ( and they are still throwing it) .....or this sign, below, that probably never made television?

Here we have 2 low grade cell phone pics that depict the letter "B" on the east side student section area....

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pre-Vandal Podcast and prediction

Sorry for the delay in the highly anticipated Podcast...JT and Vandal season ticketer OBNUG INTERN partake in the verbal melee...enjoy my rambkings and mumbling!

Pic from Drew @OBNUG

While some readers might ponder that I have hit the rum early today, I beg your forgiveness. Perhaps it is the nauseating smell of mothballed Vandal fan's clothing, fresh from being in the bottom of the closet/storage unit all year? Please do not stalk and hunt down this basement-dwelling blogger. Throw away the argument of poor scheduling and live in the now! Today is the big rivalry game and all guns should be blazing!

While it might be sacrilege for a Broncos fan to state this on the record, but I can see the Vandals leading at halftime....something like 21-14. Coach Akey should also be the Coach of the Year- sans Cincinnati's Brian Kelly. However by halftime, the initial confidence and out-of-this-world testerone levels of the Vandals will turn to putty under vicious and relentless defensive pursuit and the constant harassment by the immaculate decision making of Kellen Moore. I base my halftime score on the Vandals controlling the clock by multiple first downs on the first few series. The running game will mirror the attack of Fresno State, where Ryan Matthews emulated Jim Brown or Gale Sayers, breaking long touchdown runs( or going untouched). Or perhaps, the Vandals will just keep dinking and dunking down the field on third down in order to keep Kellen Moore and the high scoring offense away from the end zone. That being said, it all turns to muck in the second half. The snow that fell last night will be a non-issue. The absence of Shea McClellin will hurt at some point but hopefully the front 5-6 collectively will get the job done over the long haul.

The game ends up 38-21.....should be a frosty game, luckily there will be plenty of antifreeze in the tailgating area to keep everyone warm. Remember who these scumbags Vandals are, and where the hatred comes from. Do not forget the taunting of Pokey Allen, a few weeks before his death, especially after a fake punt was called by Joel Thomas ( who now coaches up at UDUB). I truly hope the score is out of hand in the first quarter but I just do not see it that way. There is generations of hate here in the state for this game, do your share to root on the Broncos. Punish the Dog Ass Vandals- seek Tom Scott for the origination of that term!

Want to also send some good luck mojo to the bipolar Utes in their battle against TCU tonight. Maybe TCU loses for the second yr in a row against the UTES, this time TCU being the 19 point favorite.
Enjoy football for what it is and Go Broncos! Stop Vandalism!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Is this Al Borges?

Great pics in this minute slice of history in the U of I/ BSU rivalry game......Can you find yourself in any of these pics? Hat Tip to the Statesman for putting these out there.....

Is that Idaho Statesman's Mike Prater ( white pants, pink press pass), on the left, in pic #45?
On a serious note, I want to send a big Thank You to all of the troops, past and present, for their service!

My Grandfather, who just passed, was a engineer on one these landing crafts in the Pacific during the Bougainville landing. Had another Grandfather serve in WWII and the Korean War. Father served in Vietnam as well as my 2 uncles being lifer military men. God Bless them all!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

At least Mark Scott and Tom Scott have not done this...

....or the guys/gals in the truck in the parking lot- check the 1:08 mark

The Vandals could not keep up their end of the bargain ( or at least make it interesting) and ESPN Gameday will be going to theTCU UTAH game this coming weekend. Maybe the Vandals were smart and did not want to ruin a good thing brewing up on the Palouse, by having Gameday come and display the Vandals shortcomings against the Broncos!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Post San Jose State / Pre LA Tech Podcast

click the link of the middle of this hishhash to listen to the podcast- This basement blogger will work on the html later today

My prediction is 35-7....Broncos overcome a 14-0 halftime lead to really get going and chew up the clock in the second half. Keep the ball in the best player's hands for the second half.....Have Kellen dink and dunk for 3 end zone tosses by the beginning of the 4th quarter!